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Infamous Second Son releasing on Feb 7th, 2014? + Bundle



7 February 2014

I can't see the release date anywhere else. It's the store of the biggest italian gaming site.


Didn't IGN say that it was coming in Feb. also? Will wait for more confirmation, but if it's coming out THAT SOON then holy shit.


dat format -_-

I thought it was delayed until July at first lol. Looking forward to this game.
If there's a bundle with Infamous I will definitely pick that up when it launches. That's the game I've been waiting to get a PS4 for.
It sucks that all of the bundled systems are usually just the regular system with a game. It's the perfect opportunity to make limited edition colors.
Sooner than I expected... I expected May or June, I hope the game won't be "rushed". I liked Infamous 1 & 2 and I hope this one will get all the care and the attention it deserves.


I'm pretty sure it was confirmed a few months ago that the game would come out in February so I think this is legit, thanks OP.


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A bundle this early? If this gets confirmed for the US for $400, that's going to feel like a little punch to the gut.
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