In a gif, scariest scenes in horror films (spoilers)

Babadook stuck with me for days after I saw it. I know it gets a bad rap here for being 'overrated' but the scary moments are definitely effective, and to me, done right.

The second one is apparently insidious? It's in the image URL. First one is...?

These aren't obvious. Label pictures if they're supposed to be representative answers to a question, please. It's annoying.
First one is from Mama, the feature film.

It's better in the short, imho:

I hate that black flicker bullshit so many horror films do nowadays
That gif appears to be from a trailer. It's not like that in the film itself (the flicker).

One of the few horror scenes that still haunt me when I think of horror movies. This scene is one of the best WTF moments I've seen in horror. I love the movie, but I always get stomach pains when this comes up.

Silent Hill

Took a date to see this...

EDIT: Removed due to ToS, but it's the scene where Pyramid Head rips the chicks chest off.

We're now married, but she hasn't seen a horror movie since lol