Microsoft hiring producer for "new project line in the Halo universe"

I'm guessing it's not Halo Wars 2 since that wouldn't technically categorize as a "new" project line?
Senior Producer-Microsoft Studios-343 Industries-Halo (874585) Job

Date: Jun 29, 2014

Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management
Location: Redmond, WA, US
Job ID: 874585-139365
Division: Devices and Studios Engineering

343 Industries is looking for a Senior Producer to help develop a new project line in the Halo universe. This is your chance to work on one of the most exciting and creative intellectual properties in the industry with one of the industry’s most talented teams.

As a Publishing Senior Producer, you are core to aiding the productivity of your development partner and ensure you remove any roadblocks for them whilst driving forward and representing the project’s needs internally. The ideal candidate will be able to gracefully shift between different teams (internal and external) aiding them were necessary and contributing to overall smooth running of the project/projects.

- Build a strong working relationship with the game development team and help them with any obstacles to ensure that the game is “fun” and on time.
- Actively participate in a large cross-functional “virtual” team, including groups as diverse as: Programming, Art, Game Design, Audio, Test, Marketing, Content Publishing, User Research, Localization, Business Development, Finance, Legal, GeoPolitical, web site development teams, and more.
- Run risk assessments and identify problems before they occur, utilize 343 Publishing team expertize to resolve issues.
- Milestone scheduling, organize cross team assessment for approval with detailed follow up and arrange payment when approved.
- Construct structured and detailed reports showing current status of project.
- Work within the project database entering and triaging tasks.
- Exemplify 343 values and culture and own their promotion within teams.
- Ensure the game hits the quality expected of a title within the Halo Franchise.
- Focus on results and take pride in work done.
- Management of producers and associate producers on your projects.
Has to Halo Wars 2, has to be! If it is, I hope they unshackle the base-building part and allow us to control the size and build where we want to. Only thing that really annoyed me about HW.
Why micro-transactions? When did MS become synonymous with micro-transactions? Halo has never had them.
I think its less of a diss against MS and more of a diss against Mobile games in general, though the last Halo mobile game (Spartan Assault) did have Micro-transactions, though they were more of a shortcut rather then a requirement.
Hey Frank what do you think about Master Chief as a character in Killer Instinct?

Everyone else: LET ME DREAM!!!!!!!!!!!

OT: How about a game following Agent Locke and ONI?
Third person action game where you play as Tartarus. The true purpose of the Master Chief Collection's Halo 2 Anniversary was to bring Mr.Mohawk back into the spotlight. 343i please.
An ODST game like Destiny would be cool. Endless strike missions. Level up to the Spartan program. Fight the covenant and flood and fore runners.