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XboxEra: Reports of Halo Infinite Tanaka by Shapshel Nick are wrong


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Xboxera has called out on so called "Insider" Shapshel Nick
You may have seen a bunch of reporting over the last couple of days, stating that the rumoured Project Tatanka, an apparent Halo battle royale spin-off being developed by Certain Affinity in partnership with 343 Industries, is apparently cancelled…according to…erm…us?

"What’s even more amusing is I even make a joke about overreactions to a rumored game rumored at being cancelled, and that “we don’t know – it’s just the scuttlebutt out there“. "

I mean Hoberman just said in November that they are deepening relationship with 343 and they are working on Halo related project.

Jason Schreier said CA is working ambitious project in Halo universe built on Unreal Engine 5. That's why they stopped updating Slipspace branch of Tatanka.
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