Most clever/funniest usernames you've encountered online?

On TF2 there's a clan called [STD], and each member has a name of an STD, like Genital Warts, Syphillis.

I've only ever seen one of them play at the same time...maybe its just one person.

Anyways, whats the most clever/funniest usernames you've encountered online?
People still occasionally comment on my TF2 username, Weighted Companion n00b.

Of course, they sometimes call me "Weighted Companion Cube", like some kind of Freudian slip or something.


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There was a time during the 08 election when I was playing TF2 that I had a few matches with "Racism" and "Barack Obama" on opposite teams. I thought that was funny.
I told my cousin to name his XBL Gamertag punish3r 2006 when he got his 360 for Christmas on the year 2006. I thought it was pretty hilarious because he had no clue the new year was coming up.


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chubigans said:
Neogaf member Liu Kang Baking a Pie, complete with matching avatar. :lol
My favorite.
In Asheron's Call people would have there names like "His Meat" and "His Wife" so that death messages(Broadcast throughout the area) looked something like this:

Lithos Lugian beats His Meat into a bloody pulp!

Pretty hilarious when you're not expecting it.
When I'd play Halo with my friends we always had fun with the names.

"You were killed by AIDS"
"You killed a baby"
"You killed Bambi"

I'm sure there are others but I haven't played online for months.