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Mike Ybarra VP at Xbox leaving Microsoft.


Mar 5, 2005
Quick! Let us express our sincere concern! Doom and gloom at Xbox!!1!
No, not really. People come and go at big companies. This happens all the time.
I do agree, but at the same time don't downplay the importance of solid strategic top level leadership with the correct vision.
Don Mattrick. Never forget.


Jan 31, 2018
Ya know, I like Mike Ybarra. He was a leader that really resonated with my own opinions about the consoles. He celebrated when good games came out, no matter if it was Xbox, Pc, PS4 or Switch. He just loves games. He also wasn't too big to come and talk to the fans. I remember the RDX podcast where he was on for 2 hours just talking about Xbox. RDX was a podcast that was just getting it's footing, averaging maybe 1k views on youtube and maybe 2-300 live viewers. Yet they got the VP of Microsoft to appear. That's being humble man. That's when I became a fan of Mike Ybarra. Sorry to see you go, good luck in your endeavors.
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Aug 18, 2014
I was an original xbox/360 fan, so yeah, they sucked this generation.

Don Mattrick screwed the pooch for sure, but they've come a long way with not only turning Xbox around, but the Surface team has generated some sexy products and MS' Azure, W10 and Office 365 are completely sound products.
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Aug 26, 2018
Never liked the guy since I seen him live stream God of war on mixer all he did was hate on it just seemed like he was pissed that Sony had a great game and Microsoft kept delaying crackdown 3
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Nov 19, 2008
Imagine if Spencer left. A lot of people would be on suicide watch.
He should leave. Xbox needs a leader who is more of a visionary and a shark. He's done great things that are more consumer friendly. But they haven't come close to making all the moves they did during the 360 days. They have few big failed projects under their belt, they bought some mediocre studios and a streaming website that will probably fail. They have a lack of vision when it comes to end-to-end user experiences with their products this generation. As a predominantly software/tech company they are really lacking when it comes to creating/sharing tech that enables their developers to achieve better results. Sony made it no secret they have a dedicated team in California (essentially the software capital of the world today) with hardcore engineers dedicated doing research and development of tools/techniques for Sony studios. Whereas Microsoft owns a bunch of disjointed studios with games full of bugs. Phil Spencer was the head for most of this generation and he pretty much failed on every front compared to the 360. Some of it is not his fault but nothing he's done so far has inspired any confidence in him to make the impact they should be making.
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