NBC: North Korean nuclear test could happen as early as tonight.

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This should more than make up for that rocket embarrassment....

North Korea could carry out an underground test of a nuclear weapon as early as Tuesday night as the North's reclusive leadership dramatically tries to up the stakes with the U.S. and the West, U.S. officials told NBC News.

U.S. officials say North Korea may already have an arsenal between 12 and a "few dozen" far more advanced weapons, many more than generally believed.

The officials couldn't be specific on a date for the test, but they told NBC News they were "100 percent" certain there would be a nuclear test within the next two weeks or "at any time."
U.S. and South Korean intelligence agencies have been monitoring test preparations at P'unggye-yok, the North Korean test site near the Chinese border, for the past several weeks. As new evidence of tunneling emerged, officials began to see Army Day celebrations scheduled for Wednesday (Tuesday night in the U.S.) as a possible date for the test.

I guess the first we'll know about it is when we see a quake on here?

They've detonated a nuclear weapon before, so not sure if you guys really expect it to fail.

But either way, fuck that regime for starving their people in order to prop up their army.

It's a failed state and should be allowed to collapse. It's just a shame there are real lives who will perish en masse if we were to pull food aid.

I also wonder how ling this game will continue of them acting out for attention and the world reacting by providing them food and fuel.

What has NK contributed to the world besides weapons know how and a few memes?
I wonder why the top brass in North Korea's government have not learned anything significant from their travels to other countries. I mean, leaders sit pretty even in the most de-centralized countries.
I still remember when North Korea was considered a nuclear threat under the rule of Kim Jong-il. But under Kim Jong-un's rule... well... not so much.

Though I do realize that Kim Jong-un probably has no authority over their military at all, and is most likely just a figurehead placed there to continue on Kim Il-sung's legacy.
Somebody tell me again why China is totally okay with their crazy-ass neighbors?
Real knows real, batshit knows batshit, and the oppressing civil liberties superduo sticks together.

Ever wonder why in almost all international affairs it's always US-Japan-UK-France-Germany on one side and on the other it's some combo of China-Russia-NK-Muslim theocracy countries? It's no coinscidence.
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