Monster Hunter: World x Devil May Cry Collab

How long has it been since the last piece of official DMC media? Feels like roughly forever.

I will definitely be getting in on this once the PC version comes out. Nice to see them use the DMC1 styling, evidently someone at Capcom has their head screwed on right ;)
Do you typically need a high HR for these things? I'm progressing rather slowly (at Diabolos in the story) and really don't want to miss this one.
God damn give me the Horizon quest again.
They will--there's an interview with Capcom that says they'll cycle through quests, including the Horizon: Zero Dawn quest, periodically.

And I really wish that the SF quests would come to the XB1/XBO:X, or that Capcom would make with some XBox One-specific content, like some GoW Armor or a Spartan outfit. Or FFS, cat ears, a vacuum, and a pocketwatch.
Hopefully a precursor to an E3 announcement. Looks good. Would've been a bit embarrassing to go about in the DmC get-up.
I wouldn't hold my breath. I'm assuming it's free marketing for the DMC HD Collection they just released. Especially since it's DMC1 Dante.
yooooo classic Dante is dank, that force edge charge blade that changes into alastor is dank, ebony and ivory emote is dank!

time to stop slacking on learning charge blade