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Infamous and Sly are 100% returning - Shpeshal Nick


Who is that?
He's a big fucking nobody that Xbox fanboys prop up on Twitter. Kinda like the Conker guy, forget the name. Kolebre or whatever. shpeshal is part of that group.

tldr history according to my notes: he originally posted on GAF, then migrated to Era. After Xbox fans kept getting banned and shutdown on Era, the community splintered and created an Xbox focused forum where they had complete control. He was a part of that.

The name of the forum?


Amazing right?



Sly is not being developed by Sucker Punch apparently. Might be a remake or new game, not known. Guy has a decent track record, but not perfect.
I would love another Infamous 🔥!!! But Im not the biggest Sly Cooper fan.
I would really like to replay Infamous Second Son and First light. There's just too many games I haven't played.

Also it would be nice to get to play the PS3's Infamous games.

Been thing about getting Sly games for PS Vita ever since I finished Tsushima.
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Press x to doubt?
Sucker Punch has found its global success moment with Ghost of Tsushima.
Sony now has plenty of important super heroes games to push that have 10 times the commercial appeal of Infamous.
I guess Sly Cooper could work as a PSVR2 game made by an other team, a bit like Little Big Planet.
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Well that sucks

Infamous was mediocre to begin with and now efeel pretty pointless with spiderman and wolverine.

sly? Why?
InFamous would welcome a reboot or a direct sequel to the first two games. Give us something akin to what Insomniac gave us with Spiderman. I'm certain the universe of InFamous has the potential to be a huge superpower series if done right.
Man I would love to see a new inFAMOUS game. The Sly Cooper games were great. If Sucker Punch doesn't make it I wonder if it'll be Sanzaru (even though they said they wouldn't make future tites).


I know said this before when this was brought up but of course Infamous is going to return at some point. Why would they stop making this game just because Ghost is successful? They can make both.
Never cared about both those franchise.

Tried InFamous and found it boring. In other hand Never tried Sly but don't find appealing and usually those kind are not my type.

But when it comes to GOT I was excited AF since the first teaser, i freaking loved the game from start to end.
Have you tried the PS3 games? Those are the best games.


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I do recall there being some kind of talk that Sucker Punch was growing and aiming for two simultaneous projects. Though that doesn't surprise me since it seems Sony's goal is to grow all of their studios to reach that point. Infamous really put Sucker Punch on the map and was the franchise that led to Sony sealing the deal with them. Second Son was good but not nearly as much as the first two on PS3 were at the time. I never got the sense that Sucker Punch was truly done with it. I could easily see them doing another where Cole is actually alive and comes out of "retirement" to take on Delsin, who is the new big bad of the Infamous universe.
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