Marvel Heroes coming to PS4 and XB1 in the form of ''Marvel Heroes Omega''

I put an unhealthy amount of time into the PC version, so no transfers kind of kills it for me. I'm still curious to see how it turned out on PS4 though, so I'll give it a shot.
I hope they don't actually pick Nick Fury, he's not a good character to show off the game. Rushed for PC gamers that have been waiting on new content it seems. Which is a darn shame, I was hoping a summoner system overhaul would happen by Nick's launch. He needs time in the oven, unless the console version is actually better than the PC version with more up to date fixes, that would be something haha.
Interested in trying this. What's the best pet class in the game? Looking for something similar to D3 WD.
Magik would have been the best WD like class, but I hear she was messed up for the Biggest Update Ever patch (basically when they converted the PC version to a console friendly version which changed a lot of people's skills and passive system).

Hah now that I think about it, Magik is exactly Witch Doctor. Gargantuan, 3 demon 4 legged creatures with a tail (in the video). I mean I played her but she can also have a horde of those demon dogs that can shoot ranged attacks, and a ranged gargantuan like winged demon so I probably only slightly thought of her as a WD clone. She's also very teleporty. Well she was teleporty, thanks to the console conversion say goodbye to those nice frequent teleports seen in that video.
I played it quite a bit when it first came out. I've tried to go back to it about a dozen times, but there's so many new currencies and crafting materials it's impossible to make sense of anything and I never could figure out what I was supposed to be doing next. I didn't spend anything on it after buying it though, so I would be on board for a console version that cleans up some of the bloat.
Each week there are different currencies for gear vendors that are on a rotation, Cosmic, Shield, ARMOR. At first these were great because the unlocks were new and very useful. Some of them still are, but with Omega level gear replacing Unique gear soon to complete the console version of the game some of these currencies may be less appealing for veteran players. Also there's currencies for whatever type of extra event like year anniversary, Big 10 (so much loot), and the different Marvel cinematic/TV/Netflix promotions which sometimes come with missions.

A lot of the currencies are now in a currency menu as well. They are more easy to ignore if you're not interested or familiar with their benefit now.
Do we know how much the Founders Packs will be yet? I can see Iron First and War Machine are exclusive to the Founders Packs for the first six months, but there doesn't seem to be mention of the number of packs on offer, or their prices.
Watching that video, am I correct in thinking this plays like Ultimate Alliance but instead of unlocking extra characters you pay for them?
You can unlock any character with an ingame item that you get about every 10 minutes or so while playing. My buddy unlocked just about every character on PC with the free item and only ever paid for stashes so it's definitely doable.
I cannot wait.
I have never got into a F2P game, but if this is similar to MUA, I will give it a fair shot.

The fact that it doesn't look amazing does not bother me. I played MUA1 well after release and enjoyed it. I am only looking for decent gameplay and addictive coop.


The flight plan I just filed with the agency list me, my men, Dr. Pavel here. But only one of you!
So when he says there will be a PSN exclusive character, does he mean over PC or something you can't get via f2p?
There was something about Iron Man and War Machine being (timed?) exclusives for some PSN bundle. I believe they will migrate out to general availability at some point.