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Horseshoe bus seats introduced to encourage passengers to talk to each other

We have some buses in Perth that have seats that face each other. So they line the aisle. The problem with these seats is that when the bus breaks or accelerates you go sliding backwards and forwards.


A question for all you guys who can't deal seating in front of another human being, how would you be able to seat in any of these trains?

Why is this something that bothers them enough to go ahead with this? Ridiculous idea.

Yeah, I really don't get this forced interaction thing. I have a feeling it's a generational idea, in that people think Millennials don't talk or interact enough so fuck it all, we'll make the seats face each other.

It's BS really. You see old-timey pictures of a train or a bus and people are reading the newspaper and no one gave a shit.


There is absolutely no reason for anyone to start conversations in public among strangers. Everyone should just keep to themselves.


My experiences with public transportation, both in the US and Japan, have been that I've seen a much higher than usual number of highly mentally ill people in public transportation than anywhere else, and often fairly aggressively mentally ill. With that in mind I'd rather not be in this type of seating arrangement with them.
BART, the Bay Area’s lightrail, has seats where you face other passengers. I’ve been riding it daily for about a year and haven’t once seen strangers strike up a conversation.

Caltrain is like that too on their newer cars.

Whenever I can get a seat upstairs on the singles in the old trains it makes my day. I gotta ride this thing for an hour, let me just sleep and nod off in peace.
There is absolutely no reason for anyone to start conversations in public among strangers. Everyone should just keep to themselves.

You're going to be an extrovert who greets everyone you come across with a smile and engage them in both chit chat and deep philosophical discussions and you're going to fucking like it or else.


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Because when I go onto the bus I think, man I'd rather be talking to people than have a seat, or if I get a seat, reduced leg space because it's the corner one.


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What a strange idea.

There are already British bus designs with seats facing each other (to fit more in around the rear wheel wells), and they work perfectly fine. The horseshoe shape just seem... less efficient. Five normal bus seats could fit across the back of the bus in the OP, but I don't see how more than four people would sit in the horseshoe without bumping legs.



The new design seats eight people on the back of single decker buses.


Thoughts on this, Gaf?

These have been a thing forever, no?
That's basically how the backs of all public transportation busses I've been using for the past 20+ years have been...
EDIT: For what it's worth, I'm in the Northeast US / New England.

And from the sounds of it, it's continuing to just be the seats at the back, and will have no impact on the rest of the bus.


Yeah no.

Good intentions, but no. Buses are not a place where people want to get to know each other. People that ride buses typically wish they weren't riding buses. That's just society.

Also Atlanta MARTA buses already have seats in the back pretty much in this fashion, although they are still divided. Doesn't make anyone want to talk to each other any more at all, and the non-divided sections are going to just going to add an issue of people potentially getting pissed about leg space.


Depending on where you live it's not really anything new. Plenty of buses (at least where I live) have seats faced against each other to encourage conversation. An absolutely horrible idea, don't wanna talk while taking the bus. But I guess most buses are designed by people that never take the bus daily.
since it's obvious from this thread that public transport ranges per region it would have had more worth if you'd mentioned that in your first post

From the thread, yes, but not so much from the OP.
Anyway, apologies, I'll go back and edit.

My secondary point, though, was that on the transportation I had been riding where seats were like this, I seriously doubt they were done for "social/conversational" purposes (especially since "smartphones" weren't really a thing for most of the time I was on them). Obviously these are since they're saying they are, but there are other reasons for having the back seat like this as well, since it was something I had commonly seen.
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