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How do you convince your Mom to let you play games? (or parents)

German Hops

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I know that this is a huge issue with people when it comes to gaming, especially for guys who have a mother who always complains about gaming. So how did you do it?

For me, it's simple. My mom is a very understanding person. I convince my mom to allow me to play Final Fantasy XIV for a very long time. I started when FFXIV first came out and stopped when Endwalker came out. I told her, it was cheaper for me to spend $15 a month playing games as an entertainment than to go out to eat, watch movies, spend money doing other things. If I did all those things to entertain myself, that would costs me hundreds and hundreds of dollars vs $15 for FFXIV subscription. Common Sense rules! $15 is the cheapest source of entertainment I could find.

Of course, there were times when I drove my mom mad when I played too long and played too late and she needed to get up early for work....but most times, my mom leaves me alone. As long as I kept up with my share of the chores and family obligation, she left me alone. The problem is most people started to ignore their chores and family duties, that's when all hell breaks loose.

You need to go out too and spend some time with your friends doing all that expensive stuff, bud.

But yeah when I was a kid it wasnt a problem, my dad bought me my first console because I broke my leg and was bedridden for months after surgery. From that point onwards they always got me gaming stuff on bdays and xmas. As long as I had good grades and my obligations were fulfilled they didnt give a shit about me gaming. It actually helped me improve my english drastically.
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My dad was strict on games, or tried to be. He’d turn the internet off all day during the weekends. I just played single player games and spent my birthday money on a DS Lite to play Pokémon etc. Sucked dick but his house his rules, I pay my own bills now. He’s a top man my dad, gaming is just before his generation.


I'm not sure how old you are, but if you're old enough to move out of the house then you should look for your own place. If not then what you do for entertainment shouldn't be an issue as long as it's legal. If video games are causing you to slack off on your grades at school then you should focus on homework before gaming


Nothing! My brother and I didn't even know that videogames existed. My dad used to work in other states for large periods of time, so one day he arrived with this horrible box called atari 2600, and a kind of joystick, we plugged it to the TV and turned it on, we had a blast!! The rest is history, 35 years later here we are playing videogames.
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I assume you‘re young. Stop gaming and start socializing, it‘s way more important to learn social skills in those teenage years. Get yourself a girl, gain some experiences, maybe workout for yourself, work on your esucation, maybe get a job and become a man as fast as possible. Earn some respect. And if there“s still time left you can game and I doubt your parents will have anything against it then. But don“t waste those precious years sitting behind a monitor for entertainment!


Never had issues with parents, just collected some fights during the years.

Girlfriends on the other hand..
No way to win in my experience, unless you get a nerdy one.. which I had never as I've never found one attractive.
And these days are over anyway, my fiancee is pregnant so i'm forever stuck with a significant other who hates gaming. :messenger_pensive:👈


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When I was young my parents didn’t care about me playing games as long as it didn’t have sex and nudity, I could play most violent and gory games but they didn’t mind.


Mommy, can I go out and game tonight!

Seriously, the best move is to get out of the living room. Out of sight, out of mind. Whether you're young or old, your family doesn't want you to hog the TV and watch you play games.

Back in the day my young teenage self played the, "I need a computer for school" angle and I was soon rocking a C64 at my bedroom desk. It had better games than consoles anyways.


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My mom never hated games outright, but I specifically remember her saying the SNES was going to be the last system I was ever going to own. Not really sure what I did to get to play it as often as I did but my guess would be I had a time limit after school that I could use the TV for games until dinner time. After that it was normal TV time which I happily partook in. The weekends were a free for all as my parents often did outside yard work or my parents went shopping. I still remember them kicking me off it to go play outside because they wanted to limit it. Also taking away the systems was an effective punishment for me.

Didn’t get a TV of my own until I was around 13 or 14 when the PlayStation 1 came out. Then I could invest time into crazy 100 hour RPGs.


Me and my mom watched faces of death videos like it was Saturday morning cartoons when I was 12.

She knew I was smart to know right from wrong so I wasn't restricted fron violent games.
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