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Kanye West is making a game about his mother going through the gates of heaven


Video Source at about 55:58

The game is called "Only One" where you have to bring Kanye's mother to the highest gates of heaven by holding her to the light. It is so far 6 months in development.

Don't let me finish if old.
For those that don't know, Kanye was interested in game design/programming in the early 90s and making music for his games is what lead into his love of beat making iirc



I think the game is based on his latest song.

Was what I was thinking, not a big fan of the song but (in the full version) the instrumental outro is great and I could see it working in an 8 or 16 bit game. Although it was probably McCartney who came up with it so hmmm, not sure, but Kanye normally does interesting things musically (a Beatles does help though), be at least worth checking out.
I am not going to come in here and drop jokes like some people are, I feel that is very disrespectful. Some of these posts, smh.....

I like the idea. Art Therapy can be a very effective coping mechanism when dealing with loss. Whether it be writing, singing, drawing, painting, or heck, even creating a Video Game, it can be really beneficial. Its been just over a year since I lost my mother suddenly and I can definitely relate to looking for creative outlets to both fill the down time, and remember her memory. I used poetry and it helped me out a lot.
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