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Hottest Asian Girls?

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From the wrestling thread:



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Y'all have pretty awful taste, i live in Japan and i see prettier girls on my regular commute~

Hottest Asian.. my girlfriend

It's so true, the scale really changes when you've spent any extended time in Asia. I see it all the time with guys that go there and fall for the first Asian girl that shows any real interest in them, "My first Asian girlfriend" syndrome. You just feel like telling them they are no longer back home and they can easily raise the bar. Except some of these guys have grabbed on of the few Asian women they found in their own country and are beyond all hope.

I look back a pictures of when I first started working across Asia of girls I thought were hot/cute back in the day and now looking at them it's like "Dude what the fuck was I thinking!"?


My fantasy is that my girlfriend was actually a young high school girl.
per month

wish i had tits

Was going to say thirst is expensive, but then I remembered buying Playboy magazines way back when, so this is kinda similar, but direct to user. $1k/month doesnt seem that much, she must be getting started. I've seen her in some nice cars so it must pennies to her.
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