Media-Create Sales: May 18-24, 2009

Feb 15, 2007
donny2112 said:
Very much so. Just like Europe definitely sells a lot of software. The download numbers can't be ignored, but we also have no way of consistently telling what they are. My concern is that whenever a PSP title doesn't sell what it "should," that the constant refrain will be "Well, we don't know the download numbers, so it could've sold great." Basically, once the PSP Go! is released, no PSP software title will ever bomb again, ever, since we can't get a good handle on all the sales for it. We've already seen it some with GT5P with users saying that it could've sold great as a download title, and we just didn't get the numbers. Very possible, of course, but completely unproveable either way. :/
i think you are taking our bickering way too seriously here. Games dont bomb because we say so :D , so they will bomb with or without us anyway :lol
Jun 9, 2004
Kurosaki Ichigo said:
I'm not comparing them for what they offer but for what the price perception is, PSP launched in 2004 at 20000/25000Y and in 2009 its still 20000 for the same core pack, now a new design comes out at 27000Y (and its not a value pack as far as I know). I question its appeal to the existing userbase to upgrade, unlike with PSP2000 I don't really see the big benefits, in fact I listed the negatives I see. Anyway, I don't think I'm right or you're wrong, its just my opinion that such a pillar isn't going to fly in the japanese market. Could very well be the exact opposite.
Let's say I disagree with your opinion then, but I respect it and see your point. You make a good point about the price, but I think that GT Mobile combined with a more portable PSP will be a very important hook for many people who has not get the system yet especially as the audience that is interested in Monster Hunter is not the same that could be interested in GT Mobile.