Mornin Joe claims Trump asked "If we have Nuclear Weapons why can't we use them?"

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Sep 17, 2007
Just keep that train careening over the rails on fire GOP.

Taking bets Trump will be the first Presidential candidate to have an internal coup in party in a desperate attempt to save the ticket and save face.
Jan 7, 2012
*We will return to Survivor: Detroit after this important announcement from the President of the United States*

Ladies and gentlemen of these United States: I, your president, President Donald J. Trump, have an important announcement.

As many of you know, the other day, my ex-great friend Vladimir Putin decided to start a war with America when he called me a "manpeeg vith tiny beebee hands" or whatever. I can't do the accent. It's a stupid accent. He insulted me, right? He insulted the President of America. And you know what? That makes him a liar. He's a liar and he talks funny and he's got a big stupid face. He's a liar because my hands are fantastic, okay? They're big, and strong, and very very nice.

So he's a liar and he refused to apologize. Like a baby. That's right, he's the baby. Only babies refuse to apologize, because they can't talk, okay? He can talk. He talks all the time with that stupid accent, okay? So he wouldn't apologize. Which left me with no choice. I launched the nukes. I launched all the nukes. All of 'em. I only wanted to launch one, but my hands are so big that they pressed all the buttons at once. Could someone with small hands press all the buttons at once?

But don't worry--stop worrying. We're gonna go out in the biggest, most luxurious mushroom cloud you've ever seen, okay? We're gonna--

*Transmission ends*
Jun 7, 2004
Who's the foreign policy expert that's making this claim? I'm not familiar with this show.

I mean, it's a crazy statement so I hope it's not being attributed to an anonymous source.
Dec 6, 2008
The question that 50% of the population are going to respond "YEAH, WHY CAN'T WE USE THEM?"

You can't say he doesn't know his voters...
Jul 22, 2015
I would say I'm surprised, but I'm not. Just tired.

I live on a base whose culture revolves around nukesurity... so this just sickens me about how ignorant he is about our mission about deterrence. I honestly hope General Cotton makes a statement about this.


Feb 25, 2013
Cancel this election already. Rig it if you have to.

There is no way, shape or form that this guy can ever be allowed to be president and have access to the nuclear codes.
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