iPhone X | OT | November 3

Serious question but why do apple always slack on and use such stupid resolutions, WTF is 2536 x 1125? It took them long enough to get a 1080 res on the ifin. This is supposed to be the pinnacle of technology here
Why the fuck would people want a bigger phone with a smaller screen?
iPhone X is roughly the size of a non-Plus (5.6" x 2.8"), with a screen bigger than the size of a Plus screen (5.8"). Though I don't think they should be allowed to count that hideous notch area as actual screen real estate :(
I quite like what's going on under the hood of that thing. The machine learning combined with the sensorics and image processing seems quite imressive to me. It feels like they are quite ahead of the rest of the phone industry in this regard.

But the prices here in Germany will probably keep me from getting one. It's simply way too much.
so why doesn't the top of the screen (to the right/left of the front camera) turn to black so that the screen is a rectangle?

can't they do that? would it mess something up?
So it's either Samsung awful curved screens or this with the notch. Leaning towards the notch phone, but might wait and see the next pixel. The iPhone user experience is so nice though. But that notch is ugly as sin.
I feel like Apple took the bezel haters far too seriously, and that's why we wound up with the notch. I would have much preferred 1/4" of bezel at the top rather than to have every picture and video partially obstructed by the camera/microphone array.
As expected, battery life is slightly worse than the 7+ and now 8+

I could've sworn they showed the phone lying flat on the floor while scanning the face of a woman in a pool.
Was that a picture during the conference or in a video? I must've missed it.

Only 3GB of RAM? I'm no expert but that seems like a paltry amount for fucking $1000 USD.
3GB of RAM in an iPhone is like 6GB of RAM in an Android device. It's great.
First, lol at going the Microsoft route of counting where it's essentially 3,4,5,6,7,10.
But the real question is, is the phone poorly designed? Plusz it used to be everyone else copying Apple, but this time they're seriously late on everything. Glass back, edge-to-edge display, wireless charging, even pixel density to some extent.
Well, at least it seems Qi will be the standard that wins the war though.
beautiful phone, just don't get why its $1400 CDN.

Is it the oled? the Samsung S8 has it doesn't it?
Yes. Samsung flagships have had OLED for many years. I suspect that Samsung is the supplier for Apple for the OLED screens.

I like the idea of the cutout for the camera. That makes a lot of sense as the notification icons only need the top edges anyway.
Only 3GB of RAM? I'm no expert but that seems like a paltry amount for fucking $1000 USD.
iOS is muuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better at RAM management than Android. 3GB is plenty ram

Not when you're watching a video. The option should at least be there to "square off" the screen under certain conditions for those who want it.
I too hope this is an option for videos. If it does exist; though, nobody should be surprised that Apple didn't showcase it today. That would undercut their marketing message about the phone. They didn't even really mention the notch.
For the first time in YEARS, an iPhone keynote didn't make me consider Android.

I think the 8 looks spectacular. It's what the 6's design should've been.

I think the X has so many features that differentiates it. The FaceID alone. The bezel-less screen, the bigger screen, the OLED screen, dual OIS on the rear, the better battery life. Too bad for the stainless steel sides though.

I'm in for the X.

Euro price

This is insane. 200 more than US
Ugh, damn it. Simply can't justify spending this much on a phone right now, or probably ever. 990 euros maybe, 700-800-ish for sure after a bit of saving, but go over a thousand and I'm out.

Jumping from Android to ios will have to wait then. Maybe I'll get an S8 next.
Apple users are about to find out how fucking annoying it is to have to use your face to unlock your phone in every instance.

If I wasn't able to use both the fingerprint and iris scanner simultaneously on my S8, I'd have probably disabled the iris scanner already.