(If you are) Why are you getting a PS4?

-Better hardware and better price
-First Party Software and sony's openess to new ideas
-Remote play
-Growing tired of my old hardware(six years already)
-Enjoyed way more my PS3 than my Xbox360, so it was natural choice.
Halo isn't even being developed by Bungie anymore. It's a zombie of a franchise.

As for Crackdown, you'll have to pray it doesn't go down the path of mediocrity again like it did with Crackdown 2.
Halo is definitely on its last legs for me (this next one better be good or i am out).

For some reason, I have faith that the next Crackdown will be from a new team and not be Crackdown 1.2 but who knows.

That being said, I still like Halo and Crackdown a ton.
Because of the games from the SCE World Wide Studios.

I can't wait to play inFamous: Second Son, The Order: 1886 (i know we don't know anything yet, but it's 3rd Person and has a great setting, so i'm confident that it'll be great) and since yesterday also Rime.

I regretted the purchase of some systems in the past, but i never regretted the purchase of a PlayStation system. That's why i'll buy a PS4 on day 1.
1. Naughty Dog
2. Santa Monica Studios
3. Ready at Dawn
4. Quantic Dream
5. Sucker Punch
6. Media Molecule
7. Evolution and PD

I feel very confident in Sony's ability to provide a steady stream of PS4 exclusives that I'll like. Can't say the same about neither MS nor Nintendo.
Really games is the only reason for me. Because I'd much rather replace my current "living room computer/set top box" (PS3) with an Apple TV.

I'm sure Apple TV is gonna be much better than PS4 for anything non gaming related, but I gotta have some games on the TV. I also prefer Sony over Microsoft when it comes to hardware and exclusives.
So why are you picking up Sony's next console?

Two caveats:

1. Don't mention price.
2. Don't mention negatives about any other platform.

Just give me the positives of the PS4.

Full disclosure: I am getting an Xbox One day 1 and have no interest in the PS4 but want to hear the positives about it from those who are getting it.
1. It's cheaper.
2. The Xbox One costs more and has worse specs.

That pretty much covers it, I think.
I find the limitations imposed by the OP to be somewhat disingenuous. Price and other platforms matter.

That said, I trust that Sony and their partners will on the whole deliver enough quality content to make a PS4 purchase eventually justified. For me, it will not be in 2013 and probably not 2014, but eventually if I participate in gaming in the next generation, it will be on Sony's PlayStation 4 console.
I've owned a 360 since launch and a PS3 since 2008. I'm going with a PS4 at launch this generation because of multiple reasons.

1. Price. I'll get it out of the way first. I know you said don't mention it, but it factors into my decision. I could afford either console, but I'd rather put the extra $100 towards games.

2. Games. Sony's franchises interest me a lot more than Microsoft's. I don't care about Halo, Gears of War, Killer Instinct, Forza, etc. More importantly, Uncharted, Infamous, Sly Cooper, The Last of Us, and Ratchet & Clank are all series whose next installments I want to play. I won't be able to do that on XBOX One.

3. PlayStation Plus. The membership has given me access to plenty of games that I've missed over the past couple years and it brings PSN sale prices down to Steam-sale levels. I haven't seen anything from Microsoft that makes me believe they'll commit to a similar long-term strategy.

4. DualShock. I've always preferred Sony's controllers to Microsoft's, honestly. I'm happy to read positive impressions of both next-gen controllers, but I prefer my sticks parallel.

5. SCE WorldWide Studios. It's a huge wildcard for Sony. The amount of first-party games Sony puts out ensures that there'll be something for everyone available all the time. Games like Puppeteer, Rain, Until Dawn, Killzone Mercenary, and Tearaway are all ridiculously diverse, yet all of them were announced side-by-side on the same stage, and all are made by WWS.

6. Jump to Next-Gen. I'm ready for a next-gen console. I'm sick of the most graphically demanding games running at 25 FPS. I'm interested in playing a lot of cross-gen games this year, and I want the best experience possible.
Because I fell down the PS+ hole and I can't get out.
Because I'd like to be able to beam mah indies to the Vita.
Because I don't want to own a desktop PC, so it's the only option if I want to play next gen's AAAAAA games anytime soon, and I need a device that supports local multiplayer anyway.
Killzone looks better than everything on the bone and I loved the mp in the last two games. Since I still have a launch ps3 I trust sony to make long lasting hardware. Infamous will be out in the spring and whatever naughty dog makes next will be great. Also ps+ is awesome. The gpu is better than the one in my pc so it is actually an upgrade for me.
First party studios / long term support
Better hardware
PS+ "free" games
Remote play
My old racing wheel + headset is still supported
Brand loyalty

Those would be the main reasons.
It seems to offer a really good value for what you get for one. (most power, great features) Plus Sony seems to support their consoles with great software longer than their competitors.
Because I'm extremely saturated with the current gen, I don't have interest in PC Gaming and by various reasons (price, hardware, exclusives) is a far better alternative than the Xbox One.
-Better hardware and better price
-First Party Software and sony's openess to new ideas
-Remote play
-Growing tired of my old hardware(six years already)
-Enjoyed way more my PS3 than my Xbox360, so it was natural choice.
I'm going to piggyback and say this, except the being tired of the PS3 part. I fully expect to play my PS3 just as much as the new PS4 for a couple years.
1st party games.
Huge variety in the game portfolio as a whole.
Willingness to bring to the market things other pubs will laugh about.
Great support till the very end of a console cycle.
All of this across the ps1-ps3, so i trust them.
Offers everything I want in a games console

Although I've always loved the Halo series I've found the breadth of PS's first party offerings to be so much more worthwhile

I will get an X1 unless something major happens but not for a while and honestly I'll likely buy it used

I like that all of the PS4 media capabilities work without PS+ as I tend to go months at a time without wanting to play multiplayer

There's more I'm sure but that's the main parts
Halo is definitely on its last legs for me (this next one better be good or i am out).

For some reason, I have faith that the next Crackdown will be from a new team and not be Crackdown 1.2 but who knows.

That being said, I still like Halo and Crackdown a ton.
I can understand that, as I loved the first Crackdown... but is hope and month-early access to DLC of mediocre value really going to sell you a decidedly inferior system? As someone whose only current gen system has been a 360 for seven years (edit: Wii not counting), I don't see how an extra hundred dollars will net you any benefit from a company that quite literally believed that gamers weren't as important as consumers of other media.

I'd venture to guess that you know this on the inside and posted this topic because you want to justify buying a system to play with some of your friends in one game. That's an understandable and legitimate reason to make the choice you might end up making, but it is definitely questionable. I hope this topic has helped you make a well informed decision.
I really enjoy the game. What can I say?
Nothing, but considering I doubt most people on this forum invest that much time in 30 titles a year much less 1, the reason you don't understand is very simple. Your time is too invested in one genre and your tastes have narrowed too much for you to appreciate much else out there.

Its neither a bad or good thing but honestly, I would suggest experiementing in other genres for a while COD is never going away, but it seems a bit of a waste to invest so much time in a handful of series or genres.

for example:- You say you like crackdown. Do you know that Saints row 4 is a better Crackdown than Crackdown 2? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohiI39N5Psk

For me its their commitment to gaming. They are not afraid to push the boundaries when it comes to gaming experiences (see journey, last of us). Also if the ps4 does well, we could maybe see a resurgence of the japanese gaming industry, so thats a plus.

Also, Gran Turismo.
I should also probably add to my previous post that when you are buying a Playstation home console, you are in for years and years of support for a mixture of niche Japanese titles you sometimes can't really find anywhere else (aside from handhelds) to the big AAA games developed in the West and now, SCE seems to have a heavier focus on indies than ever before -- which some may like and others may not. I'm indifferent to a lot of them but a few in particular look really neat.

Basically, you know you are eventually going to get plenty of published games for a solid 6 or 7 years that will vary in variety. Then, you also know that Sony is going to support their home console through the thick and thin, even the PS3 at it's worse had games going for it and they stuck with it and supported the console.

The above definitely helps to instill confidence when you are throwing down several hundred dollars for one of their home consoles.
I just want the most powerful and awesome indie gaming machine ever!!

seriously though...

Its a PS4.. Its next gen at its finest.. I don't understand people who don't want one right away!! like today.. this minute!!!
I'm getting a PS4 because I owned a PS1, PS2, and PS3 and Sony has earned my trust and loyalty.Also because MLB The Show is the surperior baseball game on the market as well as Sony's first party studios. Getting it on launch day.
I'm getting it primarily because the other two consoles are not even an option for me. I know OP said not to bring up negatives about them, but that's the main reason why I am getting a PS4. The other two consoles are doing it so bad, that I will just not get them, no matter what. There really isn't anything so special about PS4 to me, it just happens to be focusing on what I want (games and power) while not doing it horribly wrong.

That's it. Really.