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How do you convince your Mom to let you play games? (or parents)


I had young parents who also liked to play games so it was never a problem. We went through shitloads of games together on atari, snes, neo geo way back in the 80’s and early 90’s

So, i gave my mom wii when I realised I don’t need it. I think she plays it to this day.

It’s awesome to have understanding parents.
When i was a kid i was really into games like finally fantasy 7. I showed them how much reading was required to play that game and demonstrated understanding of advanced political topics based on the polt of the game. They were impressed and convinced video games could be beneficial to my education.


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I'm an adult. Or so they say.

But my parents only cared in the sense of "do you have to sit inside all day, you should spend more time outside". Not THAT I played, or what games.


By being an adult who lives in his own place.

Oh, you want me to be sensible? Fine. When I was a child living at home, well, I hardly had any video games. My parents acted strict with games, but honestly as long as my school grades were good and I still did some other activities, they just let me play the few games I had.

I got bollocked for playing RuneScape until 2 in the morning many a time, but my grades and other activities were fine, so it there were never any consequences beyond being yelled at initially. I just got told it was my own fault for being sleepy and to move my arse.

So, do your school/home work, do other activities other than gaming, and your parents will probably let you play games.
I can't. I skipped whole ps2 era because my parent forbade it lol. Typical Asian parents.
In my country we have to go to school really early. Like 7 am. So we have some money for buying breakfast to eat. About 4k vnd = 20 cents
Most of us used that money to playing at ps2 shop/ internet cafe instead. 20 cents = 40 mins btw.
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I just played games when I could, and went outside when they told me to. I do not remember them being terribly restrictive with it. It was the 80s. My parents didn't hover over me and let us do what we wanted because they trusted us. And we didn't abuse that trust.


Wasn't allowed gaming on weekdays, no matter what. The console was hidden in their closet. Comes out on weekends and can game all I want then when I'm home. Used to go out a lot with friends so I hardly gamed all day.

I once took the console out of their closet during a weekday while they were out and dad's at work during the afternoon. I knew just like every day there was no way he'd be back at that time. I used to game in their bedroom. I swear, a few minutes after I started gaming he stormed into the bedroom and went straight into the bathroom then left. I froze during the whole time and felt the life was sucked out of me. I couldn't believe he didn't see me. Or he simply didn't expect I was gaming and was in a rush. I nearly shat myself and quickly after he left I turned everything off, put the console back in their closet and ran to my room. I was still in shock and couldn't believe what had happened.

The one time I try it and he comes back home. And he never repeated it. Lmao. Never again.

Love him though. Just dad being dad. Ruler of the house.


If you’re an adult, get your own place so your mom ain’t worried about her adult son playing video games all the time and not leaving the house.

If you’re a child, show her that you’re a balanced person. Get good grades, have an active social life, play a sport. My parents never cared that I gamed because I had enough other stuff going on that they weren’t worried I’d become a shut-in.
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I assume you‘re young. Stop gaming and start socializing, it‘s way more important to learn social skills in those teenage years. Get yourself a girl, gain some experiences, maybe workout for yourself, work on your education, maybe get a job and become a man as fast as possible. Earn some respect. And if there“s still time left you can game and I doubt your parents will have anything against it then. But don“t waste those precious years sitting behind a monitor for entertainment
This is extremely great advice.
As a teenager, I've actually followed through on all those steps for the past 3years.
Drastically cutting down my device time, regularly hitting on the ladies, getting a job and workout 2-3hrs per day has drastically improved my lifestyle.
Gaining experiences, responsibility and maturity.
Been very rewarding for me.

You're 23 and have to get your mommy to LET you play video games? Holy shit, lmao.
Also this.


What is wrong with you (both), those deplorable videos should never be entertainment for anyone.
My mom didn't want to shelter me from harsh reality. She talked to me a lot about the world around us.
Having insight of what people are capable of makes you aware and respect your surroundings and who you're with at all times.
As graphic as it was, I gained far more positives and mental strength from it. but compared to what my momma taught me, FOD was a joke in comparison.
But hey, we all learn differently.
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Idk enough of OP's background to call him out for being 23 and still needing to ask permission for his mom so they can play some games.

I know living expenses are atrocious these days, and the old dream of getting out of your parents' house as early as possible is dying out in many countries around the world (just look how Italy is having a severe crisis of adults only leaving their parents' houses after 35+). It is not that some people went wrong in their lives, there are a lot of things to that.

OP if you are someone who only lives with your parents but can provide for yourself (helps with the expenses and chores), then you shouldn't be in need of any permission to have a good time with your hobbies. There could be more to this story, but maybe you should sit and have a long conversation about respecting limits and personal boundaries with your parents (this goes both ways), so you can share the house without too much attrition from both parties.
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The zoomer neogaf revolution is upon us.
I think an influx of new 20-something neogaf members would make for an interesting dynamic and conversation, but I think a lot of the older people have to shed some of their jaded/midlife crisis/edgelord nature and move on/let go of talking about another website in order for that to happen for this place. There's too many people here who would rather define themselves as anti-something rather than pro-whatever they're for, and that's why sometimes I feel like a large part of this community is stuck in some weird purgatory phase to where there's almost nothing we can do until they finally figure their own latter-half of existence's purpose.


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When I was done with the army (there is drafting in Greece) and got my first real job at 22, I bought a PS2 (it was 2002, I think). With my first paycheck.

My mother saw the courier deliver it to me and me unboxing it and connecting it to my TV.

She asked me, 'Did you tell your father you bought this?'

'No', I told her while unboxing.

'Don't you think you should've ask him first?'

'No', I told her while unboxing.

And that was the end of it.


When I was a lad there was a time restriction for school days and the threat of a complete ban if my grades slipped too much. All in all I guess it was fair as they left it up to me.


I was only allowed an hour a day of video games in high school, my parents saw them as something I was supposed to grow out of by age 13. On the weekends I'd stay the night at a friend's house and we'd play Final Fantasy Tactics until our eyes bled.
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My parents initially imposed a time limit for games every day, then Dad would tell us to fuck off outside and go make friends with the neighborhood kids. Thing is, we'd just get up and play games after they were asleep. Some nights I'd play from midnight right up to when the school bus picked me up.

Mom eventually let us play limitless video games because when we did, she could drink a lot of rye and read romance novels in peace. Dad didn't care for video games. He wanted us to be chads and tried to get us interested in outdoor activities like skiing, swimming, shooting at things, operating a variety of motorized land and sea vehicles, sleeping in thin fabric huts in bear infested woods, drinking heavily in poorly insulated cabins in the dead of winter, etc.

In the end mom's lazy way won out and we all became useless pieces of shit.


When i was young even tho i was number 1 at school, mom wouldn't let me play. Miserable and depressing days.


I asked for a Game Boy with Tetris for christmas '89 and it did the rounds in the family-packed B&B owned by my grandmother. We must have gone through a dozen packs of batteries during that stay.


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It was never a problem for me because my mom loved to play as well. She was big into games like Tetris, Dr Mario, and Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine. Later she got addicted to the Sims and was a hardcore Ultima Online player (She put in like 5+ hours a day). As long as I got my schoolwork and chores done I could play all I wanted. In fact when I was 15 she challenged me to finish up all my high school credits and graduate early by incentivizing me with a Sega Saturn and whatever 8 games I wanted. I graduated at 16 and she lived up to her end of the bargain. It was much harder for me to get my wife on board with my gaming hobby than it was my mother!


They never cared as long as my school grades were ok.

They also gave me a computer with an internet connexion in my own bedroom at 11 years old back in 1998 which retrospectively was probably a terrible mistake.


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For me it was the lesser of two evils in her mind.

Either I'm home playing games, or I'm out in the streets doing who knows what.

Easy Choice.


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For me, it's simple. My mom is a very understanding person. I convince my mom to allow me to play Final Fantasy XIV for a very long time. I started when FFXIV first came out and stopped when Endwalker came out. I told her, it was cheaper for me to spend $15 a month playing games as an entertainment than to go out to eat, watch movies, spend money doing other things. If I did all those things to entertain myself, that would costs me hundreds and hundreds of dollars vs $15 for FFXIV subscription. Common Sense rules! $15 is the cheapest source of entertainment I could find.
I didn't.
I agree in principle, however I would have loved my parents to help me spend a little bit more quality time outside, learning instruments, visiting museums instead of playing games all the time. We had the money, there was just no high-level thought to spending past time. I love games and have been gaming for 30 years but I would probably done it differently if I had the chance.
They forbade it, so I bought a 1080p TV and PS3 back in '06 and hid them in my closet. Drilled a hole in the back of closet to connect everything to a power outlet that wasn't visible.

Fuck dem parents.
True madlad move.
Because Millennials and Gen Z are known losers.
Millennials start at 1980, so quite a few people here with kids are millennials.
Agree that Gen Z is rubbish though.


If you are 23 and still living with your mother, you have a bigger question than, "How can I play video games all I want?" The priority question should be, "How do I get a full time job, so I can afford my own place and have adult privileges?" Once you no longer live with your mommy, you can do whatever you want. I feel ridiculous having to explain such a blatantly obvious concept, but kids these days...
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