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Memoria engine mod makes Final Fantasy IX actually playable

You went from:

At least in that case I don't think people would argue Sonic 1 is the best game in the series (because it really isn't) but the idea to label the entire franchise as bad based on the least critically revered originals, and before bothering to play the ones (most) people tend to actually remember with fondness was another "I'm going to dictate my opinion as the correct one and I'm not going to budge an inch"..


You started the thread, having recently played Sonic The Hedgehog 1, and nothing but Sonic The Hedgehog 1, and then tried to argue that Sonic was bad, had maybe always been bad, and at first you were scared to go back to Sonic 2 because you figured it would also be bad. People pointing out that when people speak highly of the series, it tends to lean towards 2 and 3&K. So then after all this, then you played 2.

When you then proceeded to play and say it was nad, then went on to S3&K and claimed that was bad too.


Which is it?

You said once I said Sonic 2 was also bad you checked out, but it's about how I treat people?

Which is it?

I'm the one who can't take it when other people having opposing opinions but you "checked out" when I said I think Sonic 2 is a bad game? It's about how I treat people condescendingly and can't take if my opinion is the majority when it seems like you can't take it when something you like is criticized as flawed?


But this is about I treat people and totally didn't give Sonic a proper chance!

Make up your mind.

Is this about how I treat people or about how I said plainly that Sonic is bad and FFIX is unplayable and you can't deal with it?

Laughing Banana

Weeping Pickle
Question: Does PC players really use terms like "Mod Gods" in their usual conversations?

As for the video, that looks awful and completely unnatural.


I almost thought this was gamefaqs for a second. Guys, chill its not that deep. Some people like their games faster. its no big deal. How the heck did this turn into a Sonic thread anyway?
Question: Does PC players really use terms like "Mod Gods" in their usual conversations?

Haha. Fuck no. I was soooo excited to actually be able to play FFIX in a playable state and went too far. Lol This is the main reason I wanted FFIX HD anyways: fast battle speed at customizable speeds. Why bother with FFIX HD if you don't fix the atrocious battle speed and load times?
Good god, it's not THAT bad. It's like the fast forward mode, but you can pick a more moderate speed. What's with the ridiculous hate?

The opportunity to have a good ol' NeoGAF thread backfire is obviously too good to miss. I mean, I'm not too keen on OPs solution either but defending the originals excessive load times and slow battles or outright being rude to the OP just seems off.


Tons of games from all genres, new and old, have repeating fly by cameras, repeating animations, unskippable intros, grinding and various other repetitions and time wasting. I still don't understand what's so special about FF9 that makes it so "catastrophic" as you put it?
What's far worse in this regard about FF9 more than most other games is the extent of it. Since a large portion of the time you spend playing FF9 is spent in random battles, and each and every one of those (in the original version) wastes your time with long camera pans and slow battle animations/responsiveness.

It's not even an exaggeration to say that over a thorough play-through of the game you can lose 10 hours to basically nothing.

(Since you bring them up, long unskippable logo/intro sequences are also supremely annoying to me. Luckily, on PC, they generally aren't actually unskippable)
This trend of hating the speed of older games to me is kinda weird. With Fast forward options and even easy options.(when games weren't even hard in the first place) Kinda seems a bit unnecessary.

The only thing speed wise I would change about ff9 battle speed is, that the atb would fill as fast as ff8 and 7 on 5 speed setting. Don't care about sped up animations or anything like that.

Like why did they abandoned this speed for atb? I mean 5 should be fast for real. thats why there are 5 options. Imagine playing it on one? Like why would you need that much time?

I Liked the way FF was handled in chrono cross though. Something you earn after beating the game and can use anywhere to help you get those extra ending faster.


Cant believe so many people are fine with FFIX's battle speed, legit shook here. This is madness.

Agreed. This thread blows my mind. So many hyperbolic and negative reactions to the OP that were unwarranted IMO. He mentioned you could adjust the framerate/speed to whatever you wanted and just made it super fast for demonstration purposes. FFIX's battle speed and bizarre wait times between actions make it utter shit - this is an awesome fix. Thanks OP!

That said, now that I have this on Steam, I'm super psyched to replay it with this mod and any other mods that rule! Anything to make the command panel/HP/MP bars smaller? They're huge lol
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