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Jun 5, 2009
Great Smoky Mountains
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Chances are in your day-to-day you open packages, slice up a fruit, pry out a splinter, cut a bit of rope, etc...and you need a knife. This thread is to discuss all things knives. Yeah. I always have one on me pretty much anywhere I go and if you look at generations of the past, gentlemen and women used to do the same. You never know when you'll need one, that and it's pretty cool to whip out a sweet blade to open up presents on Christmas morning instead of ripping into it with your fingers.

Popular Knife Styles

Modern Folders
You got your popular brands like Spyderco, Zero Tolerance, Kershaw. The list goes on. You can snag an everyday folder with decent steel under $50 on most good knife sites. Of course there are your budget knives, the kind you find at a flea market, that of course have their place, but my sweet spot is again $20-$50 for a decent folder that won't screw up on you. Again that is just how I budget my tools. You can spend a good chunk of change on some flashy modern knives.

Traditional Pocket Knives
Yeah, like the ones your grandfather carried. You'll find a good selection of these from brands like Case, Buck, Rough Rider. These are pretty popular for old school collectors too. You'll typically see trapper, stockman, and canoe knives as examples of these.

Fixed Blade Knives
Just that. They don't fold up and are typically larger/longer and are used for outdoors, camping, hunting, and/ tactical applications. Some states restrict carrying these around. There are some really bad ass options out there.

If you're new to the knife world, at least check out some of your local laws on what you can carry. I know some places can restrict quite a bit, especially outside of the USA. There are so many types of knives, blade steels, uses, handle materials, etc, this thread would take a week to list everything. This is just a basic run down of sorts.

Anyway not even sure if there is an interest here, but felt like making this thread. Feel free to discuss multitools like Leatherman, or Swiss Army or whatever as well.

What do you carry?
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Oct 10, 2012
I have a Promithi Outdoor Foldable knife that I keep in my man bag for parcel opening emergencies and the like. (which are frequent) Technically street legal in the UK, but not something I'm inclined to carry directly in my pocket because it looks vicious as hell when open. Decent blade though.

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