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How important is backwards compatibility for the Switch 2?

Would a lack of backwards compatibility affect your purchasing decision for a Switch 2?

  • Yes

    Votes: 189 81.5%
  • No

    Votes: 43 18.5%

  • Total voters


Vital, I won't buy one if its not. sold my original for a steam deck but kept the games as my son has a switch, was always planning on switch 2 with these games so if it doesn't do that I am done and will await emulation on deck/2


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The shit non-d-pad will return and buttons+sticks will remain vertically aligned (for that one guy who is going to play with a single joycon as a controller). This has been utter shit for 6 years now, not looking forward for 6 or 7 more years of this.
Ah yeah, that’s fair. I’m in a weird minority because I actually love the d-pad buttons. (But that might just be because the pro controller d-pad is so ass by comparison… 🤔)
Yes. I'd wait a year or so to pick up Switch 2 that didn't have a physical bc cartridge slot. If it does have one, I'll get it at launch.


Switch is hacked wide opened, so being backwards compatible is a potential attack vector. Entirely new chip and OS would plug that hole.


BC is extremely important, but I know it’s not going to affect a purchase decision.

The moment they flash the next Mario/Zelda/Mariokart they’ll have me.


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Switch is hacked wide opened, so being backwards compatible is a potential attack vector. Entirely new chip and OS would plug that hole.
The switch was never exploited via software though. The units "hacked wide open" were done through a hardware exploit thanks to an Nvidia chip that you could short out from the joycon rail using a paperclip. So, they already "plugged that hole" in 2019 when they redesigned the hardware for the Switch (the one with the "better battery").

There are some hardware modchips that have been made for the OLED and Switch Lite, but they were only really possible thanks to the older console being hacked and giving people the ability to use that as a launching point for reverse engineering.

I think there is probably a 0% chance of the Switch 2 hardware being exploited using Switch 1 software in backwards compatibility mode, unless they seriously flub up the software implementation (as it's currently not an attack vector on the existing hardware).


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If Switch games aren't BC on Switch 2 and they want to fleece again for 60$ high res versions of the previous gen, i'm out.
Oh come on, it won't be $60...

It will be $70 for that next gen tax. Well, unless you are in Europe or AU, then good luck! 😉


Would a lack of BC prevent me from buying Switch 2? No

Do I hope and pray like hell Nintendo has the sense and fortitude to include BC in Switch 2? Yes


If there was no backward compat, the first thing is that I would lose a metric ton of goodwill I've built up with them over more than 30 years. Second thing is that they'd have to launch with an ASTOUNDING killer app for me to pick it up at launch. Which at this point would have to be the follow up to Mario Odyssey. Otherwise I'd wait. If they were to make Metroid Prime 4 a Switch 2 exclusive, well, there goes another ton of goodwill down the drain.


0% important. (Switch says hi!)

IT's always one of those things everyone says they want, but never use as a rule of thumb.

People aren't buying the new system to play old games. They are buying it to play new games.

That being said, always been a near 100% certainty that Switch 2 would have b/c. ...because form factor and architecture was near 100% likely to not change and Nintendo has done b/c like 6-7x before.
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I want it and unless they plan on changing media again I feel like they have no excuse and are just being cheap.

That said it wouldn’t affect my purchase. I need that next Mario Kart/Mario/Zelda/Metroid etc.


Having BC would be the difference in me buying it at release, as opposed to a year or two later. I would really be surprised if Nintendo doesn't have BC for the system though. Unless they completely went away from SD cards for the physical games, but I don't see that happening.
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It is very important to me, as it will mean if I buy more games or not.

I hope they do BC simply because as time passes even controllers become harder to find.
If it was not a handheld which you can bring with you anywhere it's not important. But there is something compelling in the ability to play old games that you never had time to play everywhere.


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I would really be surprised if Nintendo doesn't have BC for the system though. Unless they completely went away from SD cards for the physical games, but I don't see that happening.
Yeah that’s my stance as well.

Not to mention their games hardly ever go down in price so there’s little point for them to re-sell “Switch 2” remasters of old titles. Someone who’s buying the Switch version of Zelda: TotK for “Switch 2” will likely be paying $60-70 for it anyway - no need to waste resources on a re-release.


If 3d switch games could use DLSS I would play those games on switch.
Otherwise, they'll stay deleted \ unpurchased on my switch 1
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I don't have a switch and have held off on buying one this late in its life cycle in hopes Switch 2 is BC. So for me I'd say it's important.


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As a digital only switch owner. Y'all know whats coming.... Upgrade TOTK & your favourite Mario to 4k 60fps for the low low price of £20 (minimum)

Best case scenario.
I heard that the Switch 2 will use a new cartridge format but also BC. What does that mean for the Switch 1 carts? Will it have a second slot for these carts or will only digital purchases be BC?


I don't doubt Nintendo will bring out a lineup that makes it worth picking up eventually regardless, but with BC I'm guaranteed to be there Day 1. In fact, I'll buy two.


It is one of the only things that matters to me, regarding Switch 2. I've had fun with Switch, but I will not support Nintendo's shitty practices at launch anymore.

They'd have to give me a reason to cave... like release another Metroid Dread in 3-4 years' time.


I don't care for it. I have three Switches if I want to play Switch games, and the OLED is nice enough to keep for a while.
I need the new Switch to be able to upscale at least the digital games. Otherwise I won‘t buy the new console and instead accelerate my transition from console to PC gamer.
It's a big enough deal to me that I wouldn't be purchasing it for a few years without backwards compatibility. Let them build up a catalog of games. On the other hand I'll pre-order Switch 2 on announcement day if it is backwards compatible. I'm dying to play more recent Nintendo games on a more capable piece of hardware.


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Not being backward compatible would cause me to delay purchasing the system. It would need a few titles I really wanted before I bought it. Backward compatibility would convince me to upgrade when the first title I want drops.


I'll buy one anyway, but that's because I'm a mega Nintendo nerd.

Switch was a slam-dunk, perfectly-marketed novelty riding the wave of a Pokémon GO-fuelled comeback, which they won't be able to recapture unless they have something really special in the bag, so I'd say backwards compatibility is extremely important for Switch 2.

If Switch games aren't BC on Switch 2 and they want to fleece again for 60$ high res versions of the previous gen, i'm out.

Yeah, I'm looking forward to a Nintendo generation which isn't propped up significantly by ports of games from the previous gen like Switch's was. It worked for Switch because it outsold Wii U five to one, so I don't think they'll be able to do it again.
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Not important at all. Why would it matter? If you want to play Switch Games, just use your Switch. It's a very small, portable console that doesn't take up much of space. Even if you only play on TV, it just takes seconds to hook up.

I don't want a new console to play old games. It's fucking stupid.


If no BC, no day one for me. I would probably get it eventually after it amasses a large library of games, but bc has been huge for me on both XB and PS5.
In fact, the newer consoles just feel like when you get a PC upgrade and all your old shit runs way better now. That's what I expect of the Switch 2.


0 importance for either side. Nintendo knowns Mario and Zelda is all they need for people to buy even a gimped product. We've seen that through and through.

For Nintendo not doing backwards capability means more $$$ when they sell the rerelease at full price.

For the fans it's a non issue because they'll buy em on rerelease anyway.


It's pretty great for the first 6 months or year if a console can have it. MS tried to add it after the gen had already got rolling and they even made a herculean astroturfing effort about how important it was. In the end though, people don't care that much.

You'd think it was price concious mass market users who would want it, but funny enough it's enthusiasts like us who want to cling to those too many games we bought and still think we are going to play lol. Normal people buy stuff they are actually going to play and aren't too worried about that old game working on the new console 2 years later.
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I went all-in on the Switch and PS4. No BC, no buy. Thankfully Sony made it happen without compromises, and hopefully Nintendo does too. If not, I'm content to stick with what I have. My backlog is insane and with development timeframes, I wouldn't be surprised to see another back-heavy generation.


At this point with how good 8th gen BC is in current gen consoles it is a must for Nintendo to do the same. I really hope if they don't do it the press gives them shit for it, real shit.


I'm just not confident Nintendo thinkgs it's vital to their success, obviously it is to the gamer. Nintendo would pass up another opportunity to sell us the same games again, which must be killing them.
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