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Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference is looking really bad in retrospective


Feb 28, 2015
That wasn't my intention. I think sales matter. SO is a perfect example for that. MS - and please correct me if you think otherwise - hasn't shown any interest in giving IPs a second chance which by all metrics failed sales-wise. It is sheer irony that MS cannot be bothered to announce a sequel of one of their most critically acclaimed titles this generation - and PS4 players get Knack 2.

Concerning their 2014 show, it was solid and yes, it's concerning that some games have been cancelled since then. But that wouldn't actually matter that much if MS had used the latest E3 shows to introduce proper replacements, besides the obvious trifecta IPs.
I don't think it's irony what you are stating about the lack of a sequel - for better or worse - it's their new seemingly risk-adverse strategy for first party games. Worse for gamers, but it is what it is right now. As a gamer, ESP a primarily SP gamer, I appreciate that Sony has a different path

And if you want to take sales into consideration. Cool. I just disagree. When I grade these conferences I'm going more for quality than how much it sold.

For something you may or may not relate to, I enjoyed The Last Guardian and don't really care that it wasn't a blockbuster seller.

Canned in development or never greenlite, There's a good majority of titles that were cancelled completely. Sabreman Stampede comes to mind.
Initially you said 10+, what are the other 9+?

I truly don't know - enlighten me

Jeff Freecss

Aug 3, 2015
The cancelled games are indeed unfortunate. MCC is a disappointed, too. But there are some narrative that the article trying to push that make it somewhat unfair.

Dance Central Spotlight.
I still play it. It's accuracy is still the best in the business, better than Just Dance. And it's fun and healthy. It will even be playable on Xbox One X. I don't know why should it be irrelevent just because some people hate Kinect.

Rise of the Tomb Raider
"A better version released a year later." If we want to stick with this standard, every multiplatform or time exclusives announced on sony's e3 stage from now on will suck because a best console version theoretically will certainly comes out on One X.

Subset Overdrive
It's a good game that didn't sell well. I don't understand how a good game could make the E3 in which it was revealed suck retrospectively.