Horizon Forbidden West - New patch introducing Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), High Refresh Rate (HFR) and our new "Balanced" Graphics Mode supporting 40


It was never the standard. Only when the 7th gen dragged on longer than it should have and the 8th gen was underpowered. 2D games were always 60fps and during the PS2 era 60fps was one of the major factors in selling that next gen leap over the early days of 3D.
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In the future support for the various frame rates and graphics, and settings should be the standard, especially with the huge variety of screen resolutions people could be playing on.
On console, I should be able to choose to play at 1080p over 4k and get the frame rate benefits.


I hope DF analyses this. I'm interested in both of these mods, but mainly in 40 fps. That's how I finished ratchet and clank and now I want every SP game to support it.


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It’s perfect for games that are 30fps and can’t hit 60fps these are great for choice but should never be the standard
Yet, it's in games that are all 30 (on a 60Hz display), 40 (on a 120Hz display), and 60 (on both displays).

PS5 always outputs 12 bit color

With 120hz the chroma subsampling is reduced to 4:2:2 (instead of 4:4:4/RGB)
Which is 10bit HDR.
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I've already played through the game in Non patch resolution mode.
I've learned through the years that buying day 1 is foolish.
But I really really wanted to play this game and now wish I had waited.


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120hz 65 and 83" owner as well as an Odyssey G7 28"4k144hz monitor here praising the inclusion of the 40hz mode. It made a difference in Ratchet.

Nothing to even complain about except to praise the efforts including all the new features.
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These consoles aren’t running underpowered Jaguar CPUs from Day 1 like last gen. If a dev can’t hit 60 on this hardware they shouldn’t be a dev.
These console are producing mostly crossgen, wait a little more and the bigger heavy games are gonna be all at 30 fps.

Also lol at thinking that a cheap 500 dollars box is nowhere near at being powerfull enough to sustain 60 frame rock solid for 8 years AND still having BIG jump in graphics...


I finished Miles Morales in 40fps. Tested the 30fps and it dosen't feels nice. The 60fps feels nice. Compared the 40fps and 60fps and the difference to me is smaller than the 30fps vs 40fps. Does 10fps more helps and keep the graphical settings of 30fps. So glad they added this options.


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Anyone test it yet?

With further engine optimization, absolutely.
With infinite time and budget, absolutely.

Not one single studio would spend months of time and money just to reach the next fps milestone, even less for a huge minority of entitled players in a forum.


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If it's as good as the one in Ratchet, that would be the way to play this. It's Graphics mode with 40fps. Best balance between framerate and resolution.
WHile 40 fps is nice, performance mode is still the way to go. It should be even better with VRR since framerates will likely climb well above 60 if R&C and Spiderman are any indication.


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They just need to release the games with all these modes in there. I wouldn't mind all their games to release a bit later and much better optimized tbh.

I would! These modes are great, but there's no reason to delay a game just for these modes. Zero reason!


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Nah. 40fps>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>performance mode in all games I played until now. 60fps is not worth the graphical trade-offs at all.
That's your opinion and we will leave it at that. It's just a shame that you have to have a 120Hz to use 40 fps more.
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That's your opinion and we will leave it at that. It's just a shame that you have to have a 120Hz to use 40 fps more.
well on PC, if your screen can succesfully refresh at 40 hz, it is possible to do 40 fps > 40 hz match (like the steam deck). of course not every screen will be able to refresh at 40 hz, but some do

my old plain old 60 hz screen could refresh at 40 hz manually, and i even used 45 hz/45 fps in certain games

for reference i also played a lot of games at 50 fps/50 hz match. with VRR+120 hz though, the process becomes more user friendly
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Tried the up to 120fps mode and it is not as worthwhile as a proper 120fps modes as the framerate never went much past 80fps but if you have VRR why not I guess. Flying around in the dense forest bit was 57-64fps while doing the same in Vegas was 70-80fps.

The 40fps feels poor compared to 60fps but likewise makes the 30fps mode feel like a slideshow. It did look noticeably better than the 60/120fps mode on my OLED so I suspect it will be the best way to play if you can get used to it. It's way better than 30fps mode in any event so a nice addition for sure.


Holy shit this is insane I'm getting ~85-92fps in intense battle with a Thunderjaw!!!!!!!!!!!! The controls are super tight with the 120hz mode enabled for both balanced and performance. Once again, I don't see the purpose of native 4k and I hope developers continue to pursue advanced reconstruction before native resolution. The gains are too tremendous to give up.
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