Neogaf GOTY 2022 |OT| Results thread


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Vampire Survivors ftw

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The Japanese made games (excluding Elden Ring) were my goats, but something tells me this is going to be about God of War, Elden Ring, and Horizon. Honorable mention goes to TMNT.
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Sad not to see Tunic nominated for best OST.

Not only is music god-tier, the developers came up with a way to encode messages in the audio. Be warned of spoilers, but this twitter thread contains a pretty good breakdown:


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I guess the big one goes to Elden Ring, for me there is no contest.
But then again GAF can be really strange, Halo Infinite won last year so who knows.
So, the exact same nominees as TGA except dropped the sixth nominee (A Plague Tale at TGA) and swapped Vampire Survivors instead of Stray for the token indie nomination.
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