Introducing: NeoGAF Gold


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Oct 31, 2018
Hello, [vis_name][/vis_name]. Welcome to NeoGAF Gold™.

What is NeoGAF Gold?

It's an entirely optional, yet incalculably desirable premium subscription service for your favorite video game message board on the internet. Through exchange of a modest sum per month or annum ($4.99/$49.99 respectively, processed securely through Stripe), you'll:

* Help support continued development of new features community-wide, like Classic and Modern theme options, Twitch and Discord integration, special events, giveaways, and lots more to come.

* Browse NeoGAF ad-free on desktop and mobile without blood on your hands or recurring nightmares.

* Instant Updates (beta) will deliver new posts to the thread you're browsing live, without pesky clicks, taps, or mashing the F5 key. WHAT?! Yes, [vis_name][/vis_name].

* Luxuriate in your gilded username, Gold Member status, and exclusive NeoGAF Gold header logo (on both Classic and Modern themes).

* Still get banned at the discretion of our dutiful mod team; don't worry about the social dynamics changing.

Please proceed through the themed portal below, [vis_name][/vis_name].

(text link for the aesthetically impaired)
It's nice.
But ive been a month here already and still i cant post threads ;-;
what am i missing ?