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I sold my PS5

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This is my first post here at gaf, I thought for a long time what the topic should be about but today i decided to write about my decision to sell my ps5 and go all in on pc gaming.

So last month i bought a new gaming pc and a really good monitor ( samsung odyssey g8 ). At first my plan was to use the screen with ps5 and also with the new pc. But as the time went on I noticed that i haven't even start my ps5 for months.

What i played so far on PC

Diablo 4
Baldurs gate 3
Sea of stars ( just started today )

And holy shit the image quality and fps is insane. After this experience i don't know how I can go back to regular consoles. Sure i will miss the big hitters like spider-man 2, FF XVI, The last of us and so on. But if Sony continue the path they are on then i will still be able to play these game on my pc.
And what i haven't said yet is that i can play all Microsoft games too. Hell is it good to be alive and be a pc gamer today, we are eating good fam.
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Should have kept the PS5. I mean it is wasteful if you are patient, but you need to wait 2 years for the games to arrive on PC. I have a kid who is Spider-man obsessed so really the PS5 is worth it just for him.

Also I like to bitch about things and bitching about PS fanboys doesn't feel right without owning a PS.
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