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Multiple GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Models Listed for More Than $2,000


GerAlt-Right. Ciriously.
Well, I guess I’ll still be hanging on to my 2080s for a while longer… At this rate, I likely won’t upgrade until the 40xx series comes out.

There’s no way I will pay these insane prices for cards, and it feels wasteful to buy a new system just to get an upgraded card (my current system is a Ryzen 9 3900X, and I’m satisfied with it).

I just can’t believe that people are buying into this - Nvidia and the AIBs are completely fucking people over. Yeah, supply and demand, but this is getting ridiculous.

It’s funny to think that I thought I would be getting a 3090 at launch. Lol. How naive I was.
The insane prices aren't going away. They are here to stay.


Tbh I bought one at that price. One hour later I realised that I had way better things to do with that money and cancelled my order. No regrets.
What the f. When will this madness end? I don't even care about this card, I simply want a mid range card. Gone are the days of getting a xx60 series card for $200. I remeber top of thr line was like $500 and 400 got you a slightly cut down top end.. Ie 8800gts.

I've been in an evga step up queue since the 3060ti launched in Dec. The queue hasn't moved since launch, 6 months ago.

Miners and scalpers are assholes and they need to be removed from the equation. I though nvidia was making their new cards lhr or something to stop miner demand. Has that not happened?was it all lies? Where's the price drops? Also what happened to them selling older cards. There were articles about them reopening 2000 series cards so gamers could buy them. Yet crickets.

Even those older cards you can't get now. I seen the writing on the wall and picked up a 2060rtx two days before everything collapsed. I'm saving my 1650 super in a box as backup until all this crap is over. No way am I going with nothingif the 2060 breaks or I ever get the Stepup. Even thsy card is $500 now.

What's the hold up. Why can't they make new cards? I though nvidia wasnt even using tsmc but Samsung 8nm?


I don't PC game and don't keep up with it, why for gaming wouod anyone pay these prices? I find it hard to believe there is some crazy difference between a card a couple years old that might have been a few hundred new. Is the difference really that drastic to be worth paying? Are PC games running these cards making Xbox/ps games look bad in comparison? Even if they do I still can't see it being worth the price
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