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Motorstorm Pacific Rift: ALL 16 Tracks!!! (New screens)

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Alot of Branching paths

Badlands: “A giant track, racing at the feet of a giant cinder cone, Badlands has a name that’s perfectly descriptive. Wait until you see the enormous active crater you need to jump over, or the blind, sheer precipices you need to tear round at high speed if you’re to have any chance of winning. And let’s not get into the collapsed tunnels and the huge canyon jump that crosses the track 75 feet in the air. These are MotorStorm lands. These are Badlands.”

Beachcomber: “The black sand is evidence of the awesome power of nature, created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it is supercooled by the water. The WWII airbase and the unexploded bombs are evidence of the awesome destructive power of man. The sheer carnage created when these are combined is evidence of the awesome power of the MotorStorm. Let battle commence!”

Caldera Ridge: “The race organizers looked long and hard to find some driveable routes here, but in the end decided it’d be more fun driving vehicles over the edge of an enormous crater and barrelling out-of-control down a near-vertical slope. And that’s exactly why the race organizers don’t get invited to make race tracks for anyone else. Ever.”

Cascade Falls: “Dense jungle, thick with haze, gives way to wide-open plateaus and rickety scaffold. The tropical setting makes for a fascinating blend of beauty and danger – much like my ex-wife. The key to success is to keep it honest – don’t take any unnecessary risks, and don’t get caught making out behind the start gantry.”

Colossus Canyon: “This track has it all – beautiful forest, vibrant fauna, and a picturesque mountain stream that courses through a narrow gorge, over brook and water-meadow, and plummets over an enormous waterfall. Let’s face it; if you’re only going to accidentally plummet over one giant precipice in your MotorStorm career, this is the one to do it on. Today is a good day to fly.”

Kanaloa Bay: “Sun-kissed, secluded, sandy, and slightly more treacherous than its good looks first suggest, Kanaloa Bay is a great track to be a spectator at. It’s an awesome beach party with a welcome smattering of vehicular carnage running through it. But beware the dark territory beyond the lagoon – space gets real tight, real quick in that steamy jungle stretch.”

Mudslide: “The clue’s largely in the title: Mudslide is like one of those crazy rides you get at water parks, except with mud instead of water. Still, there’s plenty of slip-slidey action to engage in, with high routes available for those of you without the tires to tackle the mud.”

Paradise Beach: “Paradise Beach was perfect. Clear skies, gentle surf, warm water. It was a small town, and the living was good. Was, that is, until 30 years ago when the fire-God Pele cruised into town in his fiery hotrod of molten death, and literally tore up the strip. Now all that remains is dust and bones. Welcome to Paradise.”

Rain God Spires: “A humid, slippery, unfeasibly dangerous track set at the summit of a towering cathedral amongst heavy, pendulous tropical clouds. With immense slick precipices over immense drop-offs, Rain God brings hell to the Heavens and provides one of the Festival’s most dangerous and deadly roller-coaster rides.”

Razorback: “The Daddy. Mud, dirt, flora, caves, rock, water. Deadly drop-offs, dangerous jumps, spectacular falls and fast-flowing rivers. This is the big one – the whole MotorStorm ethos showcased in a single, epic track. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, your time to shine is now.”

Riptide: “The crowd-pleaser down on the beach, Riptide is the unholy offspring of MotoX and MotorStorm. From MotoX it has inherited ramps, big jumps, whoops, rollers, tight banked turns and technical hairpins, and from MotorStorm its blue eyes, cute little button nose and sandy complexion.”

Scorched: “Fire, steam, lava, craters – Scorched is about as far away from the golden beaches and cool blue ocean as possible. The heat and dust make a real mess of your engine, and the lava will make a real mess of you. Once you’re out of the barren lands, you may think you’ve escaped unharmed, but the thick forested area on the back section of the track throws up plenty of its own unique hazards.”

Sugar Rush: “Only MotorStormers would think to stage a race in and around an old sugar plantation. The sharp machinery and rusty metal, those rust-weakened floors and rotten walls, and the zero-visibility of the cane fields all combine to make this track a sickly-sweet rush that’s going to ruin more than just your teeth.”

The Edge: “There’s at least half a track here that isn’t ridiculously dangerous. The other half is on a camber so extreme that descriptions like ‘gnarly’, ‘radical’ and ‘utterly ridiculous’ don’t begin to convey it. This is all about keeping traction, and keeping nerve. Seasoned MotorStormers are already declaring ‘Don’t lose your bottle on the Edge – because if you do it’ll probably fall and kill someone half a mile below you”. Wise words indeed.”

The Rift: “The Rift: a mile-long tear in the world that is said to be the serpentine trail to the dark underworld of the God Milu. Formed from multiple interlinking lava tubes created over millennia, the Rift is a tight, claustrophobic journey through the jaws of the underworld, where death awaits the wearied traveler at every turn.”

Wildfire: “Trapped in no-man’s land between a deadly lava deluge and an unforgiving ocean, Wildfire is the rock between two hard places - a very temporary island-hopping race over the elemental battlefield where fire and water collide. Smoke and steam conspire to reduce race visibility to a minimum while the route screams along perilous cliff-edges and leaps across rifts and chasms.”


It's a shame I won't be there day one. Too many games!

Looks awesome, though. I guess my wish of an ice track will be extended to DLC.


hide your water-based mammals
That's fucking awesome variety and design. If the first game is anything to go by this one will be great for multiple paths.
I wish I could trade the original for some money off on this...it has split screen, this is the game I wanted the original to be


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So varied. I dunno though this one is slipping under the radar a bit :(. I'm still really hyped and will be getting this as long as I have the money.


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Another game i NEED to buy, this season rocks, so many good games.

Ploid 3.0

Must not give up R2's day 1 money. Screw these games coming so close. Screw you games!

These maps look like they are going to be a blast. All the variations. Goodness. I like the beach, and sugar rush. I also like the lava track.. bah!


Wasn't really expecting so much variety in tracks. I'm going to have to find some time for this game this fall.
I'm really happy with the track selection. I personally didn't think M1's track selection was as bad as people made it out to be, but with double the tracks in M2 I cant imagine anyone complaining.


Good god, sweet mother of baby jesus, I was merely a little excited about this game, but looking at these tracks and the gameplay-consequences they carry.... day fucking ONE!


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iceatcs said:
That's the point, Motorstorm is not just racing but thrill.
Yep. It's so much fun too.

This past weekend a friend of mine tried the demo for MS2 (after never having played the original) and enjoyed it so much that we ended up playing the original all afternoon. It's just so much fun! The racing is pure excitement.


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Nice... it actually looks like they spent the majority of the development actually making a game this time around (not that I disliked Motorstorm, but it was a typical launch/rush title).




This, Wipeout HD and Midnight Club LA are going to keep me busy with racing games through 2009 for sure.

MotorStorm online <3

Doc Evils

day -1.

Jim said:

This, Wipeout HD and Midnight Club LA are going to keep me busy with racing games through 2009 for sure.

MotorStorm online <3

yep great time to be a PS3 owner.


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No_Style said:
It's a shame I won't be there day one. Too many games!

Just like you I was planning to leave MS2 for next year but after this post I can't resist... Amazon here I go.


I liked the first one allot, and with MS2 having 16 tracks and hopefully a better online lobby system with no long loads its certainly tempting.

Its on my list of must buys now! :(


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Nom nom nom nom:D
My dad loves Motorstorm 1. So this is a must buy for me.
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