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Indie Games 2016 [November] Lets play some Indies!


Let me show you through these halls, my friend, where treasures of indie gaming await...
Mar 25, 2006
| 1. Header Information |

GAF Indie Steam Group:
IndieGAF Steam Curator Group (Game suggestions curated by me):

Older threads[ (which are by no means "outdated" and still contain awesome games to check out and/or look forward to):

IndieGAF recommends: The 50 Best Indie Games of 2013: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=766928
IndieGAF recommends: The 50 Best Indie Games of 2014: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=985103
IndieGAF recommends: The 50 Best Indie Games of 2015: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1203844
As before, voting is going to happen in the last week of the month.

| 2. Overview |

Post 1:
1. Header Information
2. Overview
3. Introductory Blurb
4. Indie Media Corner

Post 2:
5. Remarkable Indie Release Dates coming up this month!

Post 3:
6. Recently released Indies!

Post 4:
7. Upcoming Indies to look forward to!

| 3. Introductory Blurb |

We are always interested in getting to know more people with the same hobby. If you share our love for Indies, let us know! We talk about anything Indie, want to talk about the mess that DoubleFine is leaving behind? The depth(s) of Dwarf Fortress? Need recommendations? This is the right spot to ask! We'd also love to read more impressions :)

| 3.5 Quick Note about Formatting |

If you want to suggest a game that has recently released or that looks interesting, but hasnt released yet, please follow the following formatting structure so the post is picked up by Toma-Bot:

Released games:


Not yet released games:

Copy the appropriate content and add the proper information for the black writing. Please only include 1 link and 1 image. I tried making it a bit failsafe, so it should be able to deal with 2 links or images as well, but 1 is safer.

If the game is free, then put "Free" as the price, otherwise please use $ or € for the price. You can also include more than one game per post (like the Screenshot saturday posts), but please stick to the above format for every entry.

If someone posts a non-proper formatted post, I'd appreciate if you could repost the game with the same info in the proper format.

| 5. Voting Results |

Hey! I assume you are new in this thread series and want to see what we were up to? Or you didnt have enough time to play through all of the games from the last month but still want to catch up with the best ones? Then this list is for YOU! These were the games we enjoyed the most in the previous thread, voted on by the community (More thorough descriptions and impressions in the previous thread, especially the last few pages with the voting):

1. Sorcery! 4, The Crown of Kings - $4.99 (iOS, Android)


An epic adventure through an open world of monsters, traps and magic. Infiltrate the Fortress of Sorcerers, and create your own unique story where every decision you make is remembered, no matter how small. Cheat death, uncover ancient mysteries, and recover the Crown of Kings - if you can.

1. Event[0] - $19.99 (PC, Mac)


Event[0] is a sci-fi narrative exploration game where you build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home to Earth.

1. Clustertruck - $14.99 (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4)


Clustertruck is a chaotic physics based truckformer. Jump your way through insane levels in a game of "the floor is lava" on top of speeding trucks driven by terrible drivers.

1. Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor - $9.99 (PC, Mac)


Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor is an anti-adventure game about picking up trash in an alien bazaar. You play as the Janitor, an Alaensee woman with a municipally-subsidized trash incineration job, and dreams of leaving the planet of Xabran’s Rock far behind her.

1. Rive - $14.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


RIVE is the metal wrecking, robot hacking shooter you've been waiting for! This 360-degree shooter/platformer hybrid lets you choreograph a ‘dance of destruction’ in insanely spectacular battles and set-pieces. RIVE feels like the explosive games of yore, pumping megapixels in true 21st century style.

| 5. Indie Media Corner & Other Links |

I noticed there are a few noteworthy, and relatively unknown, projects that deserve a shoutout here because I feel that they share a common interest with the people in this thread. I talked to the guy from Pixabyte and MetaVendetta and both are very enthusiastic about the things they love and figured you might appreciate the shoutout as well. If you enjoy anything here or want to give feedback, let these guys know via their websites or also here in this thread. If you appreciate something, let people know. A heads up can sometimes very valuable.

This is a monthly podcast series that presents notable Indie Game soundtracks. A likeable host and guests, a fantastic track selection, interesting discussions and a focus for Indies will make this one a mainstay in my monthly threads.

Episode 11: Episode 11: Summer Girls
[Wolfenstien | Elysian Shadows | Trials Fusion | Fract OSC | Out There | Parappa the Rapper]

GAF Thread: Freeware Games
So many free games are out there and so many are just really good games that a large majority of people will never play. From developers with large portfolios of freeware games, to free alphas and betas, to the hundreds and hundreds of entries for game jams such as Seven Day Roguelike, Seven Day FPS, Ludum Dare, and others, to the talented work of Digipen students, there's just an astounding amount of quality free games to play and enjoy that this thread tries to uncover.


Let me show you through these halls, my friend, where treasures of indie gaming await...
Mar 25, 2006
| 6. Recently released Indies! |

Farming Simulator 17 - 34,99€ (PC, Mac)


Take on the role of a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 17! Explore farming possibilities in a new North American environment. Drive over 250 farming vehicles and equipment from over 75 manufacturers, including new brands such as Challenger, Fendt, Valtra or Massey Ferguson.

A Ghost In The Static - Free (PC)


A planet stands out on the horizon. Strange buildings are around you and some of them host peculiar characters.You have no clue where to go or what to do. But you have many questions and doubts.

A Normal Lost Phone - Free Prototype (PC browser)


A Normal Lost Phone is a game about exploring the intimacy of an unknown person whose phone was found by the player. The game takes the shape of a narrative investigation: you have to search the phone's text messages, pictures and applications, in order to learn about its former owner. Through this phone, you uncover Sam's life, friends, family and relationships, until the evening when they turn 18 and mysteriously disappear.

A Trip to Yugoslavia - Free (PC)


A TRIP TO YUGOSLAVIA is an experimental interactive game with a theme of the old VCR player (with the ability to REWIND, PAUSE and FASTFORWARD).Yugoslavia has fallen apart. No one knows what caused it. Some people ran away instantly and some of them still don't know that the war has just begunIncluding you. You're taking a role of an amateur photographer, who has been caught in the nearby Yugoslavian forest on the outskirts of town. Now, without any combat knowledge, you have to survive a few months of war in a desolated country.Welcome on a one way trip...

Agent A: A puzzle in disguise - $3 (iOS/Android)


You play as Agent A, your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to infiltrate the secret hideout of Ruby La Rouge and apprehend or neutralise the target.

Aragami - $19.99 (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4)


Aragami is a third person stealth game that casts you as an undead assassin with the power to control the shadows. Teleport to any shadow, become invisible, materialize weapons or even summon a shadow dragon to infiltrate the enemy ranks and dispose of your targets.

Archimedes - $2.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


After you purchase and install Archimedes, an old operating system appears to be running, and a strange man asks for your help as you start to discover the terrible secrets behind the game.You will be required to interact outside of the game, with instances ranging from steganography and cryptography to real-world geographical puzzles and use of various external applications. The deeper you go, the more frightening and personal it will become.

Artys - Free (PC, Mac, Linux)


A cleverly crafted narrative/puzzler, in which you tell an ancient robot about life on your world and the robot tells you what caused the destruction of its civilization.

Beglitched - $9.99 (PC, Mac)


Beglitched is a game about insecurity, in our computers and ourselves. In a pastel world of networks where nobody truly knows what they’re doing, hacking is a magical art and the notorious Glitch Witch is the most premium archmagi of the net. Through what appears to be nothing more than random circumstance, YOU are her new apprentice. You must use your wits and cunning to unravel the mechanisms of an alien computer and survive amongst a veritable web of clowns, leftclickers, and filedraggers.

Bikrash - Free (PC)


You are a pro road racer. Overtake the other raiders and toward the goal line!

Broken Paradox - Free (PC, Mac


The mad man watches, waits and never lets his prey go free.A short pixel horror experiment graphically inspired by games like Imscared and 7 Days.

Butcher - $9.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


BUTCHER is a fast-paced 2D shooter game and a blood-soaked love letter to the early 90s. If kicking corpses into a lava pit and adorning walls with blood is your idea of a good time, BUTCHER is THE game for you.

Dungeon Rats - $8.99 (PC)


Dungeon Rats is a turn-based, party-based RPG set in the Age of Decadence world and focused on squad level tactical combat. If fighting your way out of a prison mine - and frequently dying in the attempt - is your idea of a good time, you've come to the right place.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - $7.99 (PC)


Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

Golden Krone Hotel - $4.99 (PC)


Golden Krone Hotel is a gothic horror roguelike. Fight vampires with sunlight or become a vampire yourself and sneak in the shadows. Combines classic turn-based combat with dynamic lighting, an innovative potion system, and fast paced gameplay.

GoNNER - $9.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


GoNNER is a tough as hell procedurally-generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements, following the largely misunderstood and altruistic Ikk on a journey to cheer up his only friend in this world—a giant landbound whale named Sally—by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby.

Honey Rose - Underdog Fighter Extraordinaire - Free (PC)


One student, two lives and six months to go. This year, Red must meet her idol Big Blue in the ring and make it to the top of the masked fighting tournament. Her dream will come true... as long as she also graduates!

House of the Dying Sun - $19.99 (PC)


House of the Dying Sun is a tactical space shooter that puts you in the cockpit of the universe's most terrifying starfighter. Hunt the enemies of the Empire and bring ruin to their people.

Kim - $24.99 (PC, Mac)


Kim is a boisterous urchin from 1880s Lahore, his wanderlust will take him all over India. Branching conversations, survival, stealth and combat let you play Kim's coming of age however you choose. The enormous open world of Kipling's India awaits you!

Moon River - Free (PC, Mac, Linux)


'Moon River' is a 2D top-down view brain-twisting game.The player is locked in the screenplay: when he crosses the boundaries, he finds himself teleported to the other side of the screen.The player has to go through different levels, leading him to use the abilities of the character to solve a series of puzzles becoming more and more complex as the game progresses.

Orwell - $9.99, Free demo (PC)


Big Brother has arrived - and it’s you. Investigate the lives of citizens to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks. Information from the internet, personal communications and private files are all accessible to you. But, be warned, the information you supply will have consequences.

Owlboy - $24.99 (PC)


Owlboy is a 'hi-bit' adventure game, where you can fly and explore a brand new world in the clouds! Pick up your friends, and bring them with you as you explore the open skies. Overcome obstacles and greater enemies, in one of the most detailed adventures of this era.

ROM - Free (PC)


ROM is a short experimental experience. Explore a desolate island, revive it's forgotten machines and take control of the game's atmosphere.

SHENZHEN I/O - $14.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


Build circuits using a variety of components from different manufacturers, like microcontrollers, memory, logic gates, and LCD screens. Write code in a compact and powerful assembly language where every instruction can be conditionally executed.

Shu - $11.99 (PC, PS4)


Shu is a stylish 2.5D platformer set in a beautiful and engrossing world. Guide Shu and a cast of beautifully hand-drawn characters as they run, jump and glide their way across exotic lands, forever pursued by the monstrous and unrelenting Storm. Can you outrun the end of the world?

Super Pilot - Free demo (PC)


Super Pilot is a futuristic racing game that lets you create, edit and share your tracks in the blink of an eye. Design your own crazy track by adding loops, twists, or making it vertical, upside-down, or whatever you'd like, using our powerful and easy-to-use track editor.

Syndrome - $24.99 (PC, Mac)


Syndrome, a sci-fi survival horror game that places you in a living hell inside a doomed starship. Find out what happened to your lost crew. Run. Hide. Fight. Survive.

Syth Rider - Free (PC)


Painstakingly carved from the Unreal Engine to the tune of pop, 808 snares and synthesizers, SynthRider is a visually overloaded racer where you cruise the information super-highway, taking in the lights and dodging the crystals.

The Monster In Me - Free (PC, Mac, Linux)


The Monster in Me is a choice-consequence game set in a post-apocalyptic world. It explores the relationship between three friends as they are thrown into stressful situations that test their friendship. As well as branching content the game remembers each decision you make and has multiple endings based on them.

Thoth - $9.99 (PC, Mac)


THOTH is a challenging twin-stick shooter you can conquer alone or cooperatively with a friend. Each stage is handcrafted to test coordination and puzzle-solving skills. Colorful minimalist graphics combine with an intense unnerving soundtrack, making for an exciting mix of art and arcade.

Thumper - $19.99 (PC, PS4)


Thumper is rhythm violence: classic rhythm-action, blistering speed, and brutal physicality. You are a space beetle. Brave the hellish void and confront a maniacal giant head from the future.

Trapper’s Delight - $9.99 (PC, Mac)


Get your friends to fall into your cunning trap in Trapper’s Delight; the competitive multiplayer game where you communally create a deadly labyrinth, then see who can escape.

Vestige - Free (PC)

Viking Squad - $14.99 (PC, Mac)


Grab your trusty sword, strap on a fearsome helmet, and plunge into the chaotic fray of Viking Squad! In this three player co-op brawler you must put a stop to the wildly mischievous Loki and reopen the gates to Valhalla. Find a friend for local co-op couch play or find a match online!

Wand Wars - $11.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


Wand Wars is a fast-paced magical sports game. Players ride brooms, cast spells and turn opponents into adorable chickens!Try to control a powerful magical sphere that bounces around the arena, increasing in speed and size over time.

Warshift - $19.99 (PC)


A unique mix of Action, RTS and RPG gameplay elements that forms an innovative game genre. You can build base, manage troops, and then come down to keep your enemy at gunpoint in the dynamic battle and customize your main characters.

Water Me - Free (PC, Mac)


"water me is a video game created to relay the experience of being stranded in your house while a flood has cut you off from the outside world.

Yomawari: Night Alone - $19.99 (PC)


A quiet evening stroll takes a turn for the worse as a tragic accident befalls a little girl and her dog. When her sister goes missing later in the night, the little girl decides to venture out into the eerie darkness to search for her loved ones as evil spirits haunt the alleyways and streets of her once-peaceful town.

You're In Space And Everyone Wants You Dead - Free (PC, Mac, Linux)


Run and jump through different gravity fields to escape monsters and get the highscore! Use your psychic powers to grab boxes, bombs, and the monsters themselves to defend yourself! A single touch by an enemy will lead to your demise!


Let me show you through these halls, my friend, where treasures of indie gaming await...
Mar 25, 2006
| 7. Upcoming Indies! (Not yet released) |

After Lotus Point - ????


A sci-fi exploration game around an accretion disc

Afterglow - PC


Afterglow 20.51 is a graphic adventure where all happens inside of a paper train. Our main character doesn’t remember anything about how he arrived there, what is that place or what to do and his mission it’s to answer all the questions. With a little push of our charismatic barman and with help of a little strange pig, discover the secrets that this train and its passengers.

Altered State - 2017 (PC)


Altered State is a first person puzzle game with the main mechanic being the ability to swap positive and negative space within the bounds of a 3D space.

And Thus - ????


Go north. Find sanctuary.A non-linear, open-world, survival horror game with a focus on mystery and the supernatural to invoke 'scariness' rather than gory, obvious monsters.

Arena - PC


A collection of fast paced Arcade Game Modes set within a seamless world bursting with colour and vibrant audio

Ascent - 2017 (PS4, Xbox One)


Inspired by classic platform games such as Crash Bandicoot, Rayman, Croc and Spyro, we are working on an open world co-op platform game, ASCENT, in which two stranded heroes, Bluu and Blip, must ascend a gigantic tree to escape an alien world. Encountering a ruthless species known as the Aphids, along with the aggressive wildlife of the mysterious planet, this makes for a dangerous and lengthy journey.

Astrofuse - PC


Explore a primitive alien world. Your ship has crashed on a planet in deep space. In order to return home you must salvage ship components and launch them back into orbit.Solve intricate puzzles built from magnets, fusing blocks, sensors and other Smart Blocks on the planet's surface.

Back From Hell - 2017


Back From Hell is an upcoming CRPG Puzzle-Adventure game set in two worlds: a 15th Century Spanish hilltop town and a journey to the depths of Hell and back again.In both worlds you will encounter a unique cast of fully voiced characters that bring the world of Back From Hell to life, all interactions and your subsequent decisions will have weight and impact

Bootleg Systems - PC, Mac, Linux


Bootleg Systems features a Clone Gun that lets you clone and shoot stuff. You can use your clones to destroy enemies, navigate the environment, or just go crazy and do whathever you want.

Clyph - ????


CLYPH is an adventure puzzle game that takes place in a bleak yet beautiful world.Vast landscapes and lonely corridors wait to be explored in an attempt to figure out the language and input of this world.

Conarium - 2017 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Conarium is a chilling Lovecraftian game, which follows a gripping story involving four scientists and their endeavor to challenge what we normally consider to be the 'absolute' limits of nature. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's novella "At the Mountains of Madness", but largely set after the original story.

Constellation Distantia - PC, VR


Constellation Distantia is a story driven scifi game with action and strategy game elements. It combines free flying, mining (using huge ass nukes), crafting, combat and more

Crimson Breath - PC


Crimson Breath is a platformer-exploration game, spread with combats, magic and awful creatures on a dark, bloody vampiric mood world.

Deflect - PC


A minimal 2D puzzle game in which players place, stack and merge different-shaped pieces to deflect particles.

Drone Swarm - PC, Mac


Drones, controlled by an unknown force, almost wiped out the entire planet. By chance, humans found a way to gain control of the attacking alien technology. Earth was almost destroyed so they incorporated it into their own ships and set out to look for a new home. Control thousands of drones and explore the galaxy. Make allies, fight powerful enemies and invest in research to get more powerful abilities!

Earth’s Dawn - PC, PS4


Packed with super-fast sci-fi action, Earth’s Dawn offers 2D side-scrolling gameplay in a beautiful hand-drawn style. Combat is intuitive, but deceptively deep with combos, finishers and rankings after enemy encounters all adding depth to the game, while RPG-style skill trees, equipment crafting and character evolution open up things even further

El Hijo - Summer 2017


You guide 6-year old boy El Hijo on his quest to find his father, by escaping a monastery, fighting his way through the desert and avoiding monstrous creatures, and outsmarting horrible gangsters in the saloon of a villain town.The game is set in a mythical place of the 19th century that very much resembles the American west, as we know it from Sergio Leone‘s westerns, taking some of its most popular characteristics of outlaw gangs, saloons, cunning, sarcasm, irony, etc. There is no indication of a specific time, or place. It could be everywhere and anywhere.

Endlight - ????


Survive a concrete whirlwind

Epitaph - December 2016


Epitaph is a tactical fighting game that combines the thoughtful strategy of games likeFire Emblem with the speed and excitement of games like Street Fighter. Each player commands a team of three Reapers, the many faces of death, to steal souls away from your enemies and conquer the afterlife. A unique real-time, cooldown-based combat system challenges players to form combos between their combatants, setting up brutal moves and countering the plans of their opponent.

Far Ago - PC


Explore planets, accomplish missions for different alien species, and follow the mighty quest of preventing the end of the universe. Buy bigger guns as you progress or collect them directly on the wreckage of anyone who spoke to you with a tone you dislike. Got half of your ship floating away from you? Reorganize your thrusters and weapons and here you are, good as new, ready for your next encounter!

Feral Umbra - ????


Feral Umbra is a dramatic puzzle adventure with multiple varying game-play styles, exploring a vast and alive world that is constantly changing, littered with ancient technology & bound with primitive contraptions. Traverse alien landscapes, hostile environments, and enjoy therapeutic visuals guaranteed to haunt you in the best way.

Figment - PC


Figment is a surreal and isometric adventure game, wherein the player must journey through the subconscious mind to save it from the fears and nightmares.

Foot - ????


Your weapon is a foot, your hero is a baby with a big whang “FOOT” is a “near-near-not-quite roguelike-like” (a roguelike-like, top-down, turn-based, shooter with permadeath and a sweet combat mechanic that resembles billiards), or simply… a “foot-shoot” game.

From The Sea, Freedom - ????


An underwater exploration game, with a focus on discovery and relaxation.

Grave Danger - October 31st (PC, Mac)


Grave Danger is a 2D sidescrolling adventure game about utilizing unique characters to solve puzzles and stay alive. Run, jump, float, shoot, and scythe your way through puzzles involving teamwork and precision! Alternate between each hero: Dante the cowboy, Elliot the wizard, and Malice the reaper.

Hellhunter - PC, Mac, Linux


Hellhunter is a supernatural investigative hunting RPG, where you assume the role of a freelance hunter building his career towards uncovering the ultimate terror. However in each chosen job, the level is procedurally generated, and the true identity of the supernatural creature is not revealed. It is up to you to explore and investigate it, which ultimately effects the fight at the end of every job, creating an intense and unique experience for every hunt.

Herald: An Interactive Period Drama - PC


Herald is a choice-driven adventure set during colonial times. Board the HLV Herald and uncover its dark secrets in an intriguing tale about tyranny and servitude.

Hobo RPG - ????


Hobo RPG is a single player roleplaying game with survival elements. Be alive, travel and meet new people. Explore the 70s rendered in pixel perfect glory. Hobo RPG is a road movie made into a game.

Igknight - PC, PS4


Don your Knightly armour in a colourful 3D world full of Medieval shenanigans. Igknight is a family friendly competitive brawler where friends become foes in a frantic fight for the throne. Engage in chaotic combat as you attempt to knock your opponents off the obstacle course, avoid perilous hazards and ascend to Royalty!

Inked - ????


When the Creator, a man who drew you, rips the love of your life away from you, you will embark on an epic journey across the drawing paper to find and free her. But the Creator doesn't take too kindly to bold drawings, and thus he will try to stop you with more of his creations.

Kingsway - ????

Lightfield - Early 2017


Take part in an interplanetary, omnidirectional race event where there is no up and down but only forward!

Lobotomy Corporation - ????


This game is "Monster Management Simulation" inspired by SCP-wiki and "Cabin in the Woods".We wanted to create a game about an unusual corporation filled with grotesque monsters and its employees living in fear day by day. Players must manage monsters, keep employees safe, and learn effective strategies against the monsters in this mysterious corporation.

Off-Peak - ????


You're stranded at a cathedral-like train station in the near future, searching for a ticket out of town.

Megastructure - ????


A environmental exploration game with narrative elements; most of the story is told through the user's experience of the spaces. It is of vast but unknown dimensions and scope, consisting of many layers of accretional industrial systems laid upon one another in an organic fashion over a vast number of years

MOCT - ????

Neofeud - ????

No Guns - PC, Mac, Linux, PS4. Xbox One, Vive


A FPBH (First Person Bullet Hammerer) from Landfall GamesA VR game about doing tricks and firing bullets with a hammer

Nowhere and Never - ????


A ghost/horror story digital novella told as a virtual reality experience. Urban explorer/amateur ghost hunter finds an abandoned amusement park...

Occlusion - PC, Mac, Linux


A game about light, darkness, and death

Occult - PS4, Xbox One


A paranormal survival horror game

Outer Colony - PC


An open ended strategy game designed to push the boundaries of simulation and AI.Set in a sci-fi universe, players command expeditions of spacefaring colonists in an effort to establish settlements on remote worlds.

Pawarumi - PC, Mac, Linux


Pawarumi is a 2D shoot'em up with 3D graphics. You play Axo, pilot of the ship named Chukaru. Chukaru, with its abilities, is unique in the way it has been blessed by the gods.

Plunge - PC


A isometric turn based Prison Plunging game

Reclaim - ????


A child finishing what his parent couldn't. Surviving in a closed-off city only thanks to system of teleports.

Sara Is Missing - November (PC, iOS, Android)


Sara has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and your only lead is her mobile phone. Search for clues by investigating Sara's personal messages, notes, emails, pictures and videos while trying to piece together her final days. Unlock password protected files, uncover hidden messages and decrypt lost data and figure out out where she went, what she did, and how someone can disappear without a trace so suddenly.

SAVAGE: The Shard of Gosen - PLAT


Explore a world full of traps and puzzles Find and max out weapons, armor and shields Forge new equipment Defeat bloodthirsty bosses and giant monsters Learn new abilities to help you traverse otherwise impassable obstacles

Shadowhand - PC, Mac


Shadowhand is a unique RPG card gameDuel powerful enemies with unique solitaire-style turn-based combat.

Slime-san - PC, Mac, Linux


Slime-san was minding his own business, sliming around in a peaceful forest when suddenly…A giant worm appeared and gobbled him up!Now deep within the worm’s belly, Slime-san has to face a decision: Be digested by the incoming wall of stomach acid... Or jump, slide and slime his way through the worms intestines and back out its mouth!

That Little Star - ????


In That Little Star you play as Edward, a 12 year old kid with Asperger's syndrome who gets caught up in a murder and decides to go deep into it while fighting his social disabilities.

The Conjuring House - PC


The Conjuring House is a paranormal horror game, the facts take place in the early 20th century in an old abandoned Victorian style house with a pretty dark past, a team of mediums and parapsychologists were sent to unravel the mysteries and myths about the place.

The Karters - 2017 (PC, Mac)


The Karters is an arcade karting game, inspired by Crash Team Racing’s gameplay, dynamics and overall design.

The Long Reach - Early 2017 (PC, Mac, Linux)


The Long Reach is an intricate puzzle adventure where you have to run for your life. It’s a The Cave-ish style adventure in which your puzzles are walking, mumbling, and yelling.

The Way Back - ????

The Woodsman - PC


The Woodsman is a narrative point and click adventure retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Typeknights - ????


A casual RPG with simple text commands controlsKeyboard is your only weapon in this game.

U47 - ????


A morality-driven noir-shooter thing

Unnamed CRPG - ????

Unnamed horror game - October 31st


A short horror game inspired by an old alpine folktale

Unnamed ocean exploration game - ????

Unnamed sci-fi game - ????

Veil of Crows - PC


Set in a medieval sandbox style world, players begin with a handful of peasants, and work to build an empire. The player will need to exploit the land and its people, using trade, alliances or brute force to carve their name into history.

Way of Redemption - 2016 (PC, PS4)


Way of Redemption is a perfect combination of an arcade and a sports video game, with a pinch of MOBA.

When Atlas Falters - PC, Mac


When Atlas Falters is a tactical, turn-based dungeon crawler. The game is set in an apocalyptic Victorian London. The player must choose from one of three characters and vanquish the ancient Greek gods besieging the city.

Wild Passage - ????


Wild Passage is a roguelike game with a focus on survival, exploration, and storytelling.Players must survive the hazards of a procedural fantasy wilderness in order to uncover the mysteries of the Wild Lands and share their story with other players.

Witchkin - 2017 (PC)


Deadly doll, killer clown, terrifying teddy, and a sociopathic woman of legend... Hide-n-sneak horror game set in 1920s rural Texas.

Wizard Chess - ????


Let me show you through these halls, my friend, where treasures of indie gaming await...
Mar 25, 2006
Gunmetal Arcadia Zero is up on Steam Greenlight (You Have to Win the Game, Super Win the Game)

It was originally released as a Humble Original, and will be coming to Steam soon. It's currently PWYW on Itch.io and Humble for just a bit longer (Nov. 8th). He will be providing Steam keys once he can.

(Thanks to Stump for the heads up)

Thanks for the headsup! Downloaded it from itch.
Doesnt seem to be the same kind of difficulty as YHTWTG, though, curious how the level design holds up without these difficulty spikes.


Dec 28, 2011
Off-Peak is released on Steam, it should not be in the upcoming section.

Also there is a quote tag at the end of the code to copy & paste to suggest a new game. It has been like this for a few threads.



Quern - Undying Thoughts - PC


Quern - Undying Thoughts is a first-person puzzle adventure game, inviting you on a journey to explore it and solve its challenges. Put your mind to the test with the increasingly complex puzzles, and unravel the mysteries of the island.


Dec 28, 2011


Jan 4, 2012
Cursed Castilla - (Maldita Castilla EX) - 11'99$ (Xbox One - PC)

Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) is an arcade action platformer full of creatures from medieval myths from Spain and the rest of Europe, as well as from chivalric romances. This game is an extended version of the renowned classic arcade Maldita Castilla, originally created by the indie Locomalito.

(I will try to add more things later)

One Foul Note

Jun 23, 2012
Kinda sad I didn't buy Brigador earlier. I did save a lot of money but I am really enjoying it and I could have been enjoying it sooner. Getting similar vibes to my time with Ring Runner with regards to how the gameplay loop is mission, money, shop, customize mech and then take the new guy out to have a major kerfuffle with the enemies, repeat.


May 2, 2016
I really wonder if Event 0 will run on my MAC. I am currently deciding between PS4 Pro, or a cheapish rig for indie gaming mostly or a decent gaming rig.

Getting a PS4 would mean missing games like Event 0, which looks amazing. I have definitely been drifting away from big AAA type games, but many indies do make to the console, but there are some mouse and keyboard games too, like Event 0. Think that can only be played with a keyboard.


Dec 28, 2011
I have just beaten the Manticore in Sorcery Part 1, and thankfully, it allows me to start Part 2 with full health. Funnily, the fight started with me having 7 hp while the Manticore had 18 hp, so I had to understand the fight rules, which remained a complete mystery until now. It turns out you take less damage when defending than when attacking with a lower score and at the same time of your opponent, so if you defend and attack with just enough points at the right turns, you can win the fight despite the low health. Attack with just enough points to outscore your opponent at the right turns, defend at the others.


Jun 7, 2004
I have just beaten the Manticore in Sorcery Part 1, and thankfully, it allows me to start Part 2 with full health. Funnily, the fight started with me having 7 hp while the Manticore had 18 hp, so I had to understand the fight rules, which remained a complete mystery until now. It turns out you take less damage when defending than when attacking with a lower score and at the same time of your opponent, so if you defend and attack with just enough points at the right turns, you can win the fight despite the low health. Attack with just enough points to outscore your opponent at the right turns, defend at the others.

You do the most damage if you REALLY outscore your opponent, but only if they've committed to an attack. So you hitting for full damage while they attack with ~4 is killer.


Let me show you through these halls, my friend, where treasures of indie gaming await...
Mar 25, 2006
I don't usually play games for escapism, but I think I need to take a break from bleak Bloodborne and play something happy. Maybe I'm finish Jazzpunk

I had the exact same thought today for... reasons. Went back to water flowers in Animal Crossing.
Nov 18, 2013
I don't usually play games for escapism, but I think I need to take a break from bleak Bloodborne and play something happy. Maybe I'm finish Jazzpunk

If you want happy, I can think of no better than Jazzpunk. It's a delightfully stupid game. I'll be working on my own delightfully stupid student game. We will move on.
Sethian - $4.99 (PC, Mac)


Sethian is a sci-fi puzzle game in which you master a fictitious language. An archaeologist in the distant future, you venture to the far-flung planet of Sethian, investigating the mysterious disappearance of the people there centuries ago. An abandoned computer may have the answers you seek, but it only operates in the lost native language. Master their language, unravel their mysteries, and challenge their philosophy.

Beholder - $9.99 (PC, Mac, Linux)


You’re a State-installed Landlord in a totalitarian State. You must spy on tenants, peep, eavesdrop and profile! You must report on anyone capable of plotting subversion against the State. You MUST! But WILL you?


Dec 28, 2011

Oh boy.

Edit: Hmm... Maybe not Miegakure, maybe a secret project. I feel as if I were playing Orwell when I spy on these conversations and try to make sense out of them.



Nov 7, 2012
I don't usually play games for escapism, but I think I need to take a break from bleak Bloodborne and play something happy. Maybe I'm finish Jazzpunk

I went the opposite route. To work through my stress, I booted up THOTH. What a tense, challenging game that requires all of your attention.


Apr 13, 2012
Man there are some interesting games in here. The "search a phone" games seem really interesting. I love the mashup between familiar systems and adventure games (which is why I'm loving Orwell too).

Which is also why the RPG/OS game interests me. I'll need to keep an eye on this thread.


Sep 18, 2013
Really enjoyed the "Just a Phone" game. Does a cool job of telling a story in a non-traditional manner. The puzzle of it was a little challenging without being too much so. It's a quick play, worth seeing.

One Foul Note

Jun 23, 2012
Rather enjoying my time with Sethian. The language is nicely accessible to get you into the swing of things quickly but their is a fair bit of complexity once you get the basics.


Let me show you through these halls, my friend, where treasures of indie gaming await...
Mar 25, 2006
Has anyone started thinking about their GOTY choices? This year was so good, it's going to be tough to narrow down

Also it's so unfortunately poetic that Tyranny and Beholder both came out in the week as the election

Yeah, I was thinking about that as well... great timing. And I hope I get to put some time into some of the GOTY contenders you guys are recommending.


Dec 28, 2011
Has anyone started thinking about their GOTY choices? This year was so good, it's going to be tough to narrow down
I have been thinking about it for a while now.

  1. The Witness
  2. No Man's Sky
  3. Ghost
  4. Sorcery! (I'm half-way through the last part (n°4), I really enjoyed parts 1 to 3)
  5. Slayaway Camp
  6. Orwell (I'm waiting for the last episode (n°5) this Thursday, but I liked episodes 1 to 4)

Other good contenders, but that I would need to play more to know their ranks:
  • Owlboy
  • Seasons after Fall
  • Pavilion
  • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain
  • Obduction
  • Day of the Tentacle Remastered

Games that are not yet released but that could make it into my GOTY list:
  • Quern (November 28)
  • Miegakure (December ?)

One Foul Note

Jun 23, 2012
Has anyone started thinking about their GOTY choices? This year was so good, it's going to be tough to narrow down

Also it's so unfortunately poetic that Tyranny and Beholder both came out in the week as the election

A little, although I tend to be so scatterbrained as to remembering all the great games I have played I can generally forget until I have a big sit down and think about the games that really spoke to me this year and go back through the archives of the indie gaf topic.