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Nope. At one point, everyone was dead but him so I saw him getting kills.

He'd run away, take cover, one shot a geth pyro. Take cover again, one shot a rocket trooper. Take cover, one shot a Hunter and a few regular geth.

This is literally how it happened.

No way dude. Unless you were playing on bronze or something. There is no way you can 1 shot all these people with the Krysae on gold or even silver.


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You can one shot a gold Pyro with a modded Krysae X + cloak x weapon damage boost. Headshot damage increase is reflected in splash damage too. So when you headshot one enemy, you're headshotting everything around it.
You still kill most stuff with one clip and if you need to zoom in with your scope then you're doing it wrong. Use tactical cloak to run close to your targets, use debuffing/damage modifier ability, shoot shoot shoot. Move on to next target.
Yeah, you don't need to zoom in on anything.

When you take the DPS x AP + Splash damage, consider weight, and how easy it is to max it... Krysae puts the Black Widow and Valiant to shame. The weapon has nothing even resembling a drawback.


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If you are playing as host you can't get it.
I rarely play as host. What exactly cause this? Using Biotic Charge at the same time that you died? Well that might explain why i never see it since i rarely die with my Krogan Vanguard, which is the only Vanguard race i play.
I rarely play as host. What exactly cause this? Using Biotic Charge at the same time that you died? Well that might explain why i never see it since i rarely die with my Krogan Vanguard, which is the only Vanguard race i play.
This explains it well from BSN by ElBarton

I found this bug today when playing vanguard. If you attempt to Biotic Charge an enemy as you die if the charge connects (and you get warped over to the enemy) your body will flail around a bit and upon ressurection you will be in a glitched state for the remainder of the match. Effects of the gltich are the following:

Inability to use weapons (can still use abilities at your own risk as biotic charging can cause you to fall through the ground)

-Side effect of causing cover to teleport you upwards (you can only really effectively use tall cover)
-Side effect of causing most enemies to initially target you due to their AI, leading to your death almost all the time.

Moving will be erratic and sprinting may or may not function correctly.

Other players can see the effect of this bug.

I have not found any solution other than leaving/finishing a match completely.

i have successfully done this four times using the same method (by accident obviously)

in addition, lag seems to cause Biotic charges to not occur, you will hear the sound effect and see the animation, but the CD doesn't trigger and you don't move.
If you have a decent team or heavy biotics, glacier is the fastest map to clear. That's still really fucking fast though, nice job

12 minutes on Gold is ridiculous.

Were you all using Claymore/GPS Geth?
We had 2 Gethfiltrator/Krysae, each paired with a Quarian Male and Salarian Inf with Krysaes. We split up the map and Proxy mined as well as used rockets strategically.

We were averaging 12-13 minutes all night. Easy credits.

And we're taking full advantage of the powerful Krysae before the inevitable nerf.
Just letting those who care know that the operation was a success and they've started distributing the victory and commendation packs.

Bioware social forum said:
Chris Priestly wrote...

Congratulation everyone. The reward packs will be released starting shortly and will all be distributed by the end of day Wednesday.
Oh god damnit, I got into a hacked lobby via quickmatch. Do I have to worry about Bioware banning me in the near future? Every enemy died as soon as it lost shields to any amount of damage :/
Changes. Things will never be the same.
June 12, 2012

Saber Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [389.0-486.2] to [427.9-534.8]

Talon Pistol
- Encumbrance reduced from [1.25-0.7] to [1.1-0.6]

Scorpion Pistol
- Encumbrance reduced from [1.5-0.9] to [1.1-0.6]

Reegar Carbine
- Encumbrance increased from [1.75-1.0] to [1.75-1.25]

Krysae Sniper Rifle
- Damage reduced from [531.2-664.0] to [476.0-595.0]

Hunter Mode Power
- Base damage bonus decreased from 10% to 5%
- Rank 3 damage bonus decreased from 5% to 2.5%
- Base vision range decreased from 20 meters to 15 meters
- Evolution 5 vision range bonus increased from 50% to 60%

Smash Power
- Base cooldown decreased from 8 to 5 seconds
- Base damage increased from 500 to 550
- Range increased from 6 to 8 meters

Shockwave Power
- Base range increased from 10 to 16 meters
That's just the way it is.

The Krysae change sounds good. Now I can't take the Krysae and Grenade Capactiy upgrades.
*Scorpion encumbrance reduced. Urge to spam PSPs rising.
Just got a Vorcha I had wanted from the Victory Pack, and a Crusader shotgun. Any advise on what's a good build for the Vorcha?

EDIT: Went for power/shield build with the Vorcha Sentinel:
Level 19 at the moment...
...will put the last six points on Flamer, which is surprisingly effective, just not sure yet whether to put them on armor or shields/barrier.

The Vorcha's shields are laughable, but the rate of regeneration is super fast, which more than makes up for it.
commendation pack had a hurricane IV, awesome

edit:ugh lol 199% cooldown bonus on the justicar now :'(

The smash range and damage buff really, really helps ex-cerberus classes on maps with walls to hide behind. Still can't abuse it with paper thin shields, but thanks to the lower cooldowns smash->charge is a fun combo to use.