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Laser eye surgery


Jan 18, 2015
4000 for mine. Still hard to believe I don't need to put on glasses when I wake up.

They did 7 in a row the day I was in. Actual procedure was maybe 5 minutes from start to finish.

Also, they give you Valium.
Nov 24, 2016
I think I posted weeks ago but it needs said again. Changed my life. For real best thing I ever did. Been 3 years. A friends didn't take so they had to do it again. It was free second time and he is happy as Era while destroying a straight white mans life.
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Feb 11, 2019
Limerick, Ireland
Highly recommend it. It's changed my life for the better.

I would do a little research into reviews of different practices though.
I went with a company called optilase and although the procedure went well overall how you were treated during that time was awful. It was like a cattle mart waiting room waiting to have your eyes done.


Jun 27, 2013
Winston Salem, NC
I had lasik about 8 years ago now. I highly recommend it to anyone that is a candidate. Zero complications, zero side effects and I went from 70/80 to 15/15. The day of the surgery itself is surreal as fuck taking a horsepill sized vallium and then watching a blurry red smear sharpen down to a fine dot as a laser corrects your vision. A day of sleep with eye patches followed by a week wearing granny shades. They give you some eyedrops that prevent infection that were a mild discomfort, but that's the worst of it. I was back at work 2 days after the surgery.

8 years later and my vision is still great.


Oct 4, 2011
What is the success rate?
For them they were at like a 94% complete success I believe. And when it wasn't a complete success it was a partial in that their eyesight improved but not as much as they were expecting. They also primarily did the work on people over the age of 60, and I have no idea, but I'd presume the younger you are that the success rate would be even higher.
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Jul 31, 2019
Got LASIK done 15+ years ago, in and out in under an hour and still have 20/20 to this day. It made a HUGE difference for me, a lot more than I expected.

It all depends on what's wrong with your eyes. Different issues will need different procedures, and some are more effective with less side effects than others.

But my wife used to work at an eye doctor and she said they'd have a lot of older people come in with cataracts, scar tissue, or other issues they believe were from the laser surgery, but I think that was from the really early stuff. I think the science is far enough along now and the studies have had enough time to gather long-term results that you should be ok (assuming no weird shit goes down).