Microsoft bullish on PC gaming, another entry for the list

Do we even want them to be? The way they've treated their Xbox first party game devs shows that they're not exactly good at dealing with internal game development. (Well ever since Don Mattrick got in charge anyway)
For people getting their hopes up. This is MS's various statements on their promise to PC gaming.

Sorry, but all MS is doing is blowing smoke up the ass of gullible people. So yea go ahead and get your hopes up and get excited. In a year or two when none of what they say comes to fruition...I'll pretend to act shocked.
I'm happy with them being the absentee landlord that they are right now, with regards to the PC.

Just continue making OSes, update yer DirectX and maintain backwards compatibility with older applications. Stay the fuck away from any gaming initiatives for the PC.
No new satanic drm please. If they release anything it better be steam, I don't care what game it is I won't buy it if it's a windows store exclusive or some bullshit like that.
They are certainly not shy publising their IP's on Steam, but I would not expect any big exclusive PC game from them.

No new satanic drm please. If they release anything it better be steam, I don't care what game it is I won't buy it if it's a windows store exclusive or some bullshit like that.
Ah the irony.


Rockefellers. Skull and Bones. Microsoft. Al Qaeda. A Cabal of Bankers. The melting point of steel. What do these things have in common? Wake up sheeple, the landfill wasn't even REAL!
Quantum Break on PC
In seriousness, I think Microsoft's handling of Windows gaming would actually be a pretty good analysis on how platform choices are made in general.

More commonly, people look at Nintendo platforms and see how little software comes to them from third parties. There's some meat there, but Nintendo is such a distinct company that there is less information there that can be transferred over to other situations.

In the case of Windows, however, there is no doubt it sells software. There is no doubt it has a large audience of 16-35 male gamers. As such, figuring out just why some companies have weak presence on the platform is legitimately interesting.
Most interesting:
Now we’re one [unified] Microsoft. I don’t see this as pressure. I see it as an opportunity. We have more support internally to support PC more. That’s great! My only expectation would be, please let us continue to do that over a five-year period so we can have real impact. That’s how it feels right now. We’re getting very strong support internally. So we’re really going after PC.
Suggests that previous attempts were half-hearted, unfocused and the higher-ups didn't really care one way or another. Hope it's different now.


thanks for the laugh
RPS: Will launches of games Microsoft has locked down as exclusives be concurrent on both Xbox and PC from now on?

Lobb: It’s my belief that the goal of a development team should be to make the best thing for each particular platform. So I think it makes sense to take Game A, maybe it’s exclusive on one of the platforms, but maybe you do some support games on the side platforms. Like, “Hey, I’ll do a big game here, and then I’ll do a tablet game or a smaller web thing, etc.”

Ubisoft did a great job last year. I played Kenway’s fleet on an iPad and I played Assassin’s Creed IV on an Xbox.

RPS: Yikes. Are you saying you consider PC to be a “side platform,” a la tablet or mobile? Other Microsoft developers have certainly suggested as much.

Lobb: Oh, not at all! What I’m saying is, that could very much potentially go the other way. Maybe there’s a big exclusive on PC and there’s an Xbox Live Arcade game to support it. Or a mobile game. It makes perfect sense to develop that way. Same ship, same parts. Maybe you buy one and get another free.
i really wish RPS just went for the jugular and asked possible value an xbone exclusive can have to someone who already owns a gaming PC and would rather play it there.
Are the hooks already there with Windows Store apps and Xbox features so all they have to do is release games if they care ?

I think one problem is finding devs and publishers that will even bother releasing outside of Steam, own stores etc.

Microsoft would need to convince publishers and devs to release a variation of their game that supports Xbox achievements, friends, cloud etc. which should be straight forward as basic Xbox Live features are unified across PC, Phone and Xbox.

Could still be that simple reason, don't upset the console.
They may have shat on us PC gamers for years, sure, but at least we have a universally accepted PC controller. It might be the only thing good to have come out of their PC efforts in the last 5-10 years.
I hope Microsoft leaves PC gaming well alone. They have absolutely no interest in making PC gaming 'better' they are only concerned with how much money they can make out of it.

I also hope Direct X is dead now. Seems hard to believe there won't be a DX12, but I would welcome that move.

The way Microsoft have been tying every update of Direct X with their operating system of late, I really hope the fucking thing dies. I don't want to be forced to buy the next Windows just so I can take advantage of the latest Direct X features.
They hired Jason Holtman (former Steam Director of Business Development for 8 years) back in August, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them give a go at it again with a little more structure this time.

If KLobb is involved then we may see more cross-platform games from internal studios that were previously just Xbox focused. They could start by bringing the previous Halo, Gears, Fable, and Forza games to PC.

EDIT: Seems he's already left Microsoft! Wow.
I would be fine with Microsoft just rereleasing HD updates to their classic games like they've done for AoEII. It doesn't look like they're that interested in the platform and any time they open their mouth about it they make themselves look silly.


gave away the keys to the kingdom.
Add Viva Pinata to that, I fear it might die with GFWL :/
At least Viva Pinata isn't arbitrarily exclusive to Win8 -- remember that it's simply a PC port of an XBLA (i.e. DX9) title. Even if I were running the OS, I don't think I'd buy the game on the count of not wanting to support such a disagreeable practice.
The fact that they sent Ken Lobb out to the RPS hotzone is something different though.

Edit: Nevermind, gave RPS the (ugh) click, and RPS corraled him at a public event.