Mobius Final Fantasy |OT| From the Makers of Final Fantasy XIII

Lol I'm a Kingdom Hearts fan so I'm gonna give Unchained a good shot.

I was enjoying Record Keeper but it's my first gatcha game and I found some of the systems in it a bit confusing. After playing for six months I went into the OT and hadn't got a clue what most people were talking about.

I'd like to at least finish the Classic dungeons in Record Keeper but I'd love to start Mobius as well as the artwork looks gorgeous.
Didn't expect it so soon, downloading. Hopefully this first version isn't buggy or was it already out in Japan for some time now similar to RK and BE?
I think it's been out in Japan for over a year now, so hopefully there's not a lot of bugs.

Won't be able to play until after work, but I'm excited to give it a shot.
"This device is not supported"
It then links me to a Japanese page.

Well that's what I get for emulating. Thankfully, it seems easy enough to bypass ( Just remember to restart your emulator after changing fake GPU profiles.

It wants google play games so it can mine your google+ profile...which consdiering I just made it for this game means they're not getting much. I knew there was a catch to free summon rickets.

Edit: Jesus it looks like sandpaper without AA and ~10 FPS and this is just the download/update intro cutscene screen.
It seems very interesting. Played the tutorial.

Anyway there's a bunch of jaggies and it looks blurred on an iPad.
I've done a little reading up on the game and there seems be HD/high quality asset upgrade download or something, at least in Japan. Not sure if it's available in the global version yet. Also read that it was like a 3 gig or so download.
i dislike how the game constantly needs a connection, but I guess that's the name of the game these days

You can set resolution on high in the settings, don't know what it does though.
probably increases the render scale, as it seems it's rendering the game in lower resolution than native on most ios devices