Is Sony trying to trademark the term "Let's Play"?

Seraphis Cain

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Was looking around at recently filed video game related trademarks because I apparently have no life and discovered something interesting:

A filing by SCEA from this past October for the term "Let's Play", in relation to "electronic transmission and streaming of video games via global and local computer networks; streaming of audio, visual, and audiovisual material via global and local computer networks"

I mean, I'm not reading this wrong, am I? Is Sony actually trying to trademark the term "Let's Play"?


I’m going to guess that they plan to use “Let’s Play” as part of PS4 streaming. They’re attempting to trademark it to prevent competitors from using the same phrase as part of their streaming service, not to prevent players from using it.

Basically, we could all still call our videos Let’s Plays, but Microsoft wouldn’t be able to use Let’s Play as part of XB1 streaming.
This seems like it makes sense, and would probably be my guess as well. And if that's the case, then cool, I see no issue with it.

EDIT 2: Also relevant:

FYI, the USPTO sent Sony a non-final action on Dec. 29 about the filing, and those get sent out if there's a problem with the trademark filing.

They usually have 6 months (until June 29 in this case) to respond to the action before the trademark is considered abandoned.

I wonder if the examiner for the trademark sent the letter to Sony because they felt it was too broad a claim and it wouldn't hold up in court as is.


Whenever a game uses "middleware," I expect mediocrity. Just see how poor TLOU looks.
Pretty cringe but Sony has done worse.

Remember those stupid ass commercials with "Sony's own Kevin Butler"?

Did ANYONE find those funny?
You can't trademark generic terms like that.
Every day someone tells me that and every day I see companies gets more and more broad/daring with what they trademark.

I'm sure if anyone ever really wanted to put up a fight about it a lot of trademarks would fall by the wayside, but that isn't going to stop companies from trying.
Well, the thing is there for like 3 months already and we have discussed more recent trademarks (Bound, Days Gone), I guess people didnt really care about this a few months ago.
Sounds like it's just a tagline (This is for the players/It only does everything/Jump in etc.), rather than them trying to claim the term in the way it is used for videos.

Seraphis Cain

bad gameplay lol
Yeah this isn't as big as people would think. It just means they can use the term for commercial use and they're protected.
Actually it doesn't mean anything yet, from what I gather. They haven't actually been granted the trademark. The last status update on it was "non-final action mailed" from a bit over a week ago.
Well, see all of you guys at my upcoming 'How About We Complete A Game' series.

Really though, this is way less heinous than King trying to trademark 'candy' and 'crush'.