Is anyone else voting in their regional elections for the first time this year?

Ive been eligible to vote in elections for over a decade, but I've only voted in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 for the presidency. Perhaps it's just because I've heard more political ads this year, but I'm 100% invested in making sure at least one local chucklefuck gets defeated, so I'm going to vote in my first non presidential election in a few weeks. Anyone else voting or otherwise getting more engaged and invested in their local politics?
No, because I've voted in every single election since I was eligible. I used to love reading the California voter guides cover to cover, and now that I have kids I read school budgets, etc. It's fun. Also amazing what you can get done just by showing up to Town Council meetings.
No I've been eligible to vote since I was 16 and in the 8 years since I voted 3 times for general elections (our governemnts don't tend to hold), 2 times in local elections, 1 referendum and 1 EU vote.

edit: I forgot 2 and a half presidential votes.


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I vote in every election, even if it's for the school board. Though, I could always do better in researching candidates.
This is a reason I haven't voted previously. I also didn't vote in the last non-presidental election because it was extremely inconvenient since I worked on the opposite end of the county from my polling place.

Should be easier now, but even if I have to go way out of my way to do it I'll be casting my vote later this year because fuck Roy Moore with a rusty shovel.
I've voted in every election, local, state, national since I've been eligible.

I'm in Kansas so it usually means little. But I'm okay with being a highly progressive voice in a sea of the willful and ignorantly regressive forces in the area.
There aren't any statewide elections in my state this year. I don't follow local politics as closely as I should, but I just checked my county's board of elections' website and the only upcoming election is a municipal one for a nearby town. I'm in an unincorporated area, though, so nothing for me.
This year was actually the first time I didn't vote in a local election.

In my defense, it was a 6 men race, so it was close to impossible he got the needed 50+x.

I voted for him in the second round and he crushed his competitor as expected.
No, I always vote locally.

There are Texas constitutional amendments on the ballot, so no one in Texas can claim there's nothing to vote for.
"Votings useless."

"Nothing ever changes."

And nothing ever will until the people who believe this realize change is never a one off. It won't happen because you became engaged once. You have to keep fighting tooth and nail every day to have your collective voices heard.

It won't be perfect, no matter who is elected. But it takes constant voting, public engagement. You can't just let your ideals die or be blasted only in an echo-chamber. You have to piss people off, you have to argue. And vote.

It's the only way to make your voice heard if you don't have money.