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Indie games to look forward to in 2016 and beyond


Jun 5, 2013
Chicago, IL
Awesome thread with so many amazing games coming out. All of my known wanted games were listed. I even learned about a few that our now on the wanted list like Enter the gungeoun. Thanks OP.
Indie Games have become my staple diet when it comes to gaming because I can always gt that arcadey/quick fix satisfaction from them which is what I seem to crave more and more as regular games are getting way too complex, story driven and sandboxy for my attention span and time. I'm also still primarily a lover of 2d graphics/perspective as they make the games look more timeless and usually employ simple yet fun mechanics.

Really looking forward to a lot of these games coming out especially that first one in the OP which I have never seen before, i'm hoping there is a tiny smattering of monsters/combat in that game but I won't be disappointed if there isn't.
It looks like it's more of a man vs nature game


Oct 15, 2011
Soft Body - 2016

Whoa, whoa, whoa. I actually thought Soft Body came out last month (I guess that it was supposed to?) but yeah, this. I've actually finished it and it supplanted Everyday Shooter as my favorite artsy "twink-stick" (not really a shooter). Seriously wonderful experience.
Here's a new batch:

Barrage - early 2016


Barrage is an exciting fusion of action and rts gameplay, featuring big lasers, massive rockets, devastating experimental weapons and planetary base building on a grand scale. Crush your enemies with relentless bombardment or precision strikes as you expand your empire across the solar system and advance along the extensive research tree towards total domination!

Black The Fall - ????


Black The Fall is a sharp, modern action game set in a post-communist industrial world. As amnesiac Black, you explore, solve puzzles, and decide how to deal with the strange, hungry things that live in this haunting place.
Discover a forgotten industrial world where strict and rules and harsh punishments tore the fabric of humanity itself. What will you do to survive?

Clustertruck - April 2016 (PC)


The point of the game is to reach the end of each level without falling off trucks driven by terrible drivers.
Playing the campaign mode will take the player on a Hollywood-esque journey through many different worlds where everything tries to kill them

Devil Daggers - PC


Inspired by classic arcade games and 1990s First Person Shooters. Devil Daggers is a fast-paced shooter that pits you against hordes of demons as you struggle to survive as long as you can. Compete for precious seconds with friends or global leaderboards

Fictorum - PC


Become a powerful mage
Launch your foes and topple structures from the realistic explosive impacts of your arcane might, without being crippled by low energy, resting to relearn spells, or a frail constitution.

Fishing: Barents Sea - PC


A realistic simulator strategy game, which puts you in a role as a fish boat captain on small fish boat and a small cabin that you inherited by your grandfather who passed away, located in the open cold and harsh Barents sea.

Hanako: Soul of the Samurai - 2016 (PC)


Travel through a beautiful, fictional rendition of the 16th century of Feudal Japan. Choose between four types of warriors as you learn to master intuitive, directionally-driven swordplay while also choosing unique abilities to ensure victory over your foes. Join your friends in an immersive multiplayer campaign across Japan in pursuit of either preserving the peace and honor of the Emperor or bringing on chaos and death by playing across four different game modes with different objectives and strategies.

Karaski: What Goes Up - early 2016 (PC)


Onboard a the world’s first Airship, a dark plot unfolds. Each suspect has a secret and unique personality you can uncover in a nonlinear manner via dialogue, breaking into their rooms, drinking with them, or even pissing them off. But getting caught snooping around will rise your suspicion and the passengers will start doubting you more! Your interactions shape the past, present and future outcomes of the story. Different playthroughs can lead to different results.

Katana Zero - 2016


Katana ZER0 is a fast paced neo-noir action platformer, focusing on tight, instant-death acrobatic combat, and a dark 80's neon aesthetic. Aided with your trusty katana, the time manipulation drug Chronos and the rest of your assassin's arsenal, fight your way through a fractured city, and take back what's rightfully yours.

Man O’ War: Corsair - 2016 (PC)


Engage in epic naval combat and explore the Warhammer world’s Great Western Ocean.
Man o’ War: Corsair is a video game of high adventure, naval combat and exploration based on the Games Workshop classic Man O’ War table top game.

Nelo - PC


Nelo is a hyper fast, sci-fi action game. And has its own twists on the twitchy shoot em up game genres. It's made for gamers who want their reflexes to be put to the test using new mechanics for shoot em ups. Nelo is also made for gamers who want to immerse themselves in an out of this world sci-fi epic. Nelo hybrids gameplay of twinstick shooters and modern action games, as well as offer many other unique mechanics and gameplay scenarios.

Oft Horizon - 2016 (PC, Mac, Linux


Oft Horizon recreates the longing solitude and the anxiousness of an uncharted voyage, interspersed by fast paced action and RPG strategy.
Brief periods of ferocious weather, chance meetings with other ships, fast paced naval battles, or light RPG exploration may intersperse your travels in this daydream world.

Postcard from Capri - ????


Postcard From Capri is an interactive short story/first-person narrative in which my ambition is to create a tense, intriguing and immersive kind of experience. You play as a detective/journalist that get's a letter with a postcard, a ticket and some money to travel to Capri to unravel a few things...

Reditum - 2016 (PC, Mac, Linux)


Reditum is a surreal themed adventure-puzzle platformer game which has a deep story.

Wailing Heights - early 2016 (PC)


A coffin-rocking, body-hopping, musical adventure game, set in with a horrific hamlet of monsters
Set in a peaceful, blood-curdling village blessed with gorgeous panoramic mountaintop views and the blissful stench of rotting corpses, Wailing Heights is home to the likes of vegan werewolves, hipster vampires, gossiping ghosts and all manner of well-adjusted supernatural taxpaying homeowners.

Wormhole City - Late 2016 (PC)


Wormhole City is a single-player sci-fi adventure game with top-down platforming, puzzle and action elements developed in Unreal Engine 4 . Control vehicles and gain power-ups through exploration and defeating enemies while making game-changing decisions throughout your story.


Jul 19, 2011
Hadn't noticed this, some really cool stuff here :)

Had no idea Bleed 2 was a thing, is it confirmed for 2016? Can't see anything that confirms this
Hadn't noticed this, some really cool stuff here :)

Had no idea Bleed 2 was a thing, is it confirmed for 2016? Can't see anything that confirms this
If I recall, it was mentioned in one of the devlog posts

The status of the game as of November is
The campaign is now at what I would call a legitimate alpha – everything playable from start to finish and in a highly acceptable state!
And the dev is focusing on audio, polish, bugfixing, playtesting, balance, tutorials, menus, etc.

So a release sometime in 2016 seems likely
Blazons and Bastards - ????


Blazons and Bastards is our love letter to 80's RPGs, with a little mix of FTL and a Choose Your Own Adventure book. The idea for the game is that you are a wizard tending to a group of adventures (in proxy) using magical cards on your table. As they meet obstacles in the dungeons they crawl, the results of their actions will be written into a quest book.

Exemplar - 2016


In Exemplar, the player takes the role of the head of a government organisation established after an unexplained surge in the number of people being found with extraordinary abilities. Many of these present a threat to those around them and in some cases, the planet as a whole. Others are willing to join the agencies to help keep the world safe. Gameplay itself is broken into two parts. The procedural card game, and the procedural comic.

Fantasiam - ????


An RPG set in Slavic mythology with focus on puzzles and exploration!

Hieroglyphika - early 2016


Hieroglyphika is a new take on the hardcore roguelike formula.
A prussian adventurer gets lost in an ancient egyptian pyramid buried deep under the sand of the desert and full of traps and monstrous beings. He must decrypt hieroglyphs to learn spells and to understand the magical nature of armor and weapons.

Kaidan - 2016


An asymmetric multiplayer survival horror and role-playing game inspired by the collective experience of telling scary stories.
A game about the obscure pleasure of scaring others and being scared. Be the villain in your own horror story and let other players engage in your story. Explore, discover and share your fears, and you may overcome them.

Monarch Black - 2016


In Monarch Black, players become a butterfly to explore ever changing abstract environments and do battle with swarms of laser firing insects. Fly un-constrained through drowned cities and snowy forests to find glowing pollen grains. As you progress you'll unlock new weapons and capabilities to evolve your avatar and fly deeper into this strange and beautiful world. Because the levels and power ups are randomly generated, no two play throughs are exactly the same.

Tharsis - January 2016


Tharsis is a turn-based space strategy game. With dice. And cannibalism. It puts you in control of humanity’s first manned mission to Mars, just as it’s struck by a micrometeoroid storm. You must guide your crew through disasters, food shortages, and the unforgiving nature of space — all while maintaining your sanity amidst cryptic signals and warnings from Mars.
Defy the odds, make the difficult decisions, and embark on the most important mission in human history.

The Scape - ????


The Scape is a Doom inspired, action packed top down metroidvanian shooter, set in an alternate future, aboard an abandoned space station packed with aliens and strange creatures.

The Thin Silence - 2016


A narrative-driven atmospheric, puzzle-platformer based on a mechanic of collecting and combining items to create tools you use to manipulate your surroundings. You begin deep underground and must work your way back to the surface and the past you left behind.

Udon Dreams - ????


A non-combat immersive sim on a lunar resort
You are hired to go undercover on board a resort ship in space and sabotage it prior to its grand opening.
It is a small-ish but dense open world and you are free to explore everything from the beginning. Your primary purpose is to fulfill your contract with the agency by degrading the resort ship via jobs they deliver to you. The missions range from murdering all fish in the aquariums thus ruining cool aesthetics, flying up to the top of the ship outside to destroy the communications tower, or even document secret proprietary technology on-board.

Vox Machinae - ????


As a migrant worker trained to operate the ultimate in heavy machinery, you'll be sent to far away worlds to further the interests of your employer. Usually you blast rocks to uncover precious minerals; with all the corporate rivalry going on in the space-age wild west you get the feeling you'll be asked to blast the competition as well. You hope you don't have to deal with the mercenaries the mining companies have been hiring. Then again... if you can't beat them, join them!
Door Kickers 2: Task Force North - Late 2016 (PC, Mac, Linux)


The sequel to the critic and public-acclaimed Door Kickers moves the action to the Middle East and puts the player in control of military Special Operations Teams fighting an elusive Terrorist Network.
Gone are the SWAT shields and tazers, enter the beltfeds and frag grenades. Door Kickers 2 casts the player as leader of the eponymous Task Force, handling units such as the US Rangers and assets like drones to respond to threats, solve crises and hunt the enemy on his own turf.

Anew: The Distant Light - ????


Anew: The Distant Light is an open-world, dual-stick action game which showcases a beautifully painted, storybook environment. You are a child with limited resources, waking up on a distant alien moon, twenty light years from Earth. You must carry out a mission of critical importance. Battle, puzzle, and journey through an exotic and dangerous world.

Scorn - 2017 (PC)


Scorn is an atmospheric first person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry. Isolated and lost inside this dream-like world you will explore different interconnected regions in a non-linear fashion. Every location contains its own story, puzzles and characters that are integral in creating cohesive lived in world. Throughout the game you will open up new areas of the game, acquire different skill sets, weapons, various items and try to comprehend the sights presented to you.

Totem Teller - ????


Totem Teller is an open world adventure game. You are a 'Teller' - an extra-dimensional traveler who maintains the stories we tell. They are equal part muse and author.
The world is projected from a story that is broken, faded and forgotten. Soon it will dissipate entirely. Plot Holes must be closed and Character Arcs resolved - only then can the story be restored and told anew. That is the duty of a Teller.
Discover and connect the narrative thread through dialogue, locations and found objects. This story has many versions, but the ultimate and enduring Retelling is yours to craft. Will you find truth in logic, or empathy?

Mad Devils - PC, PS4, Xbox One


Mad Devils is a co-op, arcade shooter set in a twisted WWII setting. What does an Allied occult squad do when betrayed, killed and resurrected as demons? Their job.

Zombie Night Terror - Spring 2016


Do you watch horror movies and root for the undead? In Zombie Night Terror, Lemmings meets Night of the Living Dead as you infect the insufferable humans and guide your horde through each level, grab a few snacks along the way, and hopefully avoid a bullet to the head.
You are the (only) brains of the operation, infecting bystanders and cleverly mutating your zombies to overrun 40 levels of pitiful humans who will fight to the inevitable death. But, there will be no mercy, because the only way to survive the zombie apocalypse is to BE the apocalypse.


Jun 6, 2004
Devil Daggers - Out Now

Visually reminiscent of Quake 1 and Hexen 2.
The audio design is sublime.

It's a really fast paced arcade arena score attack survival game with a heavy focus on its leaderboard. All runs that score on the leaderboard have replays you can download.

RockPaperShotgun's review:
In case it isn’t clear, I’ll come right out and say that Devil Daggers is a brilliant game. It’s small but perfectly formed, tough but rewarding, and it reminds me of my favourite elements of nineties first-person shooters without mimicking their structure. It’s like the final battle, when every boss you faced through the game’s running time appears in the same room and raises hell.