I am sick of the games not titled Overwatch

Meh, I was pretty underwhelmed by what I played of Overwatch. Just feels like an evolution of TF2 which, while not a bad thing at all, doesn't feel as unique as something like R6: Siege which I still haven't managed to pry myself from. Different strokes, I guess.
I'm surprised at how quickly I stopped regularly playing Overwatch.

I played TF2 for years, but my honeymoon period for OW only lasted about ~6 months. It's an objectively good game, but it just didn't capture me like TF2 did, and I was expecting it to.
Op should try vanquish or doom
(Assuming you are playing on pc)

It's all a matter of tastes. DMC4 and Dishonored are not considered "mediocre" games by the majority of gamers I know. I particualrly think they're both very good games (specially DMC4).
Mediocre may have been a little harsh but I would consider them around 8's were as bayonetta I would consider a 9 and 8's just don't cut it for breaking an addiction to one game
(The amount of 9's and 10's so far this year has made me very jaded towards a lot of prefectly fine games)

Tilting about hero selection is more toxic to a team than someone playing hanzo.
I strongly disagree
I played 3 games of Overwatch and felt like I had enough.

Different strokes.
I played quite a bit more, for the skin events, and I wish I was into just playing it without an incentive to play like leveling up for loot crate rolls. I don't even bother with the events anymore. I think I'm around level 8 or something. When they removed the restarting from level 1 to get fast loot boxes it just made me want to stay low level to try for a box or two on events. I never got to get as high as 100 but the fact that I get nothing for starting over now just makes leveling not worth it outside of events for me.

If and when they start focusing on a ton of PVE and maybe even go into story and raids I'll look into getting into it. Destiny 2 may be that thing though. I never played Destiny 1 so that will be interesting.
Currently going through something vaguely similar with the Persona games.

I've recently finished P5 & P4G, but every game I've played since beating them just doesn't feel right. Even DOOM which is supposed to be mindless fun wasn't doing it for me.

I just think I need more Persona in my life right now.
I stopped playing Overwatch some months ago, at one point it felt like I had played enough, just gets repetitive. Not a fan of online gaming in general, Overwatch was one of the rare exceptions.
Meh i play overwatch once every 2-4 months. I even own 2 copies, pc copy was a gift. The game just doesn't catch my interest.

May I ask overwatch addicts, what makes the game so addicting? Please no waifus or "it's just the best" as answers.
Play whatever you want OP, but try and step away from a game you're hung up on from time to time or else you might miss out on some really great games. I did that with FFXI and am still catching up with all the great games I missed between 2003-2005.

This thread is going to be full of people shitting on you, but I think most people can attest to getting really addicted to one game and everything else not filling the same need.

I just finished P5 and I have no desire to play anything else right now because nothing else is gonna give me that fix.
It happens. I've been tempted to play P5 a third time after beating it twice and putting 250 hours into the game. I had to physically remove and put it away to try and move on to something else.
I had more fun in one PUBG round than the entirety of my time in Overwatch.
For a good while I kept playing just to chase those lootboxes, luckily I've snapped out of it and went on to play more interesting things.
Loved my time with Overwatch, but I got tired of choosing between quick play with brain dead players and competitive mode with toxic players who sucked the fun right out of the game.

That and I think they should've released more maps by now.
Overwatch was like that for me for a couple months after it came out, but I barely play it anymore except during events and rocket league has taken its place as my go-to game.
I watched a video of Overwatch when it got announced and got sick of it. Since then I have probably finished over a hundred games throughout many platforms.
I'm sick of Overwatch... It seems like there needs to be a fad, and I can never tell if it annoys me because I can't escape it or because it's undeserved. Sometimes it's easy to tell, like when I wanted everyone to shut up about Breaking Bad. That was an objectively awesome show, I had simply reached my limit with having it shoved in my face unintentionally and constantly.

With Overwatch, I think it's genuinely overrated and simply something decent rather than special. Team Fortress 2 has been there and done that, Blizzard just put more effort into its pandering than Valve. I loved the beta and pre-ordered the game during it. Between that and the gold edition of The Division, among others, it was a bad year for me when it came to digital game purchases.

For anyone who is sick of everything except Overwatch, but getting burned out on Overwatch, Titanfall 2 needs some love! That was my GotY for 2016 honestly, and then EA had to send it out to die... It doesn't even have a real F2P model included with the purchase price <3
I can only play Overwatch is small sessions before the solo-Q leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I like the game, but it's one of the most frustrating multiplayer games I've played in years.
I recently built my first PC and a friend told me I should test it out with Overwatch. He's still my friend but I no longer trust anything he says.

I have this vision of everyone at Blizzard thinking "this is it. This is our Team Fortress beater, we've done it!" Then within two weeks of launch:
I used to have the overwatch sickness. I have around 300+ hours in, and have reached the point where the game is pretty much only fun if I am playing with friends not taking it seriously. Competitive mode is a nightmare if you take it seriously which I do more than I would like to admit. Now I feel I have fully escaped its grasp with playing persona 5 and FFXV getting me back into single player games.
And as a Street Fighter V player with dozens of moves and combos per character and pretty deep mechanics, I can't help but see Overwatch as a simple, shallow experience where you aim the thing at the thing and pull the thing, wash, rinse, repeat.
I recently built my first PC and a friend told me I should test it out with Overwatch. He's still my friend but I no longer trust anything he says.

I have this vision of everyone at Blizzard thinking "this is it. This is our Team Fortress beater, we've done it!" Then within two weeks of launch:
Why would they make a mistake by making one of the most played games of the generation which also got good fan and critical reception?