Most Addictive RPGs

I'm going away for a few weeks, and there's going to be a significant amount of transit time. In order to pass that time, I'm looking for RPGs that will have me wanting to keep playing. I have and am already enjoying Dragon Quest 9, and I have a few ideas about which I have some questions, and of course I'd welcome any suggestions I don't have here as well. Portability is a must.

1) Pokemon Red or Crystal. Is it worth it paying for the remakes of these games if I own the carts of the originals already? Does Crystal have all of the Pokemon in it, or is it like the rest with only some of them?

2) Monster Hunter Portable 2. I heard this was the best one, but I have no experience with the series. I know it's an action RPG with a weapon building system, but does it resemble Mana? Zelda? Dark Cloud 2?

3) Disgsea 2 PSP. I know there's an updated version of this in Japan. What was new in that one? Is it worth picking up over the regular?
Pokemon (Nuff said)
Final Fantasy X (Blitzball, and so many sidequests)
Dragon Quest IX (All the quests, item collection, grotto exploring)
Paper Mario (such charming games, you can't help but keep playing)
Rune Factory. Good Harvest Moon on its own, mixed with tons of RPG material = crack.

Monster Hunter too. ,,Guys, just one more quest... wtf, I'm playing since 5 hours already? :'(''
2) Monster Hunter Portable 2. I heard this was the best one, but I have no experience with the series. I know it's an action RPG with a weapon building system, but does it resemble Mana? Zelda? Dark Cloud 2?
As far as amount of content is concerned. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (portable 2nd G in Japan) is the best out of them all.

easily 500 hours
Persona 3 portable - because you will have to keep visiting that sick kid.
FF12 - I loved the quests/hunts (whatever they were called).
FFT:WOTL - With the speed patch it is even better. Art/Story/Gameplay- everything is great.

Edit: made one of the two portable and added another portable. Not too bad.
The World Ends With You: Unique setting, interesting storyline, fun and challenging gameplay, mammoth customisation and collecting to rival pokemon.

Megaman Battle Network series: Best rpg battle system ever. Bar none.

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow: It may be metroidvania but the plethora of collectible souls all with unique abilities will keep you coming back.

Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga: Funny, charming and constantly engaging; if only more rpgs copied from it.


Thought Emoji Movie was good. Take that as you will.
Tactics Ogre on the PSP... it'll keep you busy for quite some time.

Persona 3 PSP... thought I actually liked the social game of it more than the combat (which was terrible imo).

Legend of Heroes: TiTS was a great game as well.

Valkyria Chronicles 2 .. some hated it, but I liked it better than the 1st game.
I guess people really dont read the OP anymore do they?

But seriously, all RPGs are addictive, it's kind of their point and you can't go wrong with any game that's even moderately thought of. I can't answer the questions in the OP but I always preferred Disgaea on the DS, the top-down map was really helpful. I'd make sure you like Disgaea before you bother to take it though, it'll either last 1,000 hours or you'll be bored of it in two.
Monster Hunter is nothing like those games you mentioned.
There's no story or dungeons or anything beyond just hunting and getting better armor, rinse and repeat.
Most addictive ones Ive played have been Everquest, Diablo 2, Dark/Demon Souls, Final Fantasy Tactics and Pokemon series. I have spent hundreds of playing each of the games listed and could easily play hundreds more. Im afraid to even guess how many hours Ive played EQ and D2 over the years.
If Diablo counts then, well, Diablo. I had the beta for almost 3 hours only and it sucked all that time like it was nothing.

as for portable, well, I really have no idea
Final Fantasy Tactics if you like SRPGs and have a GBA compatible DS/GBA.

Pokémon Black/White if you have a DS.

Mario & Luigi Bowser's Inside Story or Partners in Time(both are great games) if you have a DS.

Final Fantasy IX. The Chocobo Hot and Cold and the Chocobo map treasure hunts are pure crack.
Definitely this if you have a PSP!
Sorry I spaced the portability part, guess with it being the last part I skimmed past it. On portables my most addicitive games are Pokemon Series, FF Tactics, Disgaea 3, DQ9 and Monster Hunter.
The OP really shouldn't have too. Despite the title being misleading you'd think people would read the OP before posting.
Very few do. Wish they did.

Final Fantasy Tactics for iPhone/iPad
Ravenmark (SRPG) for iPhone/iPad
If you can get them, Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword/Sacred Stones for GBA.
The only RPG that I couldn't stop playing was FFT: WotL. I finished it in like 3 days (normally I never play more than 2-3 hours per day), but the storyline got me beyond hooked.

Besides this I will go with P3P. There are so many things that I didn't like about the game (mostly the story and the script actually), but yet I kept on playing and grinding and fusing for hours - it was like a drug.