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Metal Gear Solid V: Gamescom Gameplay Demo

Can someone MGS-ify this somehow?


I'm probably in the minority, but mgs5 to me looks like the most impressive game graphically for how smooth it runs.


Everyone continue posting about the PT thing!

Hahaha, it says PT! On Mother Base AND the patch on his arm!

In other news...30 minutes? I'm in heaven. Outer heaven...



Felium Defensor
I'm afraid to watch but i want to sooo bad xp. Might wait for that gamersyde footage or might just crack n watch lol. That PT logo though, I see you Kojima!
Having to take showers after every few missions explains the bloody poster.

DD growing as you play is great too:alludes to
game taking place over years

this is too much-I really need to sit down.


It's nice to see the raw diamonds and such in the environment that add to your GMP. My biggest fear is this system being balanced to try and get you to buy microtransactions.
I'll be honest, completely honest. While I have been always intrigued by this game, I was kind of skeptical about how much it would be able to accomplish. Especially in light of having just stuft 170 hours into The Witcher 3.

But I'm just 4 minutes in here, and I am captivated by the possibilities. Absolutely captivated by the level of customization and breadth of content, and this is just player-agency stuff. I can see myself sinking 150+ hours into this.
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