Humans know what happens in the minutes after they die, research says

Jul 2, 2018
A friend of mine suffers from a heart defect inherited from his father, that makes it go into an irregular beat, and from there it'll stop if it's not shocked fairly quickly.

He's described to me 'dying' several times, so much so when it happens he gets that 'oh no, not again' feeling, as though he was 'drifting away into nothing', but all the while being conscious of his surroundings.
Jan 25, 2018
Southeastern USA
Whoa, it can take hours for you to be totally dead? Park me in front of a TV then for a while I guess.

As for what happens after you're totally dead, well.... I think something happens, although what exactly is anyone's guess.

But there's just something that fundamentally doesn't make sense to me about the idea of your consciousness just blinking out of existence, I'd bet something weird goes down when you die.

Put it to you this way, when is anything in life simple? Why should death be as simple as "nothing"?
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Mar 23, 2018
I always assumed that this would happen that's also when my cat and dog died i kept them overnight in the house with a blanket over them and buried them the next day when i know there is nothing going on anymore in there brains.

Always found it odd when people assumed when your heart stops beating you are instantly dead. Didn't sound logical to me.
Jul 4, 2012
You might be able to resuscitate without the physical action then. Flash them, tell them something they're inherently against. If i wear a flat earth or scientology t-shirt or "Sega won" shirt and they comment I'll come back with a venom.
If I was dying and I heard Sega Won, I would come back to life, tear out of the hospital, hit the stores looking for the current gen Sega Console in 2018.