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NeoGAF Votes: Most Anticipated Game of 2016 (Voting has been over for weeks)

Storm Kyleis

Apr 12, 2014
1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U : Looks amazing so far.
2. Yooka-Laylee : The true successor to Banjo-Kazooie.
3. Ace Attorney 6
4. Dragon Quest XI
5. Bravely Second
6. Cuphead
7. Fire Emblem Fates
8. No Man's Sky
9. Dragon Quest VIII
10. NieR Automata


Sep 21, 2008
01 - Rez Infinite
02 - The Witness
03 - Gravity Daze 2
04 - Overwatch
05 - Pavilion
06 - Thumper
07 - Hyper Light Drifter
08 - Memory of a Broken Dimension
10 - GNOG


Jun 15, 2014
1. Persona 5
2. Gravity Daze 2
3. Final Fantasy XV aka ex-Versus XIII aka Project Believe
4. Nier Automata
5. Valkyria Azure Révolution
6. Dragon Quest VII
7. SaGa Scarlet Graces
8. Dragon Quest XI
9. Fire Emblem if
10. Star Ocean V

Also Hyper Light Difter (backed) and Cuphead (so good looking actually). Gravity Daze Remaster too !


Feb 3, 2006
1. Uncharted 4
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
3. Dark Souls 3
4. Final Fantasy XV
5. Last Guardian
6. Yakuza 0
7. Mass Effect Andromeda
8. South Park
9. Rime
10. Ni Oh


People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late. I like to eat ice cream and I really enjoy a nice pair of slacks.
Aug 17, 2009
1. Star Ocean 5 : I love Star Ocean 5 and I'm very hyped for the upcoming game. The seamless battle done right (take that ToZ) and the large sprawling maps. Not to mention the graphics are pretty ace.
2. Final Fantasy XV : Well, it's Final Fantasy and it's been quite long that we got an offline mainline FF game. Looking forward to the supposed big maps and ace graphics.
3. Persona 5 : I'm annoyed by the release dates of this game (from Winter 2014 -> 2015 -> Summer 2016) but I'm still excited.
4. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 HD : I love KH. So I'm definitely excited for this one.
5. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma : Looking forward to the conclusion of this game. What's ace about this game is the story writing.
6. Project Setsuna : Love the music in this game and I'm hyped up for SE's newest JRPG IP.
7. Ace Attorney 6
8. The Last Guardian
9. Day of the Tentacle HD Remaster : I love Day of the Tentacle. It's pretty much a legendary adventure game. So hyped fo this.
10. Dragon Quest VII : I never was able to play DQVII but I'm hyped up for it.
Dec 11, 2008

1. Zero Escape 3 : The big one! The game that will cement the Zero Escape games as the best trilogy in gaming. 999 and Virtue's Last Reward are both masterpieces with the best story this medium has to offer. With the way Virtue's Last Reward ended and the fact that we're going back to the darker tone of 999 gives Zero Escape 3 a very high chance of simply being one of the best games ever made. It's no doubt going to be brilliant.

2. Uncharted 4
3. Gravity Rush 2
4. Nier Automata
5. The Last Guardian
6. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PS4)
7. Horizon
8. Danganronpa V3
9. Persona 5
10. Mirror's Edge Catalyst


Mar 21, 2014
Bournemouth, UK
1) Horizon: Zero Dawn: Open-world Monster Hunter versus Zoids. All kinds of in.
2) Pokemon GO: I'm a Pokemaniac. All over whatever this ends up being.
3) Street Fighter V: Played it a bunch. Love it already. Day one.
4) Uncharted 4: A Thief's End: Look at it.
5) Amplitude: If Harmonix nails the soundtrack, this will be in line for 'Earliest GOTY Candidate Of All Time'.
6) Cuphead: The only reason I still own a Bone.
7) Overwatch: Tried LOL. No dice. Tried Battleborn. Didn't like. This looks to be a very happy medium.
8) Ni-Oh: Back from the dead in style. Last trailer looked ace.
9) Dark Souls III: Again, played a bunch and already on board.
10) Rez Infinite: Yeah, I'd pay £300+ to play Ultimate Mind-Fuck Rez. Wouldn't you?

Hawkeye 131

Sep 3, 2013
1) Mass Effect: Andromeda
2) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
3) Dishonored 2
4) Halo Wars 2
5) Doom
6) The Division
7) Shadow Warrior 2
8) Gears of War 4
9) Quantum Break
10) Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
Nov 8, 2014
1. NieR Automata : Love Yoko Taro, love the music (Okabe/MONACA). Platinum Games working on it is a plus! Best E3 news ever.
2. Persona 5 : It's been too long. Thank goodness we have #FE and SMT IV Final as stop-gap. #FE not on the list because it'll be out on Dec 26th. ^.^
3. Zero Time Dilemma: Love the series. Although an inter-quel is not something I endorse/prefer, I'll give it a chance to shine! :)
4. Danganronpa V3: Was expecting a conclusion but that got sided into an anime. I love the court trials though, can't wait for more!
5. Ace Attorney 6 : I didn't like 5 that much, but I hope by separating the MC's they can flesh out the character developments! Also want them to explore the democracy/Jury system they brought up in 4, but looks like they won't?!
6. Fire Watch : I'm not very good with first person games (I get nauseous), but the premise is awesome.😋 The art style is great (Love Olly Moss's work).
7. The Legend of Zelda U : We haven't seen much, but the art style is gorgeous.
8. Gravity Daze 2 : I like the first game. It's really fun gameplay wise, but not digging too much the aesthetics. Glad it's worthy of a sequel. :)
9. Star Ocean 5 : Haven't touched any of the games, but more JRPG = goodness! Plus didn't these guys created LMBS for the Tales Series?
10. Valkyria: Azure Revolution : The third game was awesome, and I hope to compete the first one in February. Gonna be cautiously optimistic about the game.

down 2 orth

Oct 27, 2013
1. Persona 5: My top pick because I don't think this game will get crushed under the weight of DLC, so I might as well buy it day 1
2. Gravity Rush 2: See above. And GR1 was a brilliant game
3. Gran Turismo Sport: the GT series is the top dog of racing and only Driveclub could get me just as excited.
4. Ratchet & Clank: Game world looks great and I don't think this game will get crushed under the weight of DLC, so I might as well buy it day 1
5. No Man's Sky: For that VR, baby (ooh yeah).

Everything else can wait till the GOTY edition in 2017 cuz the backlog is big enough as is!
Apr 12, 2013
1. Uncharted 4: Amazing in both single and multiplayer. Hope it's huge and received more like UC2 than 3.
2. Destiny 2: My most played console game of all time is Destiny. Great turn around with TTK. Hopefully it carries into D2.
3. The Last Guardian: Ico is one of my all time favorites.
4. Zelda Wii U: Love the visuals. Looks amazing.
5. World Of Final Fantasy
6. Rime: Looks like Ico + Myst. Doesn't get better than that.
7. Horizon Zero Dawn
8. Zero Time Dilemma (Zero Escape 3): This is the best story series there is.
9. The Witness
10. Shadow Warrior 2: This game doesn't get any recognition but it looks like ridiculous amounts of fun to me. Can't wait.

If something doesn't qualify (is Destiny 2 announced?) I'll edit this. I left off Crackdown and Nier? Ugh. Next year may be completely insane.


May 13, 2008
1. Crackdown 3
2. Quantum Break
3. The Division
4. Uncharted 4
5. Horizon Zero Dawn
6. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
7. Gears of War 4
8. Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2
9. Cuphead
10. No Man's Sky


Dec 8, 2010
1. Mass Effect
2. Quantum Break
3. Gears 4
4. Scalebound
5. Crackdown
6. Final Fantasy 15
7. Dishonored 2
8. PvsZ:GW 2
9. Recore
10. Halo Wars

Spieler Eins

Sep 18, 2011

1. Zero Time Dilemma : VLR was one of the best and smartest games of this gen that already surpassed its predecessor in many ways and now they got rid of one of its last flaws, which was the artstyle, thankfully replaced by something more appropriate for thriller/mystery.
2. Nier: Automata : Dream project I didn't know I was dreaming of.
3. The Legend of Zelda : Didn't put it on last year's list because anyone with a reasonable mind could have told you the artificial delay was coming, but for next year I'm optimistic.
4. Ni-Oh : I still trust Team Ninja to make amazing combat and I'll take samurais over D&D fantasy of Souls.
5. South Park: The Fractured But Whole : First game was better than most seasons after 10 and one of my favorite WRPGs gamedesign-wise.
6. Yakuza 0 : Skipping 5 for this, sorry.
7. The Last Guardian
8. For Honor
9. Dragon Quest VII

There's several games I'm also quite interested in, but they are all kinda equal and nothing stands out as something that really needs to be on that list over the other.
Bummer to learn that WiLD isn't confirmed 2016 and that we haven't yet seen TMNT by Platinum. I'm interested in Valkyria Azure Revolution, but that's certainly JP only for next year.


May 29, 2009
1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
2. Persona 5
3. Fire Emblem Fates
4. Dark Souls III
5. Street Fighter 5
6. Genei Ibun Roku #FE
7. The Last Guardian
8. Dragon Quest XI
9. Nier: Automata
10. Pokken Tournament
Jan 15, 2006
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
1. Persona 5 : Finally a modern Persona game
2. Uncharted 4 : Looks incredible. Uncharted is always amazing.
3. The Legend of Zelda Wii U : Open world Zelda game
4. Mass Effect: Andromeda : I loved Inquisition and love Mass Effect. Mako is back.
5. XCOM 2 : First XCOM was amazing
6. Ratchet & Clank : Looks like a Pixar movie and these games are always great
7. Final Fantasy XV : I still have hope in Final Fantasy being great again. Road trip RPG sounds amazing on paper.
8. Horizon: Zero Dawn : New Vegas writer, Witcher 3 quest designer, and Killzone tech wizards. Enough said.
9. Overwatch : Closed beta was fun and I've enjoyed everything Blizzard has made
10. Halo Wars 2 : Halo RTS is still an amazing idea and the first one was great


Jan 4, 2015
1. Pokkén Tournament: The first Pokemon game on Wii U. Enough said.

If I owned a PS4 I'd also add Ratchet and Naruto.
Mar 11, 2011
I like fighting games.

1. Street Fighter V: The reason for the season, as far as I'm concerned. The game feels great, the roster will be great, the online is already great, Capcom will be supporting it heavily...it has the potential to be a huge step forward for the genre.

2. King of Fighters XIV: I actually got to play it at PSX, and it felt and moved a lot better than the graphics imply. SNK is one of my all-time favorite, most influential companies...and the game is rumored to have Geese in it. That's all it takes.

3. Guilty Gear Revelator: It's a good series that deserves support.
Jun 18, 2014
Seoul, South Korea
1. Uncharted 4: A looong time coming, but everything I see of this game looks grade A fun. Best Graphics in the business? Check. Exceptional acting and story telling? Check. Dialog choices? What? Sure, why the heck not^^

2. Persona 5: Speaking of long time coming... this game would have made 2015 the best year ever, but I will have to wait a little longer to crush on highschool girls and fight demons. GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!^^

3. Valkyria Azure Revolution: Valkyria Chronicles is easily in my top 10 games of all time, so looking forward to more, even with some gameplay changes^^

4. Mass Effect Andromeda: Want to know how much I love Mass Effect? I love 3. That's how much. All three with Platinum trophies even after 1000GS on one and two on Xbox360.

5. Dark Souls 3: Would have been only number 9 or 10 on this list, but then Bloodborne happened. Really looking forward to trying to Platinum this as well.

6. Final Fantasy XV: I love the J rock boy band look, the mafia family story, the fantasy in reality shtick. All of it. Really excited^^

7. The Division: While Taken King and Destiny 2 will most likely stop me from getting too deep into The Division, it really looks up my alley in terms of a good co op RPG experience.

8. Horizon Zero Dawn: Surprise of E3 for me, even more than Last Guardian or Shenmue. Really love everything we've seen.

9. Zero Escape 3: My gateway drug into Visual Novels is back, and I wouldn't miss it for the world^^

10. No Man's Sky: Only indy game on the list (sadly thanks to no info on Rime), but I am really looking forward to finally getting my own hands on this

Special nods:

Danganronpa 3: More monokuma is always needed in my life^^

Neir 2: Played and beat the first one, but only once. Only years later do I learn I only experienced a fraction of the game. Hope this one surprises me as well^^

Ni-Oh: Ninja Gaiden/Dark Souls/Onimushia? Yes, please^^

Deus Ex: I will play and love this game, but most likely not as much as those above it. Still super stoked, though^^

King of Fighters 14: My wife's favorite announcement fron TGS, I am glad to find a game she is so excited for^^


Junior Member
Jul 28, 2013
  1. Street Fighter V
  2. The Legend of Zelda U
  3. Persona 5
  4. Uncharted 4
  5. Star Fox Zero
  6. Pokkén Tournament
  7. Fire Emblem: Fates
  8. Twilight Princess HD
  9. Ace Attorney 6
  10. The King of Fighters XIV


May 25, 2007
  1. Final Fantasy XV
  2. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3
  3. World of Final Fantasy
  4. Senran Kagura Estival Versus
  5. Megadimension Nepunia VII
  6. Dark Souls III
  7. Uncharted 4
  8. Street Fighter V

I got nothing else.... 2016 is going to be still mostly me just playing Final Fantasy XIV.


Apr 4, 2007
So many games to choose from.

1. Divinity: Original Sin 2 : Sequel to favourite game of 2014
2. XCOM 2 : With mod support. Long War is one of my most played games.
3. Shadow Warrior 2
4. Salt & Sanctuary
5. Torment: Tides of Numenera
6. Grim Dawn
7. Secrets of Grindia
8. Slain!
9. DOOM 4
10. Hyper Light Drifter


love on your sleeve
Jan 31, 2006
1. Uncharted 4
2. Horizon: Zero Dawn
3. No Man's Sky
4. Quantum Break
5. Final Fantasy XV
6. The Last Guardian
7. The Division
8. The Legend of Zelda
9. Street Fighter V
10. Scalebound

Literally half of these games I voted for last year as well. Here's hoping, I guess.


Apr 16, 2014
Darksouls 3: because the series is peerless
No man's sky: first planet I get to name is being called myanus
Uncharted 4: I was sold on the E3 reveal
Dishonord 2: 1 was a real treat
The witness: braid was the first indie I fell in love with
Horizon zero dawn: you know nothing Jon Snowbot
Mirrors edge: first 1 was a blast
Gt sport: driveclub has reinvigorated the genre for me
Rime: this game has me intrigued
Cuphead: when I get an xbox
Mar 18, 2011
1. Uncharted 4: I trust the dogs to deliver
2. Zelda WiiU: been waiting for this since the wiiu was released.
3. Overwatch: I thought I would never buy a mp only game, then I played the beta. It's special.
4. The Division: my Destiny substitute
5. Gears of War 4: no Epic, no problem?
6. Mass Effect 4: would be 1 if I really believed it was coming next year.
7. Crackdown 3: still pissed about no destruction in sp so...
8. No Man's Sky: it's coming in 2016, right?
9. Horizon Zero Dawn: need to see more but intrigued
10. Xcom 2: mod support

I don't think ghost recon is 2016 otherwise it would be really high on my list.


Neo Member
Jun 14, 2014
1.Mass Effect Andromeda
2.Witcher 3: Blood and Wine
3.Kingdom Come Deliverance
4.Hyper Light Drifter
5. Final Fantasy XV
6.Uncharted 4
7.Zelda U
8.Deux Ex: Mankind Divided
9.Persona 5
10.Dishonored 2

Tyrant Rave

Apr 13, 2012
1. Street Fighter V : It's Street Fighter, not much more I can say. I'm a big fan of the series and I really like how this game is shaping up. The roster is great so far and I enjoyed my limited time with the beta. Can't wait!

2. Persona 5 : Persona 4 is among my favorite games so this is a no brainer. Like every other fan I've been waiting. It's hard to believe that it's been 6 years since P4 honestly. 5's got a great style to it so far and I'm looking forward to get sucked into the world when it does drop.

3. Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL : SMT4's not perfect, but I think from a gameplay standpoint, it's incredibly fun. So more of it is awesome! I love the designs that Doi has done so far and this was just a wonderful surprise that was announced recently.

4. Genei Ibun Roku #FE : I like idol anime and I like SMT/Persona, this is right up my alley.

5. Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- : Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- is my favorite modern fighter (name quote), so this is just obvious.

6. Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code : Not technically a ~new~ game but this is the first time this will be officially available in English and that's just amazing. I'll admit I wrote this game off in the past but I got to try it in an arcade down here and I thought it was dope. I love UNIEL so I'm so excited to learn this game.

7. Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilemma : After Virtue's Last Reward, I feel like most fans are anxious to play this. I need to see how they wrap up the story.

8. NieR Automata : I hated the first game, but this one looks good so I'm in there. Having competent gameplay will do wonders for this game if everything else is as good as the first game.

9. Overwatch : I haven't really gotten into a class-based shooter since Team Fortress 2 years ago, and I can tell I'll have a lot of fun with this. I really like how all of the characters are shaping up so far-- I just wish I could get into the beta :(

10. Dragon Quest VII : I started getting into DQ more recently and I've really enjoyed the series so far. I already know I'll love this.


Jan 24, 2013
1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
2. Final Fantasy XV
3. The Last Guardian
4. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
5. No Man's Sky
6. Persona 5
7. Dark Souls III
8. Ace Attonery 6
9. Horizon: Zero Down
10. Dragon Quest VII, can't wait for this super LTTP game, LOL.

Honor mention: Cuphead.


Jan 7, 2012
The Witness: we're in an era where AAA releases are filled to the brim with shooting, crafting and/or stealth mechanics in an open-world with many sidequests to complete. The Witness' singular goal and puzzle-solving focus is a nice change of pace than games released during Oscar VGA season.


Dec 18, 2005
1. Persona 5
2. Gravity Rush 2
3. Nier Automata
4. Dark Souls III
5. Star Ocean 5
6. Valkyria: Azure Revolution
7. Street Fighter V
8. Uncharted 4
9. Horizon: Zero Dawn
10. Genei Ibun Roku #FE

Andrew J.

Apr 18, 2007
1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U : Diehard Nintendo fan here, always loved Zelda. I'm confident this series will have a unique and interesting take on open-world design.

2. Fire Emblem Fates : The sequel to my 2013 game of the year. Three games for the price of two! More battles, more matchmaking, more breeding OP children. I've got all my pairings decided and written up on an Excel spreadsheet already.

3. Persona 5 : I played through Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden just earlier this year, taking up enough attention to warrant heavy time investments. Looking forward to more insanely catchy music, addictive combat and leveling, and a gripping story that'll have me going "OK, just one or two more days" a dozen times ina row.

4. Zero Time Dilemma : The sequel to my 2012 game of the year. Want to see a resolution to the mystery introduced by VLR, and to find out if Uchikoshi can top himself yet again.

5. Scalebound : A big action RPG from Hideki Kamiya, I can't help but anticipate a game with the scale of Okami. Plus there's a friggin' dragon!

6. Nier: Automata : Another Platinum game, this one seemingly more in line with their traditional character action game strengths. We've seen in Revengeance that Platinum meshes well with one eccentric writer, here's hoping they can do it again with Yoko Taro.

7. Genei Ibunroku X FE : Basically Persona where the Personas are Fire Emblem characters. What's not to like? I'm sure this is gonna be a fun dungeon crawler.

8. Star Fox Zero : Put a lot of time into Star Fox 64 as a kid. Don't really have the time to constantly replay it now that I'm an adult, but if it captures even a portion of that old magic I'm sure I'll enjoy it immensely.

9. Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past : The lure of something once thought out of reach? The thrill of completing a collection? With this I'll finally have all the mainline DQ games, the thought of which has spurred me to vow to beat them all next year. The massive story and world I've heard of from this game promise to make it a highlight.

10. Mass Effect: Andromeda : Had a great time going through the original trilogy two years ago. This sequel may be lacking the propulsive force of wanting to see Shepard's story continue, but the universe and the gameplay still have me eager to jump in again.


Neo Member
Feb 28, 2010
1) Ni No Kuni 2 :

2) The Witcher 3 Blood & Wine :

3) Persona 5 :

4) Zelda U :

5) Final Fantasy XV :

6) Uncharted 4 :

7) Mass Effect - Andromeda :

8) Horizion - Zero Dawn :

9) Fire Emblem Fates :

10) Dark Souls 3

I want to add the new Dragon Quest game but I think it's only 2016 in Japan, but part 8 was one of my favourite games ever ...... Also not sure if dlc is allowed but I can't wait for Blood & Wine, from The Witcher 3, possibly my favourite ever game.


Feb 15, 2013
1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
2. Allison Road
3. Perception (PC): This indie horror game from former 2K Boston devs is currently slated for a July 2016 release, but it isn't showing up on upcoming 2016 game release lists
4. Friday the 13th: The Game (Xbox One): This game is currently slated for a Oct 2016 release
5. Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One):
6. Street Fighter V
7. Gears of War 4
8. Outlast 2 (Xbox One): loved the first game so I'm really looking forward to this one
9. Persona 5 (PS3): Never played a Persona game before (mainly because of imo boring turn based combat, which I hear has been completely and thankfully trashed for 5 in favor of a more action oriented real time combat system) so I plan to make this my first Persona game.
10. Resident Evil Origins Collection (Xbox One)


Aug 3, 2009
1) Uncharted 4
2) Persona 5
3) Witcher 3 Blood and Wine
4) Final Fantasy XV
5) Mass Effect Andromeda
6) Horizon
7) Shin Megami Tensei IV FINAL
8) Dragon Quest 11
9) No Man's Sky
10) Star Ocean 5


Neo Member
Jun 18, 2014
1. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
2. Mount & Blade II
3. Horizon Zero Dawn
4. Total War: Warhammer
5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
6. The Witness
7. The Division
8. No Man's Sky
9. Hyper Light Drifter
10. Gears of War 4


Sep 15, 2013
New York
Such a potentially amazing upcoming year, hard to pick 10:

1. Uncharted 4
2. The Last Guardian
3. Street Fighter V
4. South Park: The Fractured but Whole
5. Final Fantasy XV
6. Day of the Tentacle Remastered
7. Horizon: Zero Dawn
8. Ratchet and Clank
9. Resident Evil 0
10. No Man's Sky


I'd be in the dick
Oct 29, 2006
1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End-The Uncharted franchise is one of my absolute favorites in all of gaming. After playing the beta it's clear that the series has never been as mechanically strong and with this being the series' big finale and ND's PS4, debut I expect it to bring the fireworks.

2.Mass Effect: Andromeda-Mass Effect is another series from last gen that meant a lot to me. Even though we don't know and haven't seen much about the game yet, the idea of getting to explore a new galaxy with a new cast is all I need to get excited. Hopefully they can recapture the magic of the original trilogy.

3. Horizon: Zero Dawn-This game gets a high spot on the list simply because I can't believe it exists in the modern AAA landscape. It's a single player RPG that takes place in a post-apocalyptic stone age where robot dinosaurs from a studio that's never made an RPG before. I've always been a fan of Guerrilla Games' art style and can't wait to lose myself in this world. Hopefully the staff the studio has hired in recent years is up to snuff for getting the RPG elements right. What they've shown so far has hit a lot of the right notes for me.

4. Doom[/B

5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

6. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

7. Danganronpa V3

8. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst

9. Firewatch

10. Persona 5


Dec 11, 2012
I will exclude the ones I don't think will be released in 2016 (like Horizon: Zero Dawn, NiER Automata, Shenmue III, Gravity Daze 2, Valkyria: Azure Revolution, Ni no Kuni 2)

1. The Last Guardian: I bought a PS3 for this game
2. The Witness: from what I played, it looks great. I also trust Jonathan Blow to deliver a solid game
3. Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma: I charged my Vita 4 times a day to finish VLR. So engaging. I can't wait to see the final chapter of the story
4. Final Fantasy XV: I bought a PS3 for this game too
5. Street Fighter V: time to put Street Fighter IV aside and discover new characters
6. Uncharted 4: I want to see how Naughty Dog will mix the light tone of Uncharted with what they built with The Last of Us.
7. Persona 5: simply looks awesome
8. Mirror's Edge Catalyst:huge fan of the first one. I'm still afraid of the consequences of the open-world design
9. Gran Turismo Sport: because I skipped GT6
10. Rime: because of the insparation

I cannot believe I had to leave games like Zelda Wii U, No Man's Sky, Rez Infinite, Quantum Break, Cuphead, Firewatch, New Danganronpa V3, Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna, Unravel, Dishonored 2 on the side. If all those games deliver, 2016 will be incredible.


Nov 7, 2015
London, Ontario, Canada
1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided: I adored HR. So, I'm anxious to jump back into this universe.
2. Mass Effect: Andromeda: It's Mass Effect, so I'm ready.
3. Yooka-Laylee: Spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie? I'm in.
4. Gears Of War 4: Eager to see where they take this series.
5. Quantum Break: Just looks really cool.
6. The Division: Looks like it'll be an interesting take on the Tom Clancy brand.
7. Dishonored 2: Should be great fun to dive back into this also.
8. Cuphead: I've had this one on my radar for a while, so I'm pretty excited about it.
9. The Legend Of Zelda U: I don't even own a Nintendo system. Still, I'm really curious as to how this will turn out. And I love Zelda, so we'll see.
10. NHL 17: I'm a huge fan of the NHL series, but it's been severely lacking for the past few years. I'm hoping they turn it around. Another game will probably end up replacing this place on my list.


Jun 10, 2004
1. Firewatch
2. Tacoma
3. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
4. The Witness
5. Fire Emblem Fates
6. Persona 5


Nov 9, 2007
1. Mass Effect: Andromeda
2. Mirror's Edge Catalyst
3. The Division
4. Final Fantasy XV
5. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
6. Horizon: Zero Dawn
7. Gears of War 4
8. Crackdown 3
9. Scalebound


Sep 18, 2014
1. Final Fantasy XV : I've been waiting for this game since I was a freshman in college. Realtime final fantasy in a real world setting is literally the perfect game for me. There's been a lot of negative press and impressions, but I haven't played the demo - holding out hope that Tabata achieves a miracle and releases one of the best in the series. #believe

2. Mass Effect: Andromeda : I love space; watching rocket launches always makes me tear up with joy and pride in human accomplishment. The early rumors suggest that exploration (both of interplanetary space and planets) will be a major focus in this game. The chance to feel like I'm really exploring the galaxy while wrapped up in a rich narrative sound wonderful.

...and that's all I'm suuuuper jonesing for.


Jun 8, 2004
1. Uncharted 4
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
3. Ratchet and Clank
4. Final Fantasy XV
5. Mass Effect Andromeda
6. No Man's Sky
7. The Last Guardian
8. VR in general


Nov 9, 2013
1. Mass Effect: Andromeda: Mass Effect trilogy was my favorite series of last gen,
2. Persona 5: I have briefly played persona 4 and I liked it a lot but I felt that I missed the train for that game and I'm excited to try something new.
3. Uncharted 4: I got to admit the delays and over exposure of the game has killed my hype for the game a little bit.
4. Horizon: Zero Dawn: I actually always liked Guerrilla previous games and this look to have an awesome premise.
5. Quantum Break: Loved the Max Payne series so I can't wait to get back into the high octane action.
6. Scalebound: Platinum games are always enjoyable.
7. Ratchet & Clank: never played those games before and this one seems like a great time to jump and play that series.
8. South Park: The Fractured but Whole: Loved the previous game and this would've been higher if I thought it is coming in 2016.
9. Nier: Automata: more Platinum goodness.
10. Rigs Vr: Planning on getting VR and this look like the VR title that has the longest playability.

Honorable mentions:
The Last Guardian: might get it if it reviews well.
No Man Sky: if it's deeper than what is being shown.
Recore: need to see gameplay.
Ni Nu Kuni 2: not sure it's coming next year.