Introducing: NeoGAF Gold


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May 30, 2004
Hello, [vis_name][/vis_name]. Welcome to NeoGAF Gold™.

What is NeoGAF Gold?

It's an entirely optional, yet incalculably desirable premium subscription service for your favorite video game message board on the internet. Through exchange of a modest sum per month or annum ($4.99/$49.99 respectively, processed securely through Stripe), you'll:

* Help support continued development of new features community-wide, like Classic and Modern theme options, Twitch and Discord integration, special events, giveaways, and lots more to come.

* Browse NeoGAF ad-free on desktop and mobile without blood on your hands or recurring nightmares.

* Instant Updates (beta) will deliver new posts to the thread you're browsing live, without pesky clicks, taps, or mashing the F5 key. WHAT?! Yes, [vis_name][/vis_name].

* Luxuriate in your gilded username, Gold Member status, and exclusive NeoGAF Gold header logo (on both Classic and Modern themes).

* Still get banned at the discretion of our dutiful mod team; don't worry about the social dynamics changing.

Please proceed through the themed portal below, [vis_name][/vis_name].

(text link for the aesthetically impaired)
Jan 9, 2018

But seriously I've been with GAF since before the Neo, nearly 20 years now. With the way ad-based internet is going, I'm more than happy to support a subscription-based model.
It says Trained Rage for everyone because we wanted to honor you
Oi! join the discord already!

Also, wonderful job with the GAF Gold. I hope we can continue to see further progress and the community become even better over the next year!
For shame


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Jun 6, 2004
Are there plans to develop a gold theme? It might be... interesting... for a whole forum in shades of gold, lol.

So you just hung around for a chance to throw shame at people who are supportive of the community? If you dislike it that much why are you even wasting your time here?

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Jun 25, 2018
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You won't be getting me, Tyler! I am the Floating Head, i can be any colour, and i know of GAF Platinum so

In all seriousness, congratulations on the result and to all the people who worked hard to bring this feature!

Is this where people just slam other people from GAF, just now without the supervision of mods?
No. You should consider joining it before you make assumptions that aren't true. ;)
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Oct 10, 2012

Mayhap you can explain the issue? The forum doesn't operate on fresh air, and some people want to support it. Also, if you'd been around a few years you'd know that GAF Gold was a huge forum in-joke, so to see it actually play out is kind of awesome.
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Apr 25, 2009
Damn it. I get you two mixed up in my head all the time. Sorry :messenger_hushed:
I take that as a compliment. I’d be totally down with Goldmember though.

Edit: omg I only just noticed that @strange headache already referenced Goldmember and even used the exact same image. That dude is always 10 steps ahead.

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