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I guess we are in the big suck right now huh?


Try an old game. I dusted off my PS3 and played that demon souls the kids were taking about. If you google around you can even play online too. It was great! Would recommend and you can probably pick up a copy for $20 or less.
i'm completely fine tho.

It also seems to be a good period for switch owners with a lot of good stuff coming out
Switcg is my main console, and I don't understand people saying this. What is coming out that's so great? Monster Hunter Rise (not a fan personally). What else?

And this is following 2020, which was really weak for Switch.


Switcg is my main console, and I don't understand people saying this. What is coming out that's so great? Monster Hunter Rise (not a fan personally). What else?

And this is following 2020, which was really weak for Switch.
People i know who own switch just keep talking about stuff like Bravely Default 2, some Wii U ports they never got to play and MH Rise, which even if you personally aren't excited about, a lot of people are.


I'm playing Persona 5 and yesterday I purchased Yakuza Like a Dragon. In a couple of months I will play Resident evil VIllage and not long after, Ratchet and clank. So, not so bad

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I'm going to load up Pillars of Eternity tonight and see what all the fuss is about. The Game Pass just put up some sorta sequel or something. It looks like it should keep me going for a little while. :)


I guess.

But I don't know how some of you get to play all the stuff that gets released. I play an hour or two almost every day and even just looking at the past year I still have a ton of stuff to catch up with:
Yakuza 7, 13 Sentinels, Hades, Ghost of Tsushima, Ori, Disco Elysium (or was that 2019?), Miles Morales, Tony Hawk 1&2 HD.

I get off work at 4:00pm and since I work from hope I just switch on the Series X right away. Usually game from 4:00pm-11:00pm and on the weekends from 8:00am till midnight.

I need a girlfriend, I know.


What is the big suck? A long period of time with no new content (games), sparse gaming news, and delays caused by covid. I've noticed it with movies, tv shows and now games. The next year seems pretty bleak, and who knows how long it will take industries to recover. Just pray the few bits of content we get are good.

Indie devs...now is your time to shine.

I don’t get what the big deal is. We’re in a lull until May (RE8, Mass Effect Trilogy, BioMutant) and then it’ll be a steady stream of good stuff then on for awhile. Even in April there’s Returnal and Outriders.

It’s basically been an early typical Summer drought. No sweat. Just hit up your backlog 🤷🏻‍♂️
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I've cleared my backlog and am so desperate for shit to play I've just hacked my Switch so I can try out random games to see if they're interesting. (I'll buy any I like.)

Monster Hunter Rise is on the way, though. Hopefully that's good.


It really isn't though, I bet the vast majority here has a huge backlog of good to great games left to play. Times like this are a great time to catch up.
Exactly. In fact, I'm just catching up with the Halo saga, since I've never played it in my life. Pleasantly surprised, I might add.
"Big suck! Big suck!"

No idea what you're talking about. There's always something to play. I just bought Nioh 2 and Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 in the past couple of weeks. Then in a few months Chivalry 2 and Mario Golf will be available.



Just Path of Exile alone is keeping me super busy, haven't even got a chance to give Outriders a shot, and this is just spring. As we get close to summer a lot of updates for games will drop & then we're in Fall season where you'll have lots of new releases.


Lol only lazy People blame covid. Since working from home I've been more busy. AWS deployments and other projects keep rolling in other industries. Just sound's like people making games can't work for home without a manger breathing down their neck. Funny how useless people get when no one is watching.
I dunno, that's your experience. I think it's hard to avoid a drop in productivity especially in creative jobs where the ability to bounce ideas off each other is severely hampered


Switcg is my main console, and I don't understand people saying this. What is coming out that's so great? Monster Hunter Rise (not a fan personally). What else?

And this is following 2020, which was really weak for Switch.
100% agree with this. I'm keen to check out the new Pokemon Snap as I love the original but other than that it looks pretty bleak. But no big issue as that leaves time for all the games coming out on ps5
The communists have decided culture is over. So mainstream media is just not bothering anymore. You will get streaming reboots and like it.

There is always good stuff if you know where to look. Don't be so dependent on pop culture. I just checked out Valheim out of nowhere and that game rules. Plus I'm playing the brand new Ghouls N Ghosts and loving it. Plus the Mario Odyssey DLC. There is a ton of stuff for me right now. AAA can eat it.


It's not like the industry was in a good position before the Covid situation to be honest. Rehashes, remasters, dull sequels, half-assed rebooted franchises, big emphasis on cinematic experiences rather than interesting unique gameplay...let's not kid ourselves here.
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As far as new and exciting stuff coming out to discuss it is pretty suck right now.

For actual playing, it's no problem with an endless backlog.


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It's been pretty disappointing for AAA due to covid. If I'd managed to score a new console I'd be pretty bummed right now so silver linings and all. A lot of the games I thought would be 2021 are now 2022 so no rush I guess.

Most of the indies that have been releasing just haven't been what I'm into. I have to say that Switch is carrying me for the moment since I didn't play a lot of the Wii U ports before. Mario Kart with friends is great and Tetris 99 never seems to get old. Online 2P of NES and SNES games is also pretty great.


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This Lockdown i've played through Sniper Elite 4, Rage 2, The Touryst, Battlefield V Multiplayer, Dishonoured 2, Wolfenstien New Order and The Outer Wilds. All games that I didn't bother with last gen.

I had a real good time with those but do agree that that BIG WOW game just hasn't been there this year and I don't see it happening this year.

I like ratchet but those games have never made me go wow. Only potential is if CDPR releases that NextGen patch for CyberPunk 2077 soon so I can continue past the first mission.


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I’ve been having one of the best gaming years I’ve ever had, though I’m playing stuff that came out last year like ghost of Tsushima and persona 5 Royal.

I’m also hyped for guilty gear strive and final fantasy 7 remake intergrade.
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Yeah a covid and new generation hitting at the same time was pretty substantial.

That said, there is enough new stuff out there to enjoy. Hell, I'm actually enjoying the pace.


Expect even more delays on both sides, this year is going to suck bad, most of what we had from the big 3 was mainly sorted early 2020 / late 2019.

I already know a few of my friends in the industry are expecting more delays over time which will most likely be announced when concrete.
My backlog of games I bought or got for free is gargantuan so this ain't so bad. Not to mention the many games that have already released that I don't own but want to play.
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I love Bravely Default 2, but I did i watch a different Direct than you? What big games do we have coming on Switch the rest of this year? I guess there's another Monster Hunter game...
I don't think any of these will be big in terms of sales, but SMT V, No More Heroes 3, Rune Factory 5, Samurai Warriors 5, the Famicom Detective games and the follow up to The World Ends With You are some things I can see people on this forum being excited about.

In terms of sales it'll be New Pokémon Snap, Mario Golf and the two Monster Hunter games that sell the most in the first half.


Everyone's talking about digging into their backlogs, but that's what I've been doing for the past year and a half lol. I finished the 52 games challenge last year and I've done 17 so far this year. I'm down to 9 games remaining.

At least they're mostly long rpg's because all the games I'm interested in don't come out until 2022 and beyond.


Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.

I went to the mall the other day, because there's a supermarket in the mall, and everything was dark. A place used to be full of life, now is like a desert. It gives you a depressing feeling. All the things that used to be fun, even online, no longer have that pull. It's like the soul was ripped out of everything.


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To be honest I appreciate a bit of a drought right now, it helps with my backlog. I'm doing fine completing game after game for my Xbox One and PS4. Resident Evil Village will be my next purchase but that's in May.
I really hate that our typical next RE installment usually comes in Jan. Bummer that we'll have to wait that long for Village.
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