Neogaf GOTY 2022 |OT| Results thread


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I think it was supposed to mean it doesn't waste your time with filler or grinding. There is a best value category. Oh well
If grinding is optional, I'm fine with it. It's the games that require monotonous side missions to be completed before you can continue the main campaign that don't respect time, IMO.

I think there is an argument to be made against God of War when it comes to "forced walking sections" though. I didn't mind anything in that game during my first playthrough, but I could see that changing when you already know the story and just want to experience the gameplay.


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The only game I didn't play got first place, but I'm not even mad since the rest of these are also brilliant. Also, TLOU remake looks visually spectacular, it's just not for me. Just seeing Live A Live make the top 5 makes me proud of GAF.
I was big into Multiversus for about five minutes, but they hurt the game a lot with some of their design choices. Only 4 players, no free for all modes, very limited stage selection and design, and worst of all IMO putting special move cooldowns in a fighting game. I get that you want the game to have a place in the fighting game community, but overall fun factor should have come first.
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