MS eliminates its best new feature: 10 person, 60 min Family Sharing plan for Xbone

Publishers would've killed that feature pretty quickly anyway. Just look at what happened to the PSN share feature that ended up being reduced because publishers were getting upset about people being able to buy one copy of a game and then spread it out to multiple people for free.
Microsoft wasn't willing to spend more on giving more advantages to an online only solution and instead just said fuckit, we'll find other ways to make money off of you.
this was never going to be as good as you thought it was. just be thankful you didn't end up having to find out about it after the shaft was already inserted
I'm so upset by this. Took away family sharing digital games, which is the future, and also kept the need for disc in tray. Gave me no internet connection needed - I'm on 24/7 as it is, that's not a benefit.

This helps almost no one. Anyone upset by the initial MS offering jumped to PS4 and will be too proud to jump back. Anyone who is a PS fanboy is already getting PS4.

All it's doing it hurting people who were going to buy and were excited about the new future features.
I'm a bit disappointed they couldn't find a way for both to co-exist as it seemed to be the one redeeming thing about their policies. However, by no means was it worth what we were losing in the process. I'll take this announcement over the family sharing any day. I just wish I had both.
Oh well. I was hoping they would retain their announced system as an opt-in alternative. For me at least, the positives outweighed the negatives.

Thanks angry internet mob.
This is such bullshit. The sharing and lending feature wasn't even available at launch, by their own small print. Add to that, we have no idea what restrictions would have been placed, and whichever dolt made this has cleverly forgot to include the fact that the people sharing have to download the game first to be able to play it. Given the expected sizes of next gen games, that doesn't sound too fun.
Best new feature of the console eliminated:

At times forums are ridiculous. All we ve read for weeks is 'PS4 day one' 'MS lost my custom' they have listened and there was gonna be
I was happy with the new system and the family plan. Now its just cost me more . I share games or buy 2 copies of say COD or FIFA with my kid . Now I Definetly have to buy 2 copies. Give with one hand and take with another . The power of the fanboy strikes again.
I don't believe they would have allowed re-selling of digital games anyway so it's kind of funny that's even mentioned as a possibility.
Yeah the sharing policy makes no sense for disc-based games now that Xbone games can be shared like other games today, but they should have preserved the sharing system for digital downloads.
If they could have made it optional, it could have been great. Give people the option dammit. It has great potential, sharing of digital content through official means is going to be the next big thing and it's disappointing to see both MS and Sony yet again fall behind Steam.
Indeed. Why can't they have "optional DRM" to allow this?

If you've been online in the last day, your friends can play your games as long as they are online.
Downloaded titles cannot be shared or resold.
This makes me really fucking sad, sharing the games online was definitely the best Xbox One feature.

I wish using discs would be left behind going into the next generation. Thanks for ruining it guys!