INSIDE Review Thread (Playdead's new game, devs of Limbo)

Feb 14, 2015
EDIT: Game will be out tomorrow on XB1, July 7 on Steam and then on other platforms some date later
"INSIDE will be on many systems"

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IGN 10/10
Inside very clearly builds upon what made Limbo great, and in fact builds something greater. Its unimaginable twist may leave you dumbfounded, confused, and quite possibly speechless, but it will fuel heated discussion with your friends about its meaning, its message, and its intentions.
Giant Bomb 5/5
Playdead's followup to Limbo expands on and improves all of that game's ideas so thoroughly, there's no question why it took six years to get here.
Game Informer 9.75/10
Inside is the closest I have ever felt to experiencing a simulated nightmare. It’s the perfect showcase of the kind of emotion an interactive experience can inspire
Polygon 9.5/10
By every conceivable metric, Inside improves on the groundwork laid by Limbo. It deftly balances its elements. It could so easily have been too dark, too funny, too preachy — but it always stops just shy of going too far in any of those directions. At a glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that it hews a little too close to its predecessor. But Inside achieves something that Limbo didn't: It actually lives up to its opening moments, delivering astounding setpieces and an unforgettable final sequence. Those jaw-dropping last moments are a fitting endcap to this superbly crafted, beautiful game.
IB Times 4.5/5
Inside is a worthy successor to Limbo, that improves upon it in many ways. It's visually richer, less obtrusive with its puzzling elements and tells its evocative, grim fairy tale with a greater panache. Playdead has proven that its debut game was by no means a fluke, establishing itself as a unique developer brave enough to go places other developers would never dare
Game Revolution 4.5/5
Although not the breakthrough that was Limboback in 2010, Inside is nonetheless a beautifully-crafted refinement of that experience. The art direction is just as haunting, but in a way that's entirely its own. The amazing musical score can be transporting while at the same time oppressive. And the big finale is open to interpretation in the best way possible.
TIME 5/5
Examiner 5/5
US Gamer 5/5
Videogamer 10/10 10/10
EGM 9.5/10
Destructoid 9.5/10
Hardcore Gamer 4.5/5
Games Radar 4.5/5
DarkStation 4.5/5
God Is A Geek 8.5/10
Attack Of The Fanboy 4/5
Gamespot 8/10
Metro GameCentral 8/10

Kotaku ''Top to bottom, Inside is one of the coolest games I’ve played in a long time. It’s an immaculately assembled, pitch-black joke that takes three and a half hours to tell. You gotta play it.''
Eurogamer - Recommended
CNET - ''Inside is one of the finest gaming experiences I've had all year. It does so many things so well and makes you feel emotions you don't expect. It's weird, beautiful and heartbreaking.''
Arstechnica - ''Puzzle-platformer fans, lovers of Limbo, and unapologetic followers of the games-as-art movement shouldn't hesitate to buy. Even if you're unsure, don't blow the game's best moments by Twitching them.''

OpenCritic 90 (56 Reviews)
MetaCritic 92 (74 Reviews)

THX for the help with the reviews guys!
Jan 16, 2007
Looking forward to playing this. Won't pick it up straight away because I'm in deep with TMS#FE, but I'm sure I'll want a palate-cleanser at some point afterwards!