Media Create Sales: Week 4, 2015 (Jan 19 - Jan 25)


seriously? Did they seriously have hope for that one?

I don't recall Capcom ever throwing Gaist Crusher under the bus after the original game's release. They might just be calling the entire thing a gigaflop now since it's over.

Two things:

1) Minecraft PSV finally getting a retail release in Japan, in March. Don't have a link though, saw it this morning on Twitter. A bit too late, I'm afraid.
March 19th
includes additional voucher for ps3 version


Tsutaya's Report

- As it was expected, Devil Survivor 2 is the most sold game of the week.
- Far Cry 4 for PS4 sold better than expected and some shops faced stock problems. With enough stock the game could have topped the ranking.
- BladeStorm sold well too.
- PS4 started to increase due to anticipation for Dragon Quest Heroes at the end of February.
- Tsutaya expects PS4 hardware to increase from now until the awaited launch.

Some good news for PS4.


Square Enix now officially lists four mobile games as being notably strong.

They are Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light, School Girl Strikers, New Million Arthur, and Final Fantasy Record Keeper (DeNA).

Three of those were added this fiscal year, and DQM was last fiscal year, so it seems they're improving notably on this front.

For Capcom, they explain their performance as follows:

Capcom said:
① Digital Contents business

In the Digital Contents business, sales of the special feature title “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate” (for New Nintendo 3DS
and Nintendo 3DS) were largely in line with the plan and sales of “Ultra Street Fighter IV” (for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360,
and PC) targeting overseas markets were also solid, reflecting its strong popularity. In addition to the satisfactory sales of
“Dead Rising 3” (for Xbox One and PC), which was a million seller in the previous fiscal year, an online game “Monster
Hunter Mezeporuta Kaitakuki” made a robust start. Furthermore, a steady increase in the sales volume of digital
download sales contributed to profits due to their high profitability.

On the other hand, sales of a major title “Gaist Crusher God” (for Nintendo 3DS) were below expectations. Moreover,
there was a lack of major titles among Capcom’s mobile phone contents with certain exceptions including “Monster
Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS”, although the overhaul of the profit structure contributed to profitability improvement.

The resulting net sales were 32,408 million yen (down 42.2% from the same term last year) because overall sales did not
offset the aforementioned downturn in “Monster Hunter 4” (for Nintendo 3DS), however, operating income was 8,469
million yen (up 22.4% from the same term last year).


Looking at Capcom, I guess my... err... guess was right. They're aiming for roughly 2.9m in Japan / 1m in EU/NA, shipped of course.

If they're going to miss their target, it won't be by too much, it seems.

Anyway, Media Create analysis for week 4:

“Tales of Zestiria” sold 341 thousand copies, which were almost same initial sales volume of “Tales of Xillia 2”

・ Total software sales were 766 thousand copies. Due to the release of popular titles, ratio of new software sales to total software sales soared from 7.30% last week to 63.00% this week.
Also, total software sales were 191.65% of last week, upturning for the first time for recent 6 weeks.

・ Top-ranked “Tales of Zestiria” sold 341 thousand copies (initial digestibility rate: 89.52%). Although it didn’t reach initial weekly sales of “Tales of Xillia” released in September 2011(526 thousand copies, initial digestibility rate: 87.12%), it was almost the same initial sales volume of sequel of the previous installment, “Tales of Xillia 2” released in November 2012(364 thousand copies, initial digestibility rate: 78.09%).
Since the release date of latest installment was overlapped with the season of entrance examination and tests in university, some users seem to refrain from buying it in the first week.
Given that its initial digestibility rate outnumbered that of previous installment and sequel of previous one, its sales volume is expected to reach around 455 thousand copies, which were accumulated sales of “Xillia 2.”

・ In spite of new franchise, “THE LEGEND of LEGACY” sold 54 thousand copies (initial digestibility rate: 83.00%), coming second on the chart.
It was actively advertised that the staffs who had developed “SaGa” franchise involved in its production. Retailers told that it was mainly purchased by fans of “SaGa” franchise, so it seems that it successfully attracted fans of that franchise, as the maker targeted at.


Media Create:

New3DS LL 21,880
PS4 17,392
Vita 11,871
New3DS 7,700
PS3 7,211
Wii U 6,807
3DS LL 3,641
3DS 3,187
Vita TV 521
Xbox One 222

Break Record: 53k


LOL Nice one... Ive been watching Shark Week a lot already. Whats up with the Andy Samberg commercials though? Seems a little out of place to me...
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