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Ask me which Shakespeare novel is best
Just reached the Tubular Bells chapters of SBR.
Love the toast between Gyro and Johnny. Always gets me.
Tubular Bells itself is a really interesting stand. I wonder how long it takes Araki to devise something so unique.
I guess so, but it feels way more varied than part 3. At least with part 4 almost everything felt like it was either adding something to the character relationships and development or just adding personality to the town. The only section of part 4 I could see like part 3 is when the second arrow shows up and new users arrive(being vague about the details because I'm not trying to spoil too much).

Part 3 literally felt like the group was just moving to different set pieces and fighting whatever gimmicky stand was meant to be set there. It also doesn't help that Jotaro shows little to no emotions or personality, which sucks especially since he was the successor of Joseph. I would consider part 5 more "stand of the week"-ish than part 4.
Get off from my Jotaro :(

Part 4 totally stand of the week, they visit chef stand, stalker girl, dentist stand and whatever in town.. Its also give more episodic feel because the low-key atmosphere.


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Now I reminded, where alter Rohan in JoJolion?

Please don't tell me he also fused with Jo2uke and Kira :D
He is now an American Comic writer, bound to only make a brief name drop.

I dun know

VS Jorge Joestar's explanation of him drawing so fast that he didn't even notice the universe resetting and lived through it is canon to me and I'm sticking to it.
It also makes it so Jonathan Joestar with Dio's head is not only the Holy Corpse, but both come back from the dead.
How about some limited-edition collectible watches styled after the members of Passione?
Giorno, Buccellati, Mista

Trish, Narancia, Fugo, Abbachio

On the product page, each watch has a description of how it matches the character (if you can read Japanese), but some of the touches are pretty easy to see anyway, like the fact that Mista's only has the hours labeled for the numbers of Sex Pistols.
Apparently the watches will even come with an AR app for your smartphone that lets you see the character's stand if you point it at the watch face.

Of course, you'll pay quite the price at 42000 yen each (roughly US$440), but for a hardcore JoJo fan it's probably worth it.

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Speaking of Rohan, I'd really like to see a gender bender version of him in Jojolion. But I doubt Araki would do that. :C
No, he needs to just show up and not realize an entire universe of time has passed him buy, and ask Josuke what happened to his silly haircut.

Also, just read though 'Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci'. Mostly just an advertisement sadly.
So, reading DTL's posts, should we all agree to keep Stone Ocean away from him or something?


If these really are the official subs, does this mean the official term is just Hamon? No translating it to Ripple?
I don't understand,they translate it into ripple energy and then use Hamon anyway, it doesn't make much sense.
What's wrong with Ripple?

Isn't Sendo the real name of the Ripple(hamon) too?
We have a JoJo's thread?awesome.
Just started SBR yesterday,looks really interesting so far.
I thought the later third of stone ocean was pretty weak,especially the ending.
Gotta say my fav. moment in the Part 2 anime is when Stroheim starts yelling and boasting about the technological might of the Nazis, his seiyuu's delivery is too fucking crazy and awesome.


Ask me which Shakespeare novel is best

Just pre-ordered this. I want Soft & Wet too but it's gonna be really expensive.
I prefer this colour scheme to his All Star Battle appearance.
That game could really benefit from a colour customizer.

Anyway, as I'm reading SBR for the second time, for some reason, I'm enjoying it a hell of a lot more. You can see a few plot holes though, like why did Diego keep Ferdinand's Scary Monster Stand when he recieved the Turbo eye? Was it because he was affected by the Sand before hand? If so, why didn't Gyro keep it when he got his eye, as he was infected too.
Still a hell of a fun read though.
In regards to Diego; it's the Turbo Eye that allowed him to keep the effects of Scary Monsters, at least that's the best way to understand it.
I've marathon'd most of Stardust Crusaders today, from Empress through D'Arby the Gamer.


I wasn't feeling it at first, for some reason, but I just sat down and put the time in and am now really into it.
I'm also looking forward to the other parts simply because I know less about them. (Plus Duwang.)

EDIT: And just finished Part 3! What a showdown. It makes me wish I hadn't known Dio's power beforehand, but it was still quite the ending. Dem time stops, dem knives, dat road roller... dayum.
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