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J-Stars Victory Vs+ Announced For North America (PS3/PSV/PS4)


J-Stars Victory VS+

Yes. You can get excited. It’s official. The 2v2 brawler that features an insane roster filled with Shonen Jump’s manga stars, J-Stars Victory VS+, is coming to the Americas and will be hitting PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, AND for the first time ever, PlayStation 4. Also, with the first release outside of Japan, J-Stars will have an additional “Arcade Mode” coming with it’s Western debut. Check out the teaser trailer and stay tuned for more information!


Trailer: http://bit.ly/1vcZtI1

I'm legit shocked.


Not all characters from the Japanese version will be in this.

Game has been balanced and plays much better than the original release. Characters don't seem to have as many "invencible" frames after being knocked down as before.

Oh, and this won't be getting a Japanese release. Not yet, at least.

Confirmed [that the roster won't contain all the characters seen in Japan]. They don't know which will be out yet, though, so they're not talking about the roster.

I've only played like 2 hours of the original release because I thought it was awful, so I couldn't possibly notice any other balance changes from my short time with the demo.

The "invencible" frames thing could be placebo too, because it was something I noticed, not something the devs said themselves.

They specifically mentioned to not look at that poster as indicative of anything. These characters may or may not be in.

They've mentioned that there are still "many months" before the planned release date (which, officially, is just a broad "2015" for now), so they may end up resolving some of the issues.
Wait, how the fuck did this licensing nightmare happen?

I am excited as fuck and am buying the shit out of this for PS4 when it's out.

Also I assume digital only?


A jump cross licence game in north america?

☆-(ノ゚Д゚)八(゚Д゚ )ノイエーイ
shame it's supposed to be shit


Did Bamco feel really bad about how many games of theirs were left in Japan last gen? They seem to be going out of their way these days to appease those audiences in the west.


Wondering how hectic it was getting all the licenses for this. Regardless, I'm shocked, and happy, we're getting a localization.

While you're happily localizing games Bamco, Gods Eater 2 Rage Burst please.


Is this the crossover game where I can beat everyone up as Joesph Joestar? I'll be getting it day one if it is!


i would be hype if I didn't already buy the Japanese version to be severely disappointing compared to Jump Ultimate stars or even the gundam vs series.


Someone or many someones must have worked really hard to make this happen considering all the issues. I don't know who you are, and you're never going to read this probably, but thank you. Thank you sooooooo much.


How did they manage this? I never imagined it would get released here at all.

Namco, can you please also retroactively localize Jump Ultimate Stars too? Sugar on top?
Toei owns a lot of the overall rights overseas, and merely sublicenses titles out. There's so few companies involved these days (Viz literally releases all the manga, Viz/Funi most of the anime), it wasn't impossible to imagine.
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